Mike Castle Considering Write In Campaign Against O'Donnell

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Hattip to Allahpundit of Hot Air.  Perhaps joining a list of defeated Rinos who simply want to hang on to power at all costs, Charlie Crist in Florida and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mike Castle is considering a write-in campaign in the Senate race in Delaware. 

“I don’t want to necessarily interfere with Republican chances,” said Castle, although he added, “I’ve had a lot of people approach me about it.”…
Asked directly whether he was considering a bid, Castle said: “I’ve given it some thought. I probably won’t do it…. I’m not exactly approaching this with bated breath.” Castle spokeswoman Kate Dickens said the congressman has had conversations about a write-in effort but that he likely won’t pull the trigger.
“We are getting a lot of mail and calls on it,” Dickens told POLITICO. But she said the likelihood of Castle mounting a campaign was still, “under 5 percent.”

Run Mike Run! You and Coons, Harry Reid’s pet, would be fighting over the same pool of voters, and that would be greatly to the advantage of Ms. O’Donnell, and assist her in accurately portraying herself as the ultimate outsider and rebel fighting against status quo party hacks.  In this year that is precisely what most voters are looking for.  I trust that Mike Castles’ vanity and obvious desire for revenge will cause him to pick up his defeated hat and toss it back into the ring.

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  1. Two thoughts

    First there is actually a line of thought thsi could help O Donnell.

    Second this is not a good race to show as a example of “RINOs”w wanting hold power at all caost since O Donnell herself did a write in effort after losing the GOP Primary for Congress in the past

  2. JH, O’Donnell ran as a write in protest in 2006 in the Senate election. The primary winner Ting, was a liberal Republican who everyone knew had no chance. Ting got 17% in the general election and O’Donnell got 4% as a write in. In 2008, the best Democrat year since 1964, O’Donnell got 35% against Joe Biden. That same year Ting endorsed Obama and left the Republican party. O’Donnell by running as a write-in in 2006 ensured that the voters would actually be able to vote for a Republican.

    I think it is clear that Castle running as a run in would be helpful to O’Donnell, and I think the polls will show that if Castle gets back in.

  3. Well I am generally against epople running as a write in after they lose a primary regardless if they be conservative moderate or liberal. If this is not stopped soon we are going to have huge problems .

  4. I think a write-in campaign would hurt her. She’s going to get the tea party and conservative Republican support either way. Castle could get the moderate Republican and moderate independent vote, which O’Donnell will need to offset the Democratic support for Coons.

  5. I disagree Pinky. Castle would take far more votes from Coons than he would from O’Donnell. His voting record is hard to distinguish from a liberal Democrat. Additionally, Castle and Coons are status quo politicians and will both draw from the same pool of voters who believe that the country is in the best of hands right now. O’Donnell will take almost every vote in Delaware cast by a voter who believes the country is most definitely not on the right course, and that the people at the top do not have the faintest clue how to rectify the situation.

  6. OT, but here’s some terrific news:


    My admiration for Christie continues to grow. And that’s not the end of PP’s woes. Surprise, surprise, according to a PP whistleblower, it looks like there’s some very creative accounting going on there:


    For example, in one year Gonzalez says PPLA paid $225,695.65 for Ortho Tri-Cyclen birth control pills, yet billed the government $918,084 – for a profit of $692,388.35.

  7. It is great news Donna, and you anticipate my post today!

    Jasper, attractive conservative women running for office is pure heresy as far as liberals and the mainstream are concerned. The sight really does produce the most amusing antics from them!

  8. The problem in this country we have alot of physically mature people who have never grown up. These politicians like Lisa Murkowski, Charlie Crist, Arlen Spector and Mike Castle are the perfect example.

    Part of maturity is showing integrity, and courage to accept the will of the people and support your party. Now we have people who want to “get even” with the member of their party who dared to take their apparent job for life from them.

    I have always been troubled by the number of Senators and Congressmen for life from both parties. Frankly it is time for term limits to the House and Senate, in both cases no member can serve for more than 12 years in the House and 12 in the Senate.

  9. The fact that being a politician has turned into a career is a problem. It tends to influence one’s decisions in office towards that of self-interest rather than that of true representation.

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