Bowl Pick’Em Update

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As we head into the New Year’s Bowls, I thought you’d like an update on how our pick’em contest is progressing.

Green is for a correct guess, red for a wrong one. Bold is for games in which there was disagreement.

You’ll notice a most amusing trend: on the ones in which our contestants were unanimous, we’ve been mostly unanimously wrong! Only our picks of Boise St. & Oklahoma St. have survived! I am most glad that Jay saved LSU from that category by picking the Aggies!

Everyone is very much still alive, as Jay & I are tied with 9 point, Jagneaux has 8, and dave and opinionated Catholic are  not too far behind at 7.

As for the bowls themselves, they’ve been quite entertaining. Unless of course, you’re a Tennessee fan in which case you probably ought to accept that in the year 2010 our Lord decided that he hated Tennessee Volunteer football. You may have similar feelings if you hate the “No-Fun-League” penalty on Kansas State that cost them the game.

So while you reflect on 2010, continue to enjoy the bowls & the contest! And go Carolina Panthers!

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  1. I’ve got to give it to the Sunbelt Conference: It has performed much better than I expected. Although I’m confident that Miami (OH) will still win, I wonder now about my pick against Middle Tennessee State.

    (BTW, that game should be in bold, too; Opinionated Catholic picked MTSU. Thanks for keeping track of the bowls for us.)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

  2. Jay,

    2-for-4 today! Great job!

    I, on the other hand, went 0-for-4. 🙁

    Meanwhile, I hope that Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina are not setting the standard for SEC teams this bowl season. Hopefully, ‘Bama, Florida, and Miss. State will set things right.

  3. It’s up to Ohio State to spare the Big 10 from total humiliation. Bucky should have beaten TCU easily, but was poorly prepared and play-calling was atrocious. Put the loss on the coaches. Give credit to TCU, which probably would put up a good fight against either Auburn or Oregon but still lose. All in all, bowl games this year were yawners and in many cases mismatches.

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