TAC Bowl Pick’Em Update

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With the New Year’s Day bowls past us, it’s time to revisit the Bowl Pick’em. Look below the jump for the analysis…

JH has come back strong after a rough start to move into the epic 4-way tie for 2nd place. Jay had the lead in 2010, but after the New Year’s Day massacre of the Legends of the B1G hurt him, especially with so many SEC fans in the pool.

Although I do have a 3 game lead, everyone but Jagneaux is still alive. Jags and I have the same picks from here on out. JH can tie me while Jay & DH can each win it (though not both). In case you’re not tired of the scenarios from the NFL, here are more!

JH Ties if:

Ohio State manages to beat an SEC team before Pryor laughs in Tressel’s face on his way to the NFL draft AND Middle Tennessee continues the surprising Sun Belt success in the Godaddy.com bowl AND Kentucky beats Pittsburgh in what would be the happiest moment of the Wannstache’s life. (OSU + MTSU + UK)

B/c JH & I both picked Auburn to win the title game, we would be tied. Since this isn’t soccer, if JH & I are tied going into the national title game then we will both pick the margin of victory for the WarPlainsTigerEagleMen, with the closest one being the winner.


Ohio St. forgets what happened the last time it played an SEC team in New Orleans:

AND the Aggies bribe the officials of the Cotton Bowl AND the ugliness of Oregon’s uniform blinds the WarPlainsTigerEagleMen.  (OSU + TA&M + ORE)

DH wins if:

Ohio St. becomes an LEGEND (or leader, I have no idea) AND Kentucky makes Pitt look like UConn, AND Nike defeats UnderArmour (OSU + UK + ORE)

So everybody has different routes, but they all depend upon tonight’s bout between Ohio St. & Arkansas. You’ll also note that none of them are a stretch. Pryor needs to play well to improve his draft stock, the Aggies have a home game, Pittsburgh doesn’t have a coach, and both the Sun Belt and the PAC-10 has impressed in bowl games so far. Keep watching!

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  1. I have no faith in my picks at this point. Besides, in several games I was pulling for the team I picked against. For example, I picked Stanford to win, but was pulling for the Hokies last night. Same with Miss St. and Michigan.

    But I do notice that there are a couple of picks whrere I was the only one who picked the winners (UCF and FSU). That bodes well for the Ags on Friday, Big Tex.

    Gig em!

  2. Aggies don’t bribe officials. HTH.

    Then they will likely not win. It is true that Aggies don’t give bribes; they just take them when Texas offers one to stay in their conference 😉


    Out of curiosity, do you think Michigan is interested in Les Miles? I’d love for Les to stay, but if Michigan was interested, I could see Les making the jump.

    I’ll be happy to finish second to you. That would mean that I did better than .500.

    Yeah, there was a time when we were all under .500. I’m glad we’re all close to finishing above the line.

  3. Mike:

    I think Michigan *has* to be interested in Miles, actually. I know I am. The fan base would be copacetic with Miles, though it prefers Harbaugh. But we probably ain’t going to get Harbaugh. Plus, Miles has enough cachet to salvage a workable, if still subpar, recruiting class.

    A Brady Hoke-like hire isn’t going to cut it right now.

    I sure hope Dave Brandon (our AD) knows what he’s doing.

  4. I doubt Harbaugh would consider coaching for his alma mater (and the winningest football program in NCAA history) a “step down” from a school whose idea of a mascot is a color.

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