Environmental Predictions and the Goracle


Well, Central Illinois is experiencing its worst blizzard in many a year, and I am snowbound at home, dictating bankruptcy petitions and working on my taxes.  We are keeping warm and toasty at stately McClarey Manor by occasionally tossing a copy of Al Gore’s tome, Earth in the Balance,  into the fireplace.  This exercise in heating through book burning was caused by Gore’s latest statement that the blizzards are caused by global warming.    I do have to hand it to Mr.  Gore:   as he claims that any extreme weather event is caused by global warming, it becomes rather hard to refute a theory that purports to cause everything weather related.    However, while shoveling the rather large snow drifts that clogged my driveway, courtesy of global warming no doubt, I became rather curious about predictions in regard to environmental matters made by Mr. Gore in the past.  Here is what I have found.

1.  Sea Levels:  Mr. Gore predicted in An Inconvenient Truth that sea levels would rise by 20 feet by 2100.  Well, if that is going to happen, the sea level better get on with it.  The sea level rise over the last 18 years is 1.8 inches.  In the 20th century the total increase in sea level was 8 inches.  Over the past 10,000 years, the average increase in sea level per century has been 4 feet as glaciers from the last ice age have melted.

2.  Ice Free Arctic Ocean:  In 2009 Mr. Gore claimed that there was a 75% chance that the Arctic Ocean would be ice free by 2014.  He cited climatologist  Dr. Wieslav Maslowski as his source.  Dr. Maslowski promptly rejected this, stating he had no idea how Gore had arrived at his prediction.

3.  Bye Bye Polar Bears:  Mr. Gore claimed in An Inconvenient Truth that polar bears would become endangered due to melting glaciers and ice bergs in the Arctic.  Even the Obama administration was recently forced to admit that polar bears aren’t endangered.  Reports on the ground in Alaska and Canada indicate an increase in polar bear populations.

4.  Melting glaciers-Gore claimed in An Inconvenient Truth that glaciers were melting as a result of global warming.  Unfortunately for Mr. Gore, many studies indicate that many glaciers are growing not shrinking,  The UN last year had to admit that the prediction of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007 that the Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035 due to global warming was not based on scientific research as claimed, but based upon speculation contained in a non-peer reviewed magazine article from 1999. 

I could go on like this at some length, but the bankruptcy petitions and my taxes are calling my name, and the warm glow from Earth in the Balance won’t last forever.  Perhaps I can have the kids scrounge up a copy or two of An Inconvenient Truth.


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  1. Algore is the smartest democrat in the world. He believes sea levels will rise 20 feet.

    Algore is the smartest democrat in the world. Probably, that’s why he just spent $8 million to build a new beach front home. He is the smartest democrat in the world.

    I bet dollars to donuts he bought US-taxpayer flood insurance on the new flood zone house to pay for the great flood.

    Algore is the smartest . . .

    3. If only: ringed seals everywhere would be ecstatic.

    4. Woo Hoo! More land to develop with FNMA/FHLMC funding the mortgages to low-to-moderate income bankrupts.

    In sum, you’re fortunate Vat II abolished the Inquisition, you heresiarch!

  2. Why would anyone purchase Earth in the Balance unless forced to (like my liberal property law prof forced us to buy it)?

  3. I always figured Clinton picked Gore as a running mate because no one would want to assasinate Clinton as that would make Gore president. Smart cookie that Bill Clinton.

  4. Al Gore is an idiot.

    However, there’s nothing inconsistent or paradoxical about claiming that global warming will lead to more blizzards. According to the theory, warming leads to more and heavier precipitation. When the temperature is below freezing this takes the form of snow and ice. If global warming raises the average temperature by a few degrees, this won’t mean that temperature will never fall below freezing, and when it does fall below freezing you would expect there to be more and heavier snowfall.

  5. Hmmm. Now of the heavier snow fall because of global warming fell in areas with serious ice pack, resulting in the accumulation of more ice in glaciers near the poles, then it might result in significant sea level reduction. This could result in the death of millions of the world’s poorest fish — many of whom live near the equator. Wealthy fish off the coast of North America may not care about this, but they should.

  6. Algore is a fanatic. Only a fanatic would keep spouting this global warming tomfoolery is the face of cold reality!

  7. “According to the theory, warming leads to more and heavier precipitation. When the temperature is below freezing this takes the form of snow and ice.”

    Now all we need is data that shows that there is an increase in humidity levels with secondary increase in precipitation. All we need is data.

  8. About twenty years ago, I read an theory that we were then simultaneously at the peak of a few naturalglobal warming cycles — one lasting several years, one lasting something like 50 years, and one lasting 500 years. The warm end of these cycles was supposed to cause calmer, kinder weather better for crops and productivity. The cool end of the cycles would produce more extreme weather of all sorts. We were currently enjoying the good end of all those cycles at once, so as we started down the back side of all of them, we would start having more hurricanes and blizzards, food production would drop, and basically life would get harsher.

    His punchline was: Buy gold! I don’t remember who wrote it, but sometimes I think he was onto something.

  9. Its good to see that you are doing your ‘workout’ by shovelling snow Don. 😉
    I see on the news that Chicago is having an extreme storm, and is likely to have more over the next few days.
    My daughter and son-in-law are off to Germany tomorrow on a business trip, and are firstly going to Chicago for 2 days to visit some sort of expo/conference there. NZ to ‘Frisco, the on to Chicago.

    Hope the weather isn’t too bad to make their conections.

    Meanwhile, the aussies in northern Queensland are having their worst hurricane since 1918 ( don’t believe the warmists that its the worst in history 🙂 ) and its caused a lot of destruction – really bad for them in QL since the devastating floods a week or so back, but they’re Ockers – they’ll handle it. 🙂

    Meanwhile, in paradise (eh T. Shaw 😉 ) the weather is warm – certainly not the hottest I’ve experienced here – but the nights are very sultry and around 20 deg. C; certainly up there for night temps, but not enough to put on the aircon. The warm temps and the humidity is making the garden grow crazy – having to give away carrots, cucumbers, zucchinis, tomatoes and red onions. Hope it keeps up – just love this global warming 😉

  10. After four hours of shoveling Don, I hurt in places I forgot I had!

    Your daughter and her husband should be all right in Chicago. The Weather has settled down although of course they should bundle up. Right now the temperature is a balmy seven above zero which is a vast improvement over yesterday at this time when it was ten below zero.

    Thankfully in the Midwest we do not have to worry about hurricanes, although twisters can make up for the lack.

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