Rejected John 3:16 Ad for Super Bowl

Hattip to commenter Joe GreenFox has rejected the above Super Bowl ad, claiming that the ad violated company policy by “advancing particular beliefs or practices”.  After one stops laughing at that, it is a head scratcher why Fox went out of its way to face slap a large part of its audience.

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  1. I was all prepared to say that rejecting an ad isn’t itself an offensive act. And frankly, I’d probably still say that.

    But after watching the ad… seriously, Fox? It’s a great ad that sends the message but doesn’t offend.


    (DItto to wj’s comment.)

  2. Oh rejecting the ad isn’t offensive Chris, it’s stupid. Fox entertainment has long been a sewer, but I am sure Fox News has a higher percentage of Christians watching it than any other news channel or network news show. Going out of one’s way to bite the hand that feeds you is simply bizarre.

  3. I haven’t seen the signs in end zones as much.

    Maybe both teams could lose.

    What is the alternative, CNN or MSLSD?

  4. Franklin Graham, son of Billy, says the time is coming in America when preaching the Gospel will be considered “hate speech.” Looks like that’s not far off.

  5. Talking of John’s Gospel, there is one thing that struck me a number of years ago, and I use it sometimes as a thought-provoker at R.C.I.A. I’m sure you all know of the evangelicals’ obsession with 666 from the Apocalypse- the mark of the beast, and give all sorts of nterpretations other than those suggested by the Church.

    So I suggest they look up John’s gospel, ch. 6, v. 66., and this is what it says.
    ” After this, many of His disciples went away and walked with Him no more.”
    – this after Jesus’ dissertation on the eucharist.

    Somehow, to me, it has more relevence than all the other interpretations.

  6. FOX rejected John 3:16. No surprise that FOX-filth had a probem with it. But at least they moved right into Glee after the game

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