Orwell Warned Us Of This

There are a pair of companions bills working their way through the Maryland legislature.  HB 55 and SB 116, titled “The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act” will soon be coming up for debate.  Religious freedom and marriage protection – must be a law that good Catholics can get behind.  So what do the bills provide for:

Altering a provision of law to establish that only a marriage between two individuals who are not otherwise prohibited from marrying is valid in the State; prohibiting an official of a religious institution or body authorized to solemnize marriages from being required to solemnize any marriage in violation of the constitutional right to free exercise of religion; etc.

So it’s a gay marriage bill.  Oh sure there’s a little codicil about protecting religious officials from having to perform gay marriage, but this is a bill about altering the definition of marriage.

You almost have to hand it to the Democrats here in Maryland.  They recognize that while Maryland might be a deeply blue state, there is a very large segment of social conservatives that don’t fully embrace social engineering and attempts to subvert traditional morality.  So how coy of them to slip this issue under the radar in the guise of protecting religious liberty.

The phrase “culture of death” has been employed the anti-life agenda of the radical left.  I think the “culture of deceit” might be equally as apt.  From the shenanigans on abortion statistics to this action undertaken by the Maryland legislature, progressives continue to use obfuscation in order to advance their political agenda.  Thus the debate over abortion is morphed into one about choice, privacy, a woman’s “control over her body.”  Gay marriage becomes a civil rights issue.

We complain about the left utilizing the Courts to advance their agenda, and that is indeed a problem.  But they’ve also advanced their agenda simply by lying through their collective teeth, or creatively using and abusing the English language.

George Orwell may have gotten some things wrong, but he certainly prophesied correctly in this regard.

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  1. However unintended it have been may be: you voted for evil when you voted Democrat.

    Many are succumbing to two of three of the Devil’s temptations of Our Lord. Some are putting worldly “bread” ahead of their Souls. “Man does not live by bread alone, but by all that proceeds from the Mouth of God.” And, attaining worldly power ahead of our duty to first worship the Divine, not earthly political power, and turning away from God’s Will. Thank God for small mercies. No dem is throwing her/himself from the Empire State Building to put the Lord our God to the test.

  2. Are you wondering why US sales volumes are stagnant; jobs are not increasing; etc. in the US despite $3 trillion in stimulus and historically low interest rates?

    Maybe this book, “The Global-Warming Deception: How a Secret Elite Plans to Bankrupt America and Steal Your Freedom” in [Paperback]; Grant R. Jeffrey (Author) may provide some clues.

  3. Everyone I know that could be hiring can’t afford the payroll taxes, the uncertainty… shoot, a lot of the small businesses had to close up, including my father in law’s. (After roughly 20 years.)

    Add in union pressure on wages, the risk involved in hiring anyone (are they looking for a payout, not a pay check?), the trouble with getting permission to do diddily and the rest of the uncertainty– ouch.

    There was a big feel-good story in the Seattle area a few weeks back. A family with a disabled boy had their wheelchair lift stolen, probably for scrap. The local Problem Solvers found folks to install a permanent one, got the materials, all that– and had someone who could wait all day to get a permit to replace the stolen lift in front of these folks’ house. There was even an implication they pulled strings to get it that quickly. That’s bloody ridiculous. It wasn’t even a safety thing, just permission to build on their front porch.

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