Our Lady of Akita: Pray for Japan!

Japan’s devastation this week from the earthquake and the resulting tsunami have left thousands dead.  Now, the Japanese are beset with damage to six nuclear reactors.  We must give our brothers and sisters in Japan our prayers and assistance.  It is also a very good time to recall that in the Seventies of the last century Japan was the scene of the best authenticated Marian apparition since Fatima, and which has been deemed worthy of belief by the Vatican.  The message of Our Lady of Akita is a stern one, and a call for repentance and a turning to God.  Here at the beginning of Lent we have  a graphic reminder that in this world, as well as in the next, our only sure reliance is in God.

Go here to read the text of the letter of Bishop John Shojiro Ito on Our Lady of Akita.

Our Lady of Akita, we beseech your intercession with God for the people of Japan in their travail.  We also ask your prayers to aid the spreading of your message around the globe, and to ask your Son to show mercy on us sinners.

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  1. I remember reading about that apparition years ago when I first started coming back to church. A little known fact about Catholicism in Japan is that, although Catholics have always a very small minority, they claim the most impressive martyriology. The Church in Japan survived over two centuries without any clergy.

  2. Correct Greg, after the savage persecution under Tokugawa and his successors who did their best to kill every Christian in Japan at the beginning of the seventeenth century, Christianity went underground. When Admiral Perry reopened Japan in the 1850s to the West, Westerners encountered Japanese who made the sign of the cross and told them they were Christians. It was a remarkable example of the staying power of Christianity and the loyalty of Japanese to the faith once they are converted.


  3. The world has moved so far away from God!!!! Blasphemy abounds. When one watches television, one rarely finds a program to watch that does not cross the line of sin in any of its forms, or against the Ten Commandments. If it is not the language, it is what used to be suggestive scenes to now, out and out acts. The governments around the world are so corrupt, one can see the devil in action there. When we speak of the United States, all we have to do is look not only at the sins of abortion, euthanasia and corruption, but also to our newest propagation of sin, our illustrious Obamacare Health Care bill which is full of things that go against God. It was not bad enough when sex was heterosexual, now they have same sex everything. How sick we have become.

    Please God, deliver us from this ugliness. We are your servants and we number in the billions. We ask for your help to bring souls to you because we know we can not do it alone. We know that for the horrors of what has happened in Japan to end, we must convert ourselves back to you and away from sin. Please help people to do just that.

    Please help the people of Japan now who are in great need.

    Thank you.

  4. Frances
    Your comment was great and so true! Mankind is being brought to it’s knees. We MUST turn back to GOD….before it’s too late! These disasters will multiply and intensify until we do! PRAISE GOD!!!

  5. Chris
    Bl. Thomas Koyanangi was arrested as a passenger on the ship of Bl. Joachim firayama-Diz. He was beheaded at Nagasaki. He was beatified in 1867.

  6. Japan & the whole world need God indeed. Technology cannot surpass & replace God no matter how much man will think they can do. It is time to acknowledge that God wants the world to repent and come back to Him. Praying for all in Japan.

  7. I immediately thought of Our Lady of Akita when the tragedy occurred. Our Lady of Akita, please pray for Japan.

  8. During times like these, most people turn towards God which is great, but unfortunately as time passes and people get back on their feet, many go back to their old sinful ways and God is forgotten again. Right after 9/11 the churches in New York were packed for 3 months and then as the people realized that nothing else was going to happen, they quit going. It remains to be seen now in this disaster how the Japanese people will react spiritually. After the 2 atomic bombs were dropped on Japan and hundreds thousands died, there was still many in the Japanese government who wanted to continue fighting, their pride was so strong. Let us hope and pray for the Japanese people now for humility and in God’s mercy, for their conversion.

  9. I have a miracalous medal from passed down from my grandmother it is silver and magnified inscribed 1870 Japan, we are Italian does anyone know how that came about? Thanks

  10. Our Lady of Akita, we beg you ask the Savior to intercede on behalf of the poor people of Japan. Every Rosary during Lent is going to be for their healing and safety.

  11. Correction the bottom of Marys dress is inscribed 1850 in the back of the medal between the bottom stars is inscribed JAPAN.

  12. Japan today ( as with the rest of the world ) needs to turn to God immediately. being one of the worlds third largest economy, it sadly also has the worlds biggest Porno industry . when will people decide to change their evil ways and turn to God. Sin has become more a way of life …with everyone, and NOBODY wants a finger pointed at themselves.

  13. The date on the Miraculous medal is 1830, the year that Our Lady appeared to St. Catherine Laboure. The actual date was November 27, 1830, and the place was the motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, in Paris. Our Lady herself, designed the medal.

    The medal was probably made in Japan, and that is what is most likely on the back of the meda.

  14. The whole world needs to turn back to God. We need to convert ourselves first without pointing fingers to another. We should start in our homes first. Believe me it is very difficult. With the help of God and Mother Mary we can do it. Now! is the time. Don’t wait for tomorrow! Don’t wait for tragedy to strike. Bend your knees. Dear God, Forgive your people. Guide us on the right path dear Lord. We love you! We need you. Save the people of Japan! Give them courage to bear this burden and turn to you.

  15. The disaster in Japan makes the Christchurch earthquake pale into near insignificance. Watching the TV accounts of the tsunami hitting the area around Sendai was totally aweful in its power and destruction.

    It appears that the death toll will be in the tens of thousands. I have friends who are Japanese, and some NZers were in the area where the tsunami hit, and are safe according to reports. There is supposed to be a massive aftershock in the next few days. And the danger posed by the possible melt down of the nuclear facilities is also a huge concern.

    Let us pray that our Heavenly Father, that He will have pity on the suffering of these the Japanese people and grant them mercy and hope, and an early end to their anguish.

    Lord, hear our prayer.

  16. How many times, and for how many years, must our Mother warn us before we turn away from the awful path we are treading upon? From 1917 at Fatima, throughout the years up to the present day She has warned us, wept for us, pleaded with us and given us the tool (the Rosary) to heal souls, our wounds, our earth, and for all those years we have ignored Her pleas. Why then are we surprised when disaster strikes? And this isn’t the “chastisement worse than the deluge” that She is speaking of…there is something much, much worse waiting in the wings. What will it take before we stop murdering our unborn, wallowing in the deadly sludge of homosexuality, wanton greed and materialism and continue ignoring and blaspheming God Himself before we stop? She won’t keep warning Her children forever. As a good Mother, She will soon step aside and let Her children be punished in order to save them.

  17. My personal investigation into Mother of God visons revealed an important fact. Before I dwell into the fact(s), I must say that during the last decade or so there has been hundreds and maybe even thousands of reported visions of the Mother of God (Mary). It is very difficult to distinguish between the real ones and those that are false.
    The guiding rule I use is “if the content and meaning of the message (I’ll use an analogy) sounds like music to the ears, and tastes like honey it is not from God. If the content of the message is against the local Bishop and the church (Catholic) it is not from God.
    A real message from God = analogy – it doesn’t taste like honey, it doesn’t sound like sweet music to the ears. Most importantly the content of the message or the person receiving the message will ultimately stress being obedient to the local bishop. This is the key in determining if the message is real.

    Let’s take Akita into mind. This is the reason why there are so many false visions. In order to distract us from the True Message from God. Akita is approved by the local Bishop. If we paid attention to the Akita message and did what the Mother of God asked us, then the chastisement/punishement warned of would not occurr.

    And I could kind of say with humble uncertainity that there now seems to be a 40 year time period after warning before the punishment begins.

  18. Our Lady has been warning us for years. Our Lady is still appearing to 5 visionaries in Medjorge. Her message is always the same . Pray Pray pray. We must come back to God.These are very turbulant times. We are being divided between good and bad.We will be held responsible for the direction
    that we choose.
    Pray for our brothers and sisters in Japan and all countries of the world.Pray for yourselves and your families. Pray the Rosary,ask for our Blessed Mothers intersession.
    God Bless

  19. History and Scripture caught a short glimpse of her when she came to deliver the Redeemer to us. Now she is ready, even at the door of our hearts awaiting her son’s triumphant return to assist our Lord in the harvest of men. She has been quietly but effectively preparing the faithful by spiritual visions and appearances all over the world, mostly to the poor and holy souls or little children, imploring them to pray for peace and live lives worthy of the promises of Christ through repentance and sacrifice seeking to bring as many to her Divine Son as possible. Soon all the world will acknowledge her presence as God’s will unfolds before us. We must prepare ourselves for Christ’s coming and painful though merciful judgment upon the world by devout prayer, frequent confession, daily mass if possible, and many rosaries. Our Holy Mother has repeated this constantly in her many apparitions and messages over the years. We need to appreciate her place and participation in God’s eternal plan like the servants at the wedding feast.

  20. I believe the United States of America will be spared from chastisement such as in Japan. The reason why is becuase the our bishops consecrated the United States to the Immacualte Heart of Mary.

    We are under Her Protection but without warnings.

    What we need to do now is pray for the dead. A powerful prayer that Jesus told St. Faustina to pray is the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

    Lets all pray this Chaplet for the souls of the recently departed in Japan. Ok?

  21. In the news this evening, it was stated that the Govenor of Tokyo said the current disater was a punishment from heaven because of greed.

  22. I think that its important to remember that Our Lady of Akita’s warnings weren’t just for the people of Japan but for the whole world. The Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear are just the tips of what is yet to come.
    My advice live each day as if it were your Last and always been ready to meet Our Maker and Our Judge death and the fear of it will have no power over us “Woe, to those who are not ready,” I better pay heed to my own advice. 99.9% of apparitions today that are alleged to be of God are fakes. But not Akita.

  23. Dear Father God,
    Please give us people in this world another chance Please let us understand our sin and help us to repent It is only you who is able to let us repent and come back to you. Mother Mary Please help us to pray, for your son would hear and answer you and I know Mother Mary you love us people of this world like your love for our Lord Thank you Mother Mary.

  24. We can’t all be Mother Teresa’s, Bishop Sheen’s, or John Paul II’s. History has seen the likes of these many times and we are the richer for their contributions to the faith we hold dear. But keep in mind; with few exceptions all of us can add our portion to the value of our faith and wealth of the Church of the Apostles and saints before us through living simple, humble, and obedient lives within our station.
    However, no matter how humble or noble our position may be our true commonality is brought together and best offered to God for the sake of His kingdom through prayer. Yes, PRAYER has and will forever be the most powerful weapon against the evil which has engulfed the world with such brutal force and vicious intent as is evident in our time.
    I believe our time is also Our Lady’s time. Her many “apparitions” around the world over the years reveals she constantly prays for us and humbly begs that we join her in prayer for a world adrift in a sea of sin. We need to turn our eyes and ears from the blaring glitter of secular guile being aimed at us and open the voices of our hearts and join with her in fulfilling the Creator’s promise to mankind. Pray with the words and thoughts which define our hope for the future of all mankind to our most merciful God who alone can lead us from the misery this world has fashioned for us. Our Father in heaven is eager to hear the voices of those who join with the pleas of His bride the new Eve and mother of His Son, who was named in the Garden of Eden to, in her time, together with the Holy Spirit return and crush the head of evil for mankind’s new generation.

  25. Sorry to contradict you but why would America and Americans be in any way immune from judgement and the need for sincere repentance? We are all sinners and we all need to ask for the moment-by-moment grace of God to live right with our neighbours and for forgiveness of our sins of commission and omission.
    Momentous natural events such as these earthquakes may be seen as signs of warning from God. Even if a person does not believe this, they do remind us Man is very frail, and ultimately, cannot save himself. They are a chastisement to our hubris which stands in great need of chastisement.
    Maybe our prayers should include one for humility and obedience to the will of God, personal and national.

  26. Careful, leo the lion, your latest message sounds like music to my ears and is sweet as honey! America should be so Blessed? Beware!

  27. We must pray for the humble people of Japan. They are so many. America felt the hand of punishment on 9/11 and as a previous comment stated, our penitence has not lasted. We must pray without ceasing!

  28. Our Lady of Fatima said, “we should stop offending God anymore, for He is already too grievously offended.” In the heart of the message of Our Lady of Fatima is Eucharistic Adoration — adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. The dream of St. John Bosco points to 2 pillars that will hold the Church strong. In St. John’s dream, the Church, represented by a huge ship is being attacked from all parts of the turbulent ocean and from within. It already bore a damaged side as it moves slowly towards the 2 pillars. The waters are calm within the 2 pillars on top of which are the images of Holy Eucharist on a taller pillar and the Blessed Virgin Mary on a shorter pillar. We should avail of these weapons with a repentant heart and focus on the Mercy of God. We should frequent the Sacraments–Confession and Holy Communion. I too, thought of Our Lady of Akita when the Tsunami was on the news and wondered where it was located in reference to the epicenter. God bless!


  30. I am confused and am hoping someone can help. Wasn’t part of the message of Akita a direct reference to Communion in the hand? I thought that the sister’s bleeding left hand was do to Catholics receiving communion in the hand, and that our Lady’s right hand bleeding represented the priests giving Communion in the hand. If this is the case, we are offending our Lord through this practice. We can respond to our Lady’s request also by not receiving our Lord in our unconsecrated hands. What do the rest of you think? Also, did anyone notice how the dates of the apparition at Akita coinsided with legalized abortion in this country? Is there a link between Communion in the hand and legalized abortion?

  31. No need to be confused.. Jesus said to the first Bishop who was Peter
    “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

    With that in mind if God’s Earthly Church (Bishops) allow Communion in the hand, then its approved in Heaven.

    I been investigating apparitions for quite some time. Most reported apparitions are false. Only the ones approved by the Church are good to go. (so to speak)

    In essence Gods message in the apparition can’t be in conflict with the Church. God can’t contradict himself. So if the apparation message is “Communion in the hand is wrong” this is against the Church which allows Communion in the hand. God cant be against His Own Church.
    So no need to be confused.

  32. Just a follow up,,, these reported apparitions (please excuse my spelling) and messages from God is a challenge to determine if true. If your confused, or just dont know what is going on,,, wait for the local Bishop to make statements about the apparition is worthy and true.

    And somewhere in the Church Law it mentions that we don’t have to believe in apparitions. But we can;t be against what the local Bishop decides on.

  33. to John Lentricchia

    You missed the phrase “without warning” And study up on Consecrations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A lot of blessings and protection. Excuse my spelling

  34. My messages are always based on Faith and Trust in Jesus.
    But I also have Faith and Trust in my Bishop.
    My favorite Saint is Saint Faustina. Who is your favorite Saint?

  35. our priests!… our priests are under such attack and struggle!… God help them… and let us all:
    HONOR a priest
    ENCOURAGE a priest
    THANK a priest
    FORGIVE a priest
    BE a priest

  36. Indeed, the world is turning upside down, and increasingly against all the tenets of Christianity. Governments are encouraging homosexuality and same-sex marriages, corruption, abuse of power, abortions. Just recently, Britain’s High Court rejected a Christian family’s application to foster orphans, on the grounds that their Christian faith is harmful to the kids’ upbringing, as it “contradicts” British law which allows homosexual couples to have equal rights to!! During this season of Lent, let us pray for ourselves, our families, our communities, and implore the Lord of Divine Mercy to have mercy on us and the whole word.

  37. I hear this during homily in Church ‘repent for the Kingdon of God is close at hand’ and indeed this words are so true, as long as we don’t more of this mishaps, disasters, famine etc is going to carry on until there is no one on earth and then its judgement day!
    Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit, we Praise You, we Bless You, we Glorify You and we Thank you for everything, we beg You for forgiveness, look not on our sins but on the Faith of Your Church, we ask You to Bless Japan abundantly and the people there, give them all the help they need especially the young, the aged, the volunteers who put their lives ahead of others, Thank You Father, Amen!

  38. Saturday 26 march 2011 9pm
    May Our holy Father and Holy Son blessed that The Genting Highland
    Malaysia frm worst disasters during the raining season. Thank you Father.

  39. Let’s Pray the Rosary to Mother Mary.

    In addition, please pray to St Jude:
    “O Holy St Jude, Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need, to you we have recourse from the depth of our hearts and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power , comet to our assistance.

    Help us in our present urgent petition :

    in return we promise to make your name known and cause you to be invoked.

    In Jesus name we pray”.

  40. I was an active member of the “cenacle marian movement for priest” until i relocated to another country. During those days after the morning daily mass we gather before the “blessesed sacrament” and start praying the rosary in accordance with the guide in the blue book. Again what happen in Japan is not
    a surprise because the messge of the blessed mother speaks well in the blue book
    “turn to God, be converted, pray,pray,pray the rosary,mass,confession,and adoration,” or else?????

  41. To the Administrator:

    Why were my two comments, posted, respectively, on the 1st and 2nd of April, removed from this forum?
    I did not mean to barged in here uninvited…
    Applying censorship is shameful and you are avoiding what may well be a healthy discussion or exchange of opinions.

  42. Because this is a devotional thread and you wanted to debate the existence of God. This thread is not for that purpose. There are other threads on this blog that would be happy to give you all the debate that you would want. This thread is for people to pray for the Japanese and to beseech God and Our Lady to help them.

    Censorship, by the way, is something that a government does, not a private person in regard to a blog.

  43. Dear Mr McClarey:
    Thank you for your reply and explanation.
    It is not my purpose to cause disturbance here. Although I would love to discuss the issue you just mentioned, if you read my comments you will see that my purpose was not that.
    All I wanted to say is the God is not responsible for the catastrophes occuring in this world from time to time, and they are not a punishment of God either. Nobody have the right to speak for God.
    I appologize for choosing the word “censorship”… it was a way to press for a reply.
    I respect your views so leave you in peace.
    With my best wishes,


  45. Bernadette:
    April 6, 2011 A.D. at1:48 p.m.

    Our Father in heaven is waiting for us to repent. He is a forgiving father.No matter how big our sins are. He is always ready to forgive us with an open arms. Remember God is the owner of the earth. If He wants to get everything back here on earth, nothing will be left. So, let us pray that fighting between nations to nations and corruption will be stopped. God is just us reminding us that we’re no longer belong to Him but to the world This situation will be stopped, only if people will love one another. That what God wants us to do. The second greatest commandment of God. Brothers and Sisters. Let us pray for the world peace.

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