How Obama Spends His Time

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This is a time with many crisis. A President has to chose where to put his efforts carefully. He could focus on the civil war in Libya. He could look towards Bahrain and the battles there. He could drum up relief for Japan in the wake of the tsunami. He could look to help Japan fix its nuclear reactor and ensure that such danger cannot be repeated here. He could work to reduce gas prices. He could create jobs. He could negotiate to ensure the government doesn’t shutdown due to a lack of a budget.

With all of these options, what is our fearless leader doing? He’s clowning around with ESPN discussing his “barack-etology” and why he thinks Kansas will win it all.

How insensitive and ridiculous is this? Even if you were in the throes of the Obamessiah movement in 2008, how is this justifiable? Look, I’m a huge sports fan. I understand the need for Obama to not spend every second on the presidency and take some time for sports. I don’t even mind that he spends time to fill out a bracket if he did it privately.

But to do this so publicly just sends all the wrong messages, both to those at home and abroad.

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  1. He may have nothing of his own to contribute to the resolution of any of these problems and have entered a phase where he functions as an instrument of factions of his subordinates. He may also tend by default to obstruct and sabotage the works of the more public-spirited amongst them. There is precedent for this.

  2. Actually, I think having no president is preferable to the way Obama has thus far attempted to lead the nation. I encourage him to pursue his interest in sports, smoking away from the stern gaze of his “She Who Must Be Obeyed”, ditto sneaking greasy snack food, lining up a good ghost writer for his memoirs and generally preparing for his next career which will be world-class-celebrity for life, anything but attempting to be a real, as opposed to a figurehead, president.

  3. Consider that “Charlie Sheen” is the No. 1 on the “most searched” list on Google these days and that college hoops are not far behind. War, pestilence, devastation, inflation, revolutions, despair, anxiety, fear fill the air, but bread and circuses, as they did 2,000 years ago, represent vox populi.

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