Catholics For Choice Slam Obama For Not Being Pro-Abort Enough

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George Orwell would have loved these bozos.  The George Soros funded front group for anti-Catholic bigotry calling themselves Catholics For Choice, in the latest issue of their house organ Conscience have slammed the most pro-abortion President in our nation’s history as not being a big enough pro-abort.  Go here to view the rag.

The magazine is an interesting look into the pro-abort mindset.  The Church, enemy number one, is constantly attacked and just not on the matter of abortion.  The pro-aborts view themselves as heroic “crusaders” for freedom against the forces of darkness.  Contraception looms large in their concerns.  Faith based initiatives by the government are attacked, and any accommodation of religion by government is viewed with extreme alarm.  Rather than radicals, the pro-aborts strike me as reactionaries viewing a changing world with incomprehension.  Obama was their great hope for turning back the clock and freezing the nation into a pro-abortion stance forever.  Their disappointment with him radiates from every page, tinged with something approaching despair for the long term future of their cause.

I do have some sympathy for the pro-abort disenchantment with Obama.  Obama is in most ways an empty suit and his talk is usually just that, only talk.  His legislative skills are also meager, so he squandered the two years when his party had huge majorities in both houses.  It is interesting that this Soros puppet group is attacking Obama now.  It could mean that Soros has read the tea leaves and he suspects that Obama is going down next year and is signaling that his groups, and his money, are not going to be associated with backing a loser.

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  1. I mean, it’s not like they’re going to vote for anyone else, especially since Obama has given them EVERYTHING they want: 2 pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices, the nationalization of health care with federal funding of abortion (when he was willing to walk away with nothing rather than have the Stupak language inserted), and a federal budget that continues to fund Planned Parenthood (when he was willing to shut down the government rather than see the abortion industry lose its place at the federal teet).

    Sorry, but I’m just not buying that these people’s alleged beef with the President is legit – it’s nothing more than political theater being played out for the masses so that The One can be seen as more “moderate” on abortion. Triangulation, pure and simple.

  2. One of my favorite expressions in my professional life Jay is “wheels within wheels”. You may be right, and certainly you are right from the perspective of reality. However, I can see how things might look differently from a very extreme pro-abort position that will not be satisfied until Obama performs one himself during an address to the nation.

  3. I thought “Catholics for Choice” gets most of its money from the Ford Foundation, not Soros.

    The local Jesuit college library started carrying the magazine “Conscience” in the past couple years. Any idea if this was an organized nationwide effort?

    I’m trying to get the KofC’s Columbia magazine on the stacks to counter it.

  4. I think that guy may be from the non-denominational Bronx.

    Needs to lose the hat; the little womb broom; and the earring. Does that mean they’re “straight” with a left earring??? Not that there’s anything wrong with that . . .

    Otherwise, I have nothing to add on his speech. Talk about oxymorons.

    At the moment of conception not only DNA, but the soul.

    PP et al would have you believe that that one cell evolves from a protozoan(?) to a guppy all the way “up” the so-called “evolutionary chain” to become homo sapiens in nine months . . . So it’s “okay” to kill “it” before “it” ever gets the chance to breathe???

    I took high schoool biology about 50 years ago. Seems they didn’t know that stuff then.

  5. “PP et al would have you believe that that one cell evolves from a protozoan(?) to a guppy all the way “up” the so-called “evolutionary chain” to become homo sapiens in nine months . . . So it’s “okay” to kill “it” before “it” ever gets the chance to breathe???’

    Comes from Haeckel who sought to prove Darwin through embryology. Problem was Haeckel lied:

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