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It looks like we’re going to be gaining a new Church in the Archdiocese of Washington.

After a period of deep discernment, the rector and parishioners of St. Luke’s Episcopal parish in Bladensburg, Maryland have decided to seek entry into the Roman Catholic Church through a new structure approved by Pope Benedict XVI called an ordinariate. Saint Luke’s is the first church in the Washington metropolitan area to take this step.

The transition is being made with the prayerful support of Bishop John Bryson Chane of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Catholic Archbishop of Washington.

“We welcome the St. Luke community warmly into our family of faith. The proposed ordinariate provides a path to unity, one that recognizes our shared beliefs on matters of faith while also recognizing and respecting the liturgical heritage of the Anglican Church,” Cardinal Wuerl said. “We also recognize the openness of the community to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their faith journey.”

Now if only some of those gorgeous cathedrals in the UK can take this step . . .

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  1. In your face Latimer and Ridley! 🙂

    Actually if the Anglicans and the Episcopalians were still producing bishops with the faith, misguided as I think it was, and courage of those two men who went to the stake under Queen Mary, they wouldn’t have people scrambling to get out.

  2. Paul;

    Cathedrals?? How about the wayward souls coming home to the one true faith?!! Souls are more important than any building will ever be.

  3. CL,

    I agree that souls are of the utmost importance (as I know Paul does as well). Nonetheless, I have to concur with Paul in saying “Give us back our churches!”

  4. God willing, pray this becomes an epidemic. Christian Unity has never been more urgently needed for the survival of our faith than today as our every moral value is being questioned by a society in decay or over turned by governance which has set itself above and in conflict with God’s eternal law.

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