Dog Days of Summer Open Thread

We haven’t had an open thread in a while, so here we go.  The heat across most of the nation is unbearable, so blogging in air conditioned splendor is fairly attractive right now.  The temperature reached 100 degrees today at around 2:30 PM in Pontiac, Illinois as the family and I were driving back from Springfield, Illinois.  Thursday we will have more of the same.  Friday the temperature is expected to plummet all the way down to 90!  Time to dust off the winter coat!

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  1. The low tonight is 80. The low.

    I love summer.

    Oh, and if anyone is traveling this summer and driving through Virginia, do NOT drive over 80. Just a word of warning.

  2. It got up to 97 degrees in Springfield today. I was actually rooting for it to hit 100 because if it’s going to be this hot anyway, what’s another 3 degrees, and why not go for a record?


    Plus, I might be imagining things but I thought it was actually a little LESS humid today, the dewpoint went all the way down to 75 degrees, which indicates humidity a little below Amazonian jungle levels.

  3. I’ve moved to Texas; I’ve been here in the Dallas area just over 1 month, and almost every day has had a high temp over 100 F, and I’ve loved it.

    Last weekend, I was back in the Chicago area, and though the temp was 10-15 cooler, the humidity was so much higher that I sweated more than I had the prior four weeks combined, even more than when I’ve gone golfing in Texas.

    To each his own, I suppose.

  4. Will be headed to the mountains of Idaho for the next two weeks. 82 degrees during the day and 50’s at night. No humidity. I’ll think of you all. 🙄

  5. Talk about dog days, my Chow-Chow, Chung Powe, refuses to leave our air-conditioned sun room expect to take care of toliet duties. The only thing that will delay her coming back into the sun room is sighting some of the cats next door!

  6. OK, this is apropos of nothing, but I ran across this online debate about poverty, and I noticed that the average poor household has more possessions than I do. I have 12 out of 30 items; the average poor household has 14; the average household has 19. Am I just cheap, or am I living in holy denial? How many of these things do you have? How many should a Catholic have?

    (There was a tiny connection here, by the way. One of the items is air conditioning. I don’t think that’s exactly a luxury item, depending where you live. But hey, if you can’t digress on an open thread, where can you?)

  7. What a nation of wusses. Here in WI, we savor scorchers like this. After 6 months of winter and subzero temps, I say the hotter the better. In a few weeks it’ll all be over. So sweat it out and enjoy!

  8. I agree with J.Green. The hotter the better. Here in MN we can complain about the cold and snow, but during the summertime we need to just enjoy the brief heat wave.

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