TAC College Rankings 2011: Week 1

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College Football has returned! There’s a lot going on off the field, before we get to the happenings on.

First, the alternate uniforms trend is getting despicable. I don’t mind a slight change every now and then that has a purpose or harkens back to tradition. LSU’s been lucky in this regard, but most have not. Oregon, Boise St., and Maryland had uniforms that looked like they were designed by an eight year old in that they have a creative idea but lack restraint or tact. Boise St. Broncos? Let’s have a HUGE BRONCO covering THE ENTIRE HELMET! Georgia? POWER RANGER! Maryland’s flag. Let’s have the FLAG EVERYWHERE! HELMET GETS A FLAG! SLEEVES GET A FLAG! SHOULDERS GET A FLAG! SHOES GET A FLAG! To me, the best uniforms are not these loud monstrosities but the ones that are classic and understated. I’m not saying you can never have alternate uniforms, but there’s a way to play with tradition (think Georgia’s black unis) rather than blow it up entirely.

Speaking of blowing up entirely, how about the Big 12? Because Texas wanted to be independent with a scheduling arrangement, we seem destined towards the super-conferences of 16. I don’t like the trend, although I will enjoy playing the Aggies in the SEC. Still, one of college football’s greatest strength was its regional locality, and the bigger the conferences get the less strong it becomes. I do wonder whether if we get the 4 16-team conferences people are discussing whether that will pave the way for a playoff. It’d be feasible, as you’d only need an extra game somewhere.

Now to football. We had a surprising number of upsets and losses in the top 25 for week one, as #3 Oregon, #16 Notre Dame, #19 Georgia, and #14 TCU lost and Auburn and USC barely escaping. Part of that was a few teams being willing to schedule opponents with a pulse in Week 1, with the drawback being a loss. However, everyone on that list lost to a BCS opponent or a ranked team. A few more teams play real teams next week with the marquee matchup being South Carolina v. Georgia for the lead in the SEC East race. To the rankings!

(1) LSU (2) -without their top QB & WR went on a neutral field and demolished the #3 team and a frequent preseason pick as a National Champion team with the favorite for the Heisman. How can you not be impressed? (MD)

(2)Boise St.-A legitimate road win to open the season places the Broncos above the T-5 who played in scrimmages last weekend. (MJ)

(3) Oklahoma (1)-will all the Big 12 talk be a distraction? Probably not. (DH)

(4) Alabama-The trip to Happy Valley may give us a better sense of how much they lost from Ingram, Jones, and McElroy

(5) Stanford – they have a lot to prove and probably won’t face a Pac 12 challenge until later in the season (DH)

(6) Texas A&M – Shut down what was supposed to be a high octane offense. Looks like the Aggies are getting the hang of the 3-4 scheme (MJ)

(7) Oklahoma St. -Louisiana-Lyfayette scored 34 points on OSU, 12 of which were from pick-6’s. If OSU doesn’t clean up it’s play quickly, it’ll be a long season in Stillwater (MJ)

(8) Wisconsin – With a running QB, the Badgers are going to put up a lot of rushing yards this season. Nebraska looks to be their only competition for the Big 10. I’d say they’ll meet up in Indy, but I honestly have no idea who is in what division up there in part because I get sick every time I see “Legends and Leaders”

(9) Florida St.- Nice to see the Seminoles back on top. They get a warm up next week before taking on mighty Oklahoma (MJ)

(10) Nebraska- they have a lot to prove in the Big 10 and we shall soon see whether they are up to the task (DH)

(11) Arkansas – Mallet is gone, but they have some time to reform before getting into the meat of the SEC West. (MD)

(12) South Carolina – ECU has the potential to scare a lot of teams, and with Georgia looking terrible the Gamecocks can feel ok about winning the SEC East.

(13) Ohio St – A terrible offseason that couldn’t end fast enough (MD)

(13) Virginia Tech (TIE w/ Ohio St.) – it’s them and FSU for the ACC title (and maybe for the SEC #14 spot?) (MD)

(15) Auburn (1) – They’re the national champs until someone knocks them off. (Tito)

(16) Michigan St. – Much better than their bowl appearance (MD)

(17) Mississippi St.- Looks like a good option game. Bad news for the Bulldogs is that Oregon’s game was better and they just got stopped by LSU, who Miss. St. gets next Thurs night.

(18) Florida

(19) Missouri

(20) Arizona St. – USC’s troubles against Minnesota bode well for the Devil’s chances to win the PAC-12 South (MD)

(21) West Virginia – One of the rainouts, but did much better against the Herd than last year (MD)

(22) BYU – Outplayed Ole Miss most of the game, but needed late-game heroics to pull off the win. They’ll need a faster start to down the Longhorns. (MD)

(23) Utah

(24) Baylor TIE-The best upset of the week can make the case not only for relevance in the Big 12, but for attention in the conference realignment debate. Bears flexing every muscle they’ve got. (MD)

(24) USF TIE w/ Baylor – It’s always nice to win in South Bend, but how much can you take away from the game that the Irish made every effort to lose? (MD)

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  1. Sic ‘Em Bears!!!

    I’m really busy the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, by week 3 I’ll have an opportunity to submit my votes.

    Or, alternatively, I could just wait until the first BCS poll comes out to submit my poll preferences – my votes have just as much validity.

  2. Don’t intent to thread-jack, but talking about football, today, Friday 9th. September 2011, the Rugby World Cup kicks off in NZ, with the NA All Blacks playing Tonga tonight at 7.30 pm.

    I know rugby isn’t big in the USA, with only a few states promoting it, but their team has been improving each tournament (held every four years) in recent years, and has the potential to make the quarter finals this year (18 national teams from around the world are here)
    Now, on with your NFL 🙂

  3. Don the Kiwi,

    My two younger sons play rugby. Both played at club level in university and the lelder played for the All-Army team, plus for the NYPD team, last Fall and will try out again this year. The bigger guy is a prop. The youngest was a full(?)back and co-captain this year.

    Great sport. Give blood. Play rugger.

    Many Americans are too insensible to understand the rules, after eight or ten beers.

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