9/11 Conspiracy Theories Debunked

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Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of 9/11.   To head off any “Truthers”, a truly despicable and delusional movement that contends that 9/11 was an “inside job” perpetrated by nefarious, and apparently omnipotent forces in our government, who could arrange for terrorists to hijack four airliners and launch their attacks at the same time that the real dirty work was carried out by government agents, and keep this conspiracy hidden from view for a decade, except from the paladins of the “Truther” Movement who are able see beyond mere facts and evidence to the evil conspiracies within, I would suggest viewing of a series of videos on You Tube that patiently debunk 9/11 conspiracy theories one at a time.  The above video is one of them.  Go here to watch others in the series.

Another excellent resource for rebutting the loons and liars of the “Truther” Movement is here at Popular Mechanics.  My view of the “Truther” Movement can be summed up as follows:  knaves leading fools.  This post is my way of stating that tomorrow I will not tolerate in my threads any “Truther” nonsense.  Any comments along those lines will be deleted and those proposing them will be banned.  I certainly do not expect these type of comments from our regular commenters, but I rather suspect that on the tenth anniversary “Truther” trolls will be on the prowl.  Perhaps the Onion, the only reliable source of news on the net, has the best response to the “Truthers”.



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  1. Although I’m sure “anti-theist” (his description) Christopher Hitchens would not be terribly popular on TAC, he earlier this week wrote an eloquent piece about 9/11, his conclusion excerpted as follows:

    “The mass murder in Bosnia-Herzegovina was not the random product of “ancient hatreds” but a deliberate plan to erase the Muslim population. The regimes of Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fully deserve to be called “evil.” And, 10 years ago in Manhattan and Washington and Shanksville, Pa., there was a direct confrontation with the totalitarian idea, expressed in its most vicious and unvarnished form. Let this and other struggles temper and strengthen us for future battles where it will be necessary to repudiate the big lie.”

    To read the entire article, click here:


  2. One would have thought that any illusion of a grand well orchestrated conspiracy of this type would have been shattered by the “grand well orchestrated” response to Hurricane Katrina four years later. They can’t talk their way out of a run on sentence and we are to believe they pulled off **what?** Riiigghhht…..

    Consiracy theory-itis is a full blown addiction. The addict craves his hit of fantasy and Gnostic I-told-you-sos.

    A Gnostic addiction. Wow that’s scary.

    “Hello. My name is Bill, and I am a conspiracy theorist”

  3. Some are just deeply, sadly messed up.

    I can see the appeal of conspiracy theories– it must be comforting to know that Someone Has A Plan, even if it’s evil. Just think of all the horrible things people do– wouldn’t it be comforting to be able to believe that it’s not so much that People Suck as The Conspiracy Is Behind It? One big evil, instead of a bunch of small ones… they’re all competent and even super-competent, and if the bad guys are like that, so to are the good guys.

  4. JohnnyZoom-
    THEY wanted things to go badly. All that destruction, and the precedents set for things like disarming people after a disaster? (Note: I happen to think that bad precedents were set, and that shoddy construction was largely at fault, but I favor Hanlon’s Razor over a grand conspiracy. Especially when there’s money to be made without immediate downside, like shoddy construction or covering up a mistake, or when an action is in keeping with someone’s worldview, such as Guns Are Evil, They Must Be Removed.)

  5. Indeed, FOxfier, you are very smart. The cosmpiracy fits their worldview. Someone is holding us back, they say. We should experience utopia. But Republicans or some bad people keep getting in the way–they won’t let us fix things. They keep screwing things up instead. That’s why life is still hell for us in Ameirca, and throughout the world. The world needs us to get out of the way. We need to listen better to them because they’re more in tune with reality. Especially France. Yes, that’s the worldview that says Americans planned 9/11.

  6. My question about the vile idiots: In a Venn diagram of “truthers” and Obama-voting imbeciles, does the “truther” circle (90% inside the imbecile circle) comprised 99% or 100% the whole?


    Would Obamacare be less respectable if the penalty for declining to buy health insurance were being jailed or water-boarded?

  7. I need to travel from NYC to DC later today. I would fly, except from LaGuardia . . . I think I’ll drive. I flew back into NYC on 11 Sep the second or third year after . . . That plane flew past the two light beams.

    It’s 10 years since that day. I typed the following early 14 Sep 2001.

    I need to confess that this thing has me nearly unmanned. Late last night,
    the TV news had a segment wherein the wives and children made emotional
    appeals for info on their husbands and fathers who are missing. I lost it,
    then. I have tears in my eyes as I “hunt and peck” this. That is not me.

    Have been praying ever since the attack. Tried to
    give blood yesterday. They said come back, had too many donors to handle.
    We need to come together and work to keep the economy going and spark the
    recovery. This is no time for “gloom and doom.” There is a lot of work
    needing to be done, and we have to pull together and get at it.

    I went to work, as usual on Tuesday, 9/11. Took the LIRR to Penn Sta. Rode
    the #2 IRT Train to Wall and William, arriving there 9:10AM. They wouldn’t
    let us out by the usual exit, Wall/William. Went out the next one back. A
    construction worker came into the subway, and said, turn around and go home.
    I should have listened.

    When I hit the street, there was already paper, debris and smoke everywhere –
    even though we were about ¼ mile away from the WTC. I went into my office in
    20 Exchange Place and heard about the first airliner strike. Shortly
    after we heard the second. Most had CNN on-line live TV on in the offices.
    An hour or so later, it became as dark as night as the smoke and debris from
    the collapses surrounded us. Heard a rumble and saw a flash.

    About Noon, they told us the FDNY (God bless those magnificent heroes and
    have mercy on those gallant men who gave their lives: greater love hath no
    man than to give his life for his fellows.) had ordered the evacuation of the
    building. I stayed until 2PM, because I wanted to let the smoke clear, and
    our offices’ air quality was good. Luckily, my wife’s brother-in-law works
    at 120 Wall, and he had a car. Wet my handkerchief for a makeshift gas mask
    and walked over there. We were able to walk uptown along Water Street and get
    it out of the parking lot and drive out. We gave a couple of other “lost
    souls” a ride to Grand Central Station. Took about two hours to get home by
    local streets. Thank God, we were home in eastern Queens by 4PM.

    We don’t know when they will let us back into lower Manhattan to get to the
    office. I had an appointment at a bank in Yonkers, today, that I made a
    point in making. The other agency guys cancelled. I just felt I needed to
    show the colors. Stayed a while to talk to the people there and told a
    little of what I saw. Traveled to and from pretty good except, I’m an idiot,
    I got lost. Am home now and my boss said he’d call if he needed me. I doubt
    we will be back in the office before next Monday, if then. Amazingly, we had
    electric and good phone throughout.

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