Our Intellectual Elites: Pope Benedict XVI is a Nazi

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Susan Sarandon comes out at a film festival and calls our German Shepherd a Nazi.

Words can’t describe what I want so say, so I’ll just print the excerpt from The Hollywood Reporter:

Sarandon was interviewed by Bob Balaban at the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor on Saturday. She said she sent the pope a copy of the anti death penalty book, Dead Man Walking, authored by Sister Helen Prejean. Sarandon starred in the 1995 big-screen adaptation.

“The last one,” she said, “not this Nazi one we have now.”

Tofu anyone, while trying to digest the latest from Hollywood?

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  1. Gentlemen,

    She was not cc’d on the memo by the DNC regarding push for civility and stopping violence following the Gilford shooting tragedy. I am sure they will be sending her one in the near future.

  2. Our Intellectual Elites

    Susan Sarandon ? BWAHAHAHAHAH.

    Seriously? Susan Sarandon – now you’re really jagging me – right? 🙂

    Another Hollywood air head has a brain fart and Our wonderful Lame Stream Media gush over it.

  3. Isn’t that kinda like not Politically Correct, kinda like a profiling no-no, kinda like bullying, kinda schizo on the life concept, kinda not really high-minded, kinda devoid of the milk of human kindness, kinda like an Archie Bunker gone totally mean type mentality?

  4. Susan Saradon attended catholic schools her whole life and graduated from The Catholic University of America.

    “If you want your children to fight for their faith, send them to public school. If you want them to lose their faith, send them to Catholic school.”
    -the wonderful Bishop Fulton Sheen

  5. More deep theological insights from Ms. Sarandon:

    “In the 2008 U.S. presidential election, Sarandon and Tim Robbins campaigned for John Edwards in the New Hampshire communities of Hampton, Bedford and Dover. When asked at We Vote ’08 Kickoff Party “What would Jesus do this primary season”, Sarandon said, “I think Jesus would be very supportive of John Edwards.”

    I guess I missed the section of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus said “Blessed are the ambulance chasers with expensive haircuts for they will find favor with the Hollywood Glitterati!” but I am sure it is in there somewhere.

  6. The swastika was a good luck symbol before it got appropriated by the Nazis.

    I was pleased to see Abe Foxman of the ADL also criticizing Ms. Sarandon’s remarks – props.

  7. If anyone, Catholic or non Catholic, were to read “Jesus of Nazareth” by Pope Benedict they would know what a very kind, holy, devout Christian gentleman he is. What a privilege it is to have him as Pope, in these times when truth and faith are being utterly rejected. Interesting to note Pope Benedict recently asked for a stay of execution for an African American man in the United States who swore he was innocent. As usual, no one paid attention to the Holy Father. I wish those who judge him would read a bit about him first.

  8. As a German-American with a distinctivly German given name and surname, I recognize that calling any German a Nazi is a too common but still bigoted slur. She degrades herself with such language.

    Of course, it should be remembered that Joseph Ratzinger was very much a liberal until his change of heart in the early 1970s. During the Right Wing dicatorship, the Ratzingers stood with the German Left and the Catholic Left in being very much opposed to Nazism. Blessed Nikolas Gross, pray for us.

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