The Left’s (Self) Duplicity on Gay “Marriage”

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Newt Gingrich’s lesbian half-sister, Candace Gingrich-Jones, has taken advantage of her half-brother’s moment at the top of the polls in order to get an appearance on a pseudo news program.  In the most anticipated public political pronouncement by a relative of a presidential candidate since Meghan McCain like totally said something like totally profound, she indicated that her brother’s opposition to gay marriage means that she will be voting for Barack Obama.  This will undoubtedly send shockwaves through our fair polity and could possibly sway hundreds if not thousands to shrug their shoulders in complete apathy.

This wouldn’t even be worthy of comment if it did not perfectly symbolize the complete stupidity of the American left.  Newt’s sister won’t vote for him because he’s opposed to gay marriage, so instead she’s going to vote for a guy who is also opposed to gay marriage.

Oh, forgot about that, huh?  Yeah, you see Barack Obama is still on record as opposing gay marriage.  Yet that hasn’t stopped the left from basically talking out of both sides of their mouth.  You see, Obama’s official position on gay marriage is trotted out whenever they want to persuade those bitter clingers that he’s not so radical after all.  Then, after they issue their press releases and mouth their talking points, they all just wink at each other and nod in some kind of secret, knowing way that he’s not really anti-gay marriage.  In his heart of hearts dear old Barack is with them after all.  He just has to tell those rubes out there in the hinterland that he is on their side.  Well, they’re just a bunch of stupid homophobes, so it’s totally okay to lie to them in order to serve the greater good.

Basically either the left is lying to us about Barack Obama’s position on gay marriage, or they’re just lying to themselves.  If it’s the latter, they’re not alone in this.  After all, in a world of Doug Kmiec and the Catholic left, Obama sycophants will believe just about anything about their guy in order to justify supporting him.  Cults of personality are such amazing things to behold.

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  1. For the left truth is that which serves the left.

    I didn’t know Newt has a sister.

    Is she as handsome as he?

    If you were to write a book of Obama lies, it would be longer than War and Peace.

    Obama never open his mouth without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge.

    Investors Business Daily, “One thing is certainly true about President Obama — no matter how many times people point out the falsehoods in his speeches, he just keeps making them. Case in point: his latest ‘economic fairness’ address. In that speech Tuesday, Obama once again tried to build a case for his liberal, big-spending, tax-hiking, regulatory agenda. But as with so many of his past appeals, Obama’s argument rests on a pile of untruths.”

    “• Tax cuts and deregulation have “never worked” to grow the economy. There’s so much evidence to disprove this claim, it’s hard to know where to start. . . .

    “ Bush’s tax cuts on the rich only managed to produced “massive deficits” and the “slowest job growth in half a century.” Budget data make clear that Obama’s spending hikes, not Bush’s tax cuts, produced today’s massive deficits.

    “• During the Bush years, “we had weak regulation, we had little oversight.” This is patently false. Regulatory staffing climbed 42% under Bush, and regulatory spending shot up 50%, according to a Washington University in St. Louis

    “The “wealthiest Americans are paying the lowest taxes in over half a century.” Fact: the federal income tax code is now more progressive than it was in 1979, according to the Congressional Budget Office. IRS data show the richest 1% paid almost 40% of federal income taxes in 2009, up from 18% back in 1980.

    “• We can keep tax breaks for the rich in place, or make needed investments, “but we can’t do both.” Not true. Repealing the Bush tax cuts on the “rich” would raise only about $70 billion a year, a tiny fraction of projected deficits. With or without the Bush tax cuts, the country can’t afford Obama’s agenda.”
    The foregoing was in Re: The Lying Sac of Excrement #Occupying the White House.

  2. Doesn’t anyone really believe that Obama opposes gay marriage? I’ve never heard the pro camp argue that he opposes gay marriage to prove that he’s not radical. I have heard the anti camp trot it out when they want to accuse the pro camp of hypocrisy. All other times, Obama loves gay marriage. Now that’s hypocrisy.

  3. Why, it’s different because Obama opposes same-sex marriage out of cynical calculation, and Newt opposes it out of moral reasoning. That’s why Obama is genuine and moral while Newt is a big, cynical phony who shoots unicorns….

  4. Foxfier,

    Stop being so logical and reasonable.

    You need to be more loud and YELL your point with a bunch of hand-waving.

    And throw in a couple of insults and profanity, that way you seem so “cool” and witty with your point of view.

  5. K…

    U r al horrible bad nasty poeple who hate teh gayz and are realie gayz yourself and watch thz video of a guy givin speech about hiz mothers, and ths little girl asking h8erz if her mommas are evil, and you’d be pro-abort if the fetus was GAYZOR!!!!

    *re-reads* Dang it, forgot profanity.

    (All above examples are mangled to differentiate from the originals I’ve seen in the last month.)

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