David Mamet, Liberals, Israel and Blood Sacrifice

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Playwright David Mamet has an interesting column in the Wall Street Journal today examing hostility towards Israel on the Left:

The Liberal West has, for decades, indulged itself in an orgy of self-flagellation. We have enjoyed comfort and security, but these, in the absence of gratitude and patriotism, cause insecurity. This attempted cure for insecurity can be seen in protestations of our worthlessness, and the indictment of private property.

But no one in the affluent West and no one among the various protesters of various supposed injustices is prepared to act in accordance with his protestations. The opponent of “The Corporation” is still going to use the iPhone which permits him to mass with his like. The celebrities acting out at Occupy meetings will still invest their surplus capital, and the supposed champion of the dispossessed in the Levant will not only scoff at American Indian claims to land he has come to understand as his—he will lobby the City Council to have the homeless shelter built anywhere but on his block.

The brave preceptors who would like to end Poverty, War, Exploitation, Colonialism, Inequality and so on, stop at the proclamation. How may they synchronize their wise fervor with their inaction?

How may they still the resultant anxiety? The Left’s answer is the oldest in the world: by appeal to The Gods. But how may The Gods be appeased? The immemorial answer is: By human sacrifice.

Go here to read the rest.  Anti-semitism used to be the preserve of the deranged right.  We in Catholic circles still see a bit of that, and among some paleocons.  However, the true home of anti-semitism these days seems to be on the Left.  If the last century taught us nothing else, it should have taught us that when anti-semitism becomes embraced by a powerful political movement, inevitably quite a few Jews and Christians are going to end up dead.  The anti-semitism that has been a feature of some elements of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, the shouting down of pro-Israeli speakers on American campuses, and an ever hardening attitude against Israel on the Left in this country would leave me very nervous if I were an American Jew, and does alarm me as an American Catholic.  Anti-semitism is a disaster for all who embrace it, and far too many influential voices on the Left in this country are beginning to join in a very ugly chorus.



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  1. God promised Abraham in Genesis that He would bless those who bless Abraham and his descendents, and curse those who curse them. And St. Paul explained in his epistle to the Romans that God has not reneged on His promises to the Jews. Regardless that we may view ther Church as the new Israel, the inheriter of the promises of God (and there is truth to that description), nevertheless, there is still a special place in our Blessed Lord’s heart for His people, the Jews. That doesn’t make Jews superior or inferior to Gentiles, or makes us Gentile Christians not His people; we know from St. Paul’s letters that that isn’t the case. Rather, it means exactly what God promised Abraham, and liberal leftist Democrats may find that out to their own doom just as Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did. Furthermore, those who persecute Jews will almost invariably persecute authentic Christians of any religious denomination (to be differentiated from the liberal social justice or reactionary fascist types of pseudo-Christians).

    BTW, I am increasingly finding that the differences between Nazism (or any reactionary fascist group) and liberal leftist democracy (two wolves and one sheep voting on what’s for dinner) are ever narrowing more and more rapidly.

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