Hobbit Official Trailer

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  1. It looks like they skipped the idea of making one of the dwarves bright blond…and no Legolas in evidence for the trailer… I’ve got hopes!

    Of course, I’m also in love with how they did the song– “far o’re the misty mountains….”

    I’ve been watching the animated version since I was tiny, and my mom was an original Tolkien fangirl so we grew up with the stories being told to us. High hopes!

  2. Foxfier, in the original book, “The Hobbit,” two of the dwarves were blonde: Fili and Kili. The trailer appears to deviate from the book’s description for them and for Thorin, who had a long beard. Thorin also should have been among the older dwarves of the group as he had been alive when Smaug took over the Lonely Mountain.

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