Persecution of Christians in Egypt

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As we Christians in the West celebrate Christmas, we should remember our brothers and sisters in other parts of the World who risk their lives daily for their faith.  Powerline has a moving story on the persecution of Copts in Egypt.  This persecution has been going on since the Muslim conquest of Egypt 13 centuries ago.  It is centuries past time that we do something about this.

The persecution of Christians in Egypt is one of the mysteriously underreported stories of our time. At Big Peace, Charles Jacobs writes:

Gordon College is a Christian school between Salem and Rockport. A few weeks ago I spoke there at a commemoration of Kristallnacht, Germany’s night of broken glass, the first mass assault on Europe’s Jews and the harbinger of the Shoah. I told the Christian audience how good it was to feel Christian support for Jews in these times, and that even some of the most stubborn of my people were now appreciating Evangelical support for Israel. I also said that we felt this blessed support came from a spirit of Christian altruism. But given the news from the Middle East, concern for others is surely not the only reason Christians need to support Israel.

I asked how many in the audience of 250 knew of Anne Frank. Almost every hand shot up. Then I asked how many had heard of Ayman Labib. I got a mass blank stare. Ayman was a 17-year-old Egyptian Christian who just weeks ago was beaten to death by his Muslim classmates as teachers watched because he refused their demand to remove his cross necklace.

I asked how many knew about the Maspero massacre, which had left at least 24 Copts dead and 270 injured. And whether they knew that since January, there had been more than 70 attacks on Christian churches or institutions in Egypt.

Go here  to read the sad rest.   Islamic states have to understand that there are consequences to this type of tolerance of raw hatred against our fellow Christians.



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  1. This terrorism will continue unnoticed and rampant as long as the Christ-haters run the government and its media publicity arms.

  2. Donald,

    Thank you for spreading the word about the continuing violence against the Copts. I have a couple colleagues who are Egyptian Christians, and they are visibly upset and anxious about what is happening there, if not entirely surprised by it. Their first hand accounts of what it is like to be a Christian in a Muslim nation are very eye opening. Needless to say, they have a very low opinion of the “religion of peace”. And frankly, based on what they say, I can’t help but think that it’s our ill-informed political correctness in the West that keeps us from seeing the truth in this regard.

  3. Thank you, Donald for this Post. Yes Christians, and especially Catholic Christians’ persecutions are on the rise in Nigeria, Egypty, Iraq, Afghanstan, India, Korea, in Vietnam and many other Islamic countries. The wave of persecutions is truly worrying since most of it goes unreported in the secular media. We have been following these unfolding hostile events in the Catholic Websites. It calls us all to re-double our Prayers for Christ’s “Sheep”. In our country, Kenya, we are under attack from the Islamist terrorists, Al Shabaab, a wing of Al Qaeda – who have made Somalia their haven. They are fighting to topple the Interim Government in that war-torn country. They have been attacking us these last 5 months, yet we are hosting thousands of Refugees from that country who have run away from the violence. During this Christmas Season and the coming new Year holidays, all vulnerable Sites for attack are under tight security. The Catholic Parishes are especially targetted. Our own local Muslims burned down our Lady of Mercy Parish in our Capital City, Nairobi five years ago. In this new wave of attacks, threats against Catholic Churches and other Institutions have already been issued by this Terrorist Group. Last month another Catholic Parish in the Muslim North of our country was burned down. The irony of the Muslim hostility to the Catholic Church in Kenya is that every educated Muslim Public Figure or Politican was educated in Catholic Schools.

  4. “Phillip, Spambot was quoting ironically someone else from the thread he linked to.”

    Oops, missed the irony.

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