Marco Rubio Gives Passionate Pro-life Speech

This is an issue that, especially for those that enter the public arena and refuse to leave our faith behind, speaks to more than just our politics. It speaks to what we want to do with the opportunity we have been given in our life, to serve and to glorify our Creator.

                                                                         Marco Rubio


Video of Senator Marco Rubio (R. Fla.) delivering the keynote address on February 1, 2012 at the Susan B. Anthony List Fifth Gala for Life.  If  Rubio isn’t the Republican vice-president nominee this year, despite his disclaiming of any interest in the office, the GOP leadership is crazy.  He is eloquent, youthful and a brilliant defender of life.  His nomination will seal up Florida, gain the Republicans a larger share of the Hispanic vote than they have ever garnered before in a Presidential race and bring enthusiasm and hope to the ranks of social conservative voters.

Tying this speech in with his sponsorship of  the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012 this week, Rubio is clearly signaling that if he is placed on the ticket he intends to champion issues near and dear to the hearts of Catholics.  Obama decides to use the Church as a punching bag in order to appease his leftist base.  Rubio counters with a defense of the Church and Life to draw a stark contrast.  Obama will soon have his Yamamoto moment:


Here is the rest of Rubio’s speech.



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  1. Yes, thanks! I hope very much that he’s the VP nominee too.

    Here’s something to make you smile: Imagine Rubio vs. Biden in a debate….poor old Joe.

  2. It probably says something that I was mildly offended at comparing Obama to Yamamoto– IIRC, he knew it was a bad idea and did it because he was required to; Obama seems to think thinks are a good idea and does them even when required not to.

  3. Yamamoto had no use for politicians Foxfier, so no doubt in the world beyond he was also offended by the comparison, never mind that the words he is quoted as saying in Tora, Tora, Tora, although reflecting his sentiments, he never said. 🙂

  4. While I am heartened to see Senator Rubio speak in defense of life, I found the way he did troubling. He falls into the trap many pro-life politicians do. He speaks of the life issue as separate from the other issues when in fact they are interdependent. The idea you can have real lasting economic prosperity without respect for life given that people are the most important economic resource is just plain crazy. Same with national security. After all, how can you expect to field a strong military when you kill almost a third of military aged people before birth. The correct way to talk about this issue is make clear that this is not a single issue issue. Pro-lifers constantly fall into the single issue trap.

    As to the freedom of conscience act, this is exactly what the left wants us to do. What this is an unwitting erroneous admission that the First Amendment doesn’t say exactly what it says. If the left is going to openly and brazenly violate the Supreme Law of the land, why wouldn’t they violate some freedom of conscience act.

    If you want to see Marco Rubio have a political future, the last thing you would want is for him is to be a running mate for either Gingrich or Romney. At this point, it looks like Romney’s gonna run away with the nomination. As VP, Rubio would have to carry the water for a far less than conservative president. This would pretty much ruin his chances at making a future presidential run as a conservative. What Rubio ought to do is use his present position in the Senate to make a run for the Governorship of Florida and use that as a platform to make a presidential run. Not as a Veep for a weak president.

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