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I believe that President Obama has been a notable failure in most ways as President, but he is a champ in regard to abject, groveling apologies to those who hold us in contempt:

President Barack Obama apologized to Afghans on Thursday for the burning of Qurans at a U.S. military base, trying to assuage rising anti-American sentiment as an Afghan soldier gunned down two American troops during another day of angry protests.

The U.S.-led military coalition says the Muslim holy books were sent by mistake to a garbage burn pit at Bagram Air Field and the case is under investigation. The explanation and multiple apologies from U.S. officials have yet to calm outrage over the incident, which has also heightened tension between international troops and their Afghan partners.

Thousands of protesters, some shouting “Long live Islam!” and “Death to America!” staged demonstrations across Afghanistan for a third day. Protesters climbed the walls of a U.S. base in the east, threw stones inside and adorned an outside wall with the Taliban’s trademark white flag.

At other sites, demonstrators burned tires or American flags. Afghan police and international troops fired guns in the air to disperse the crowds.

Such apologies simply play into the hands of the enemies of the US who use mock outrage as an excuse to go on murderous rampages.  Two US soldiers were murdered by an Afghan government soldier during the current on-going riots and of course no one has apologized for that true outrage.  There is a time for diplomacy and there is a time for blunt speaking.  Time, past time, for some blunt speaking to our enemies and our “friends” in the Islamic world.  In that regard, I believe this is an appropriate apology from Kira Davis to President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan.  (Content advisory:  harsh language and refreshingly undiplomatic sentiments.)




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  1. Obama needs to apologize to the mothers of the four US service members murdered by Afghan National Army troops since he apologized to the vicious savages.

  2. Afghan troops have been routinely murdering our service members. This is not new.

    When I hear Newt talk like this it really makes me want to vote for him. He gets it…. He gets radical Islam, he gets the uselessness of our continued attempts at “nation building” in Afghanistan.

    Our country has sacrificed our sons and daughters and countless dollars in Afghanistan. At the very least we can’t even ensure that vetted Afghan security forces won’t shoot our troops and insist that the Afghan government protect the rights of Muslim converts to Christinaity.

    It’s disgraceful.

  3. “There is a time for diplomacy and there is a time for blunt speaking.”

    Oh, Obama agrees with that, Don. He is diplomatic with the Afghans and blunt with his enemies – namely, the Catholic Church.

    A liberal called me an “American Taliban” on another site this past week. My reply should have been “If I were Taliban, Obama would treat me better.”

  4. If extremist correspondence was being passed through the Qurans, couldn’t they’ve found a fluent-in-Arabic (and/or Farsi) soldier to fin the messages and white them out or something?

    (Not to mention that the burnings may have been inadvertant. Sounds like the Afghans could use some insensitivity training.)

    While you are right that the Obama administration seems to be turning a blind eye to the abuses and atrocities of the Islamic world, I must say that it disturbs me when people here and elsewhere start using rhetoric to the effect of “let’s allow our forces to slaughter Afghan civilians!” I’m sorry, but it is evil and wrong to throw aside God’s commandments and the Catholic moral tradition based upon them simply because it makes us feel more patriotic. Sin that serves the American national interest is still sin.

    No doubt I will be considered a liberal, an Obama supporter, a public sector union worker and other such things for making these remarks. I am none of these things, but if I have to choose between the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Ayn Rand, Jack Bauer and the Founders, then the Founders, Bauer and Rand can just say good-bye.

  5. “but if I have to choose between the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Ayn Rand, Jack Bauer and the Founders, then the Founders, Bauer and Rand can just say good-bye.”

    I rather suspect Tommy that the Founders have a wee bit more in common with traditional Christianity than they do with the fictional Jack Bauer and the acted -as-if -she-was- a -fictional-character- in- one -of -her -wretched- novels Ayn Rand. There is a golden mean between “kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out” and acting as if being a Christian means having your forehead perpetually stamped CHUMP. In this century the West is going to have to learn how to deal with Islam, and what we are doing now is manifestly not working.

  6. Tommy,

    Good concept: I have chosen the Holy Trinity and Teachings of Holy Mother the Church over Obama and all the evil scoundrels prowling the White House and Congress intent on the damnation of souls.

    I would think your conflation of Ayn Rand and private enterprise are false comparisons to abortion, unmanned aerial drone assassinations, gay marriage, class envy, etc.; i.e., whether Ayn R, the US Constitution or private property are evil are matters of prudential judgment, while abortion and the rest of the garbage I cited are intrinsically evil.

  7. I must say that it disturbs me when people here and elsewhere start using rhetoric to the effect of “let’s allow our forces to slaughter Afghan civilians!”

    I have yet to read anyone post “let’s slaughter Afghan civilians”. I have not read or heard that anywhere….

    I think what most of us are saying is “we have wasted enough of our financial resources and have lost too many military men and women on a lost cause”. We don’t know what the answer is, if one exists, but nation building is not it. Heck, our troops can’t even have a cross posted outside a makeshift Chaplin tent…..

    I live near Ft Campbell and almost weekly the local newspaper has articles on the families of lost soldiers. Something the national press all but ignores.

    I am no anti-war pacifist liberal, but enough is enough. Time to come home…..

    I think our country needs to come to a better understanding of Islam as a religion and sharia law before we continue engaging in foolish military engagements throughout the middle east and the larger Islamic world.

  8. Further there is no reason to spell their book Quran or even Q’uran instead of the anglisised Koran. Their book mean nothing to Christians. These people are stupid and thoroughly vicious. Common courtesies are wasted on them and only pander to their vanities.

    As to the larger question question of whether Muslims desire the same things as minuteman Americans; the answer for all practical purposes is in the negative. The Americans have squandered lives and treasure,and seen their own rights and liberties curtailed in pursuit of the grand experiment of engaging the Musalman. It is time to cut the losses. When Mr and Mrs Bush went to Uganda at the tail end of his term, they were treated to a tumultous welcome – so grateful were the Ugandans to Bush for his aid in their difficulties. This was only a small fraction of the amount spent in Afghanistan and Iraq, yet I doubt if even sympatico Muslims would have dared to name their children George or Laura. That is how screwed up all largely Mohamedan cultures are. They have the dead weight of the murderer and rapist their prophet to carry around.

  9. Apologies for thee (Islam) but not for ye (Catholics). What an odd world where the leader of what was once known as the free world apologizes to the advocates of islamic depotism while at the same time trashes religious and other liberties here at home.

  10. As he said recently, after pushing ~contraception and health~ the supply of which has been in place anyway, men with guns protect his daughters from the risks he legislates affecting 11 -18 yr. schoolchildren. The drones from violence or danger to someone’s liberty are legal. This, which revitalized a war cry of death to America and Kira Davis’ response. Tests for the first Sunday of Lent, with the story of Jesus in the desert and John’s sacrifice.

  11. I’ve got a serious question:

    As Catholics, we burn or bury blessed items. What do Muslims do with worn or damaged holy items?

    In other words, if Muslims had found Korans with the pages defaced, what would they have done with them, if not burn them?

    I am asking this here because several of the contributors are much smarter than me, so I figure someone might know.

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