Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter the Movie!

Born in a valley in Ken-tuck-ee

Greenest state in the Land of the Free

Raised in the woods so’s he knew every tree

Kilt him a vamp when he was only three.

A-bie, A-bie Lincoln, King of the vamp free frontier!

After the book Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, one had to know the movie was inevitable!  It is being released on June 22.   Historically, Lincoln was portrayed as a vampire in some cartoons by critics during the Civil War, but I do not believe that he was ever accused of killing one! Here is a video that was done to promote the book when it was first published:

Here is another trailer for the movie.

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  1. I’m reading the book now – a couple chapters in – and hope to have it completed before the movie is released. I’m looking forward to it, just for the sheer campiness of it.

    The author of the novel, Seth Grahame-Smith, also wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (among other “rewrites”), which was hilarious.

  2. I never got beyond the (incredibly wordy and boring) prologue and a couple bits of Lincoln. And the problem was that my dad’s a Civil War buff, so knowledge kept getting in the way of comedy. Maybe I just didn’t get to the funny parts.

    And who in heck would hire a Russian director to film a comedy about American history? I mean, if he’s been studying six hours a day for his citizenship, that would be different. But so far, it doesn’t look American; and though I love Timur and he’s good with action and comedy, he’s a weeeeird choice.

  3. And what the heck is with the kid playing young Lincoln? He’s not tall, he’s not dark, he’s not gawky, he doesn’t have a big nose and big cheekbones and hollow cheeks. He doesn’t look like anybody from back in the hollows in Kentucky or Illinois.

    What’s the point of doing a Lincoln movie if the guy doesn’t look like Lincoln? And half of that could be fixed with hair dye and makeup, so sheesh.

  4. I find this insulting and degrading to the name of our Confederate ancestors and ourselves. The media is only allowed to attack Southerners consistently. Someone should come out with Jefferson Davis: Yankee Hunter.

  5. Darth lets face it we still have to deal with people treating other people as no more than tools. I do think though that a lot of people do have a prejudice against the south despite all the slavery that goes on in foreign countries such as Thailand, China, India, and particular countries in Africa.

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