Leave Our Beloved National Clown Alone!

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Lately our beloved national clown and veep, Joe Biden, has come under attack.  Light-heartedly attempting to whip up racial hatred and paranoia in a speech before a predominantly black audience in Danville, Virginia, Biden said that Romney and the Republicans would “put y’all back in chains!”

These remarks were denounced by various people including Douglas Wilder, a former Democrat governor of Virginia.

This is all so wrongheaded.  I could understand such recriminations if Biden were a serious politician of an ordinary sort, but he is not.  His entire gaffe-ridden political career has been one long extended comedy routine.  His purpose as Veep has been to relieve the public mood during the Great Depression II, much as his intellectual peers, The Three Stooges, did during the original Great Depression.

Criticisms of Biden for acting like an idiot are actually compliments to him.  That is his job in this administration!  (Obama obviously assuming that he is going to live forever, brought Biden onboard for pure comedy relief.)  So remember, when Ryan and Biden are having their veep debate, and Biden responds to intelligent arguments made by Ryan with lies, non-sequiturs, and obfuscations, it is all part of his act.  Bravo Joe!



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  1. ” purpose as Veep has been to relieve the public mood during the Great Depression II, much as his intellectual peers, The Three Stooges, did ”

    Wait …
    well, at least you didn’t say same as.

    2012 brand is cheap, cynical, and insane – with innocent targets.

    The Three kept things among themselves, cared and had reasons. We could relax.

  2. I know you’re being facetious here, but seriously, Quayle was an issue in Bush Sr.’s second race. There’s no reason Biden couldn’t be an issue in 2012. Remember, Biden is an unknown to a good percentage of the swing voters. Political buffs like us don’t think in those terms, but Biden went unnoticed in 2008 because of the sympathetic Beltway media and the oddity of Sarah Palin. And he’s been out of sight since.

    Also, we’ve got Hillary’s supporters undermining him, saying that she turned down the VP slot. That just makes Biden look weaker.

    Then there’s also the matter of the potential Cath-Off. We’ve never had that happen in US national politics, but this time we’ve got two Catholics facing off on the ticket. We could see a battle between liberal Catholicism and conservative Catholicism on the political stage. We may be seeing it already.

    There are two interesting things about this. First of all, the Republicans are doing pretty solidly on the part of the national conversation that’s supposed to be their weakest among Catholics, social programs. The usual take on Catholic politics is liberal on social programs, conservative on life issues. If Romney and Ryan are able to hold their own in supposed enemy territory, they should do fine when the more Republican Catholic issues come up.

    Secondly, and this is closely related, the press still doesn’t believe that the American voter is socially conservative on life issues. They maybe believe it enough to denounce the dumb angry white Americans every once in a while, but it’s so far outside their experience that they haven’t internalized the idea. So they’ll be fine with the conversation moving into social issues like abortion and gay marriage. And Obama and Biden don’t look good on those issues. You could see a real galvanization of the Catholic vote this time around.

  3. The strategists love that VP is taking the hits, while both lowering the common denominator of acceptable behavior for the reigning powerbrokers and dignitaries, and removing the focus of any possible objection/outrage/challenge to other party/admin activity that would be dead serious and so boring for the attention of the peanut gallery . I think it’s DC aka Hollywood East.

  4. PM, yes, Biden’s taking the hits – but the focus on Slow Joe’s stupidities also call into question Obama’s judgement. I recall that in 2008 Biden was laughably portrayed as some sort of senior statesman who gave “gravitas” to the Dem ticket. (Myself, I thought of it as Obama’s assassination insurance. Also, I don’t think such a thin-skinned man would permit someone smarter than he is to be VP. Everyone can feel like a genius next to a guy who is such a permanent state of confusion he can’t remember what state he is in.) Now, people are laughing – but they are also realizing – uneasily- that this moron will be president if something happens to Obama. That’s really not a funny thought.

    Oh, and P.S.: Ryan really is brilliant. And yet I can’t imagine him telling anybody, much less an ordinary citizen, “My IQ is higher than yours.” Biden is not only a clown, but a mean-spirited, nasty one at that.

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