We Belong to the Government

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Some people think that Democrats have become too statist. How could they possibly have come to that conclusion?

I guess Democrats were worried that Republicans had already gotten too much mileage out of “you didn’t build that,” so they helpfully offered up another tasty soundbite that Republicans will be able to use in ads for the next nine weeks.

It’s shaping up to be a fine convention as Democrats let go of any pretension of not being governed by the far left of the party. Don’s already highlighted one odious aspect of their platform, and Ace details some more juicy nuggets.

 Small businesses employ half of all working Americans, and, over the last two decades, have created two out of three net new jobs. Democrats believe that small businesses are the engine of job growth in America. President Obama signed 18 small-business tax cuts to encourage with a tax credit to help pay for the cost of coverage. In 2014, the tax credit will grow and small businesses will be able to pool their purchasing power together to get affordable coverage.

We recognize the importance of small business to women, people of color, tribes, and rural America and will work to help nurture entrepreneurship.

It’s very helpful that the Democrats emphasized the importance of small business to people of color and tribes, though they left out several other key interest groups. I really wish someone had filmed the meeting or meetings where the platform was put together. They could have captured a great debate over which special interest groups to cover in that sentence.

“It should say we recognize the importance of small business to women, people of color, recovering meth addicts, and violinists.”

“That’s absurd. We need to mention gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered, transmutated, and former NFL players diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome.”

“I agree that we should include the transmutated, but what about urban hipsters and people who still use Myspace?”

“I think it goes without saying that Democrats recognize the importance of small businesses for people who still use Myspace, but we risk alienating space aliens.”

“That’s offensive! You know that we are not permitted to use that word.”

“Oh. Right. Sorry. Undocumented interstellar travelers.”

Break out the beer and popcorn, because this is going to be an entertaining couple of days.


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  1. Do you think it’s possible that Obama and company are throwing the election because they know they cannot win or do they really believe in this madness?

  2. “Do they really believe in this madness?”

    To them it sounds perfectly sensible. I know because I have heard all the same basic thoughts, if somewhat differently expressed, for the past 25 years from garden variety and “middle class” leftists. Obama really was the “olly olly oxen free” for the more forthright but dotty totalitarians in the Democrat party. Controlling educati9on, entertainment and the media has created lots of U.I. to augment them. Previously they were kept under wraps more. Their anti Americanism is quite sincere and quite deep. I wish I could watch it with beer and popcorn but the fact that a minimum 45% of actual voters and probably 55% of all adults are totally onboard for this ahistorical nightmare chills the festiveness. Let’s face it – if Obama had been a bit more patient and deceptive and the economy a tad better he would be favored for reelection where he could really throw off the mask.

  3. Convention . . . what convention?

    I don’t need to watch.

    I know what they are going to say. I agree 100% with Rozin above: “dotty totalitarians” and “anti-Americanism.”

    Although, watching the Dems may be preferable to seeing the Yanks lose again.

    Our Dem sisters and brothers, bless their hearts! We need to pray for them. They are among the most in need of Christ’s mercy.

    If Obama is re-elected (can “throw off the mask”), he will destroy everything you have and hold dear.

    How does $8 a gallon gasoline and home heating oil sound?

    How does another 7% drop in median household income sound?

    How do 53 million unemployed and 164 million on the dole sound?

    It will be the “new normal” . . .

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