Two Memorable Events From Last Night

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Two events from last night stand out.  First, Timothy Cardinal Dolan praying for the unborn at the Democrat Convention in his closing prayer.  Just such an eventuality is why the Democrat powers that be didn’t want the Cardinal to be there to begin with.  Good for the Cardinal.

Second, Jennifer Granholm, former Democrat governor of Michigan, doing the best Howard Dean parody I have ever seen.  ( The impact is somewhat blemished when one recalls that GM is facing bankruptcy again.  Oh well.)

And that was that, nothing else of note.  Bye Democrats.

Oh, there were two minor speeches by Biden and Obama.  As for Biden, I have used him as a clown figure here for the past four years and doubtless I will again, but today I will mercifully ignore the desire to literally  give his speech a fisking to remember.  Shooting ducks in a barrel is small sport.

As for President Obama’s effort, it had a touch of Greek tragedy about it, as he has led the country into being a semblance of the bankrupt modern Greeks and because I think he knew as he delivered his speech that his gift for oratory which was hailed by his supporters to the skies in 2008 could not come close to saving him politically in 2012.  I will allow Charles Krauthammer to do the autopsy of the speech:

Law Professor and blogger Ann Althouse captures what I suspect was running through Obama’s mind after his speech ended:

There’s a closeup of his face and I think I see his lip curl with a bit of disgust, and I rewind and ask Meade to interpret the face and he says: resignation. Subjectively, we think we see in his face that he knows he’s going to lose.


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  1. One, “Honey Boo Boo”, her sisters, and her mother went swimming.

    Two, “Honey Boo Boo”, her sisters, and her mother ate (lots of) barbecue.


    No, wait!

    Three, “Honey Maa Maa” weighted herself. She’s down to 308 lbs.

    That was more memorable than anything that occurred in Charlotte.

  2. I watched none of it.

    Courageous bloggers felt duty-bound . . .

    Legal Insurrection/Prof. Jacobson had some tweets:

    “Playing the class warfare really hard, the only war he doesn’t want to end . . . ”

    “The strawman cometh – false choices from a demagogue . . . “

  3. Never underestimate your opponent. Obama’scontempt for the intelligence of his constituents has led him to underestimate the will of the people to have good and just government.

    You were right, Donald, Obama does not make a second rate senator.

  4. The DNC is in full panic mode. At least last time they had the lackluster Bush to point at. Now the Left is disintegrating before our eyes. If the GOP loses this one, it will be a dimension of suckitude no one has ever seen before.

  5. Cardinal Dolan’s prayer was wonderful…” those waiting to be born”. I suspect he wasn’t invited out for drinks afterward.

  6. This morning Bill Bennett was saying that the speech exhibited a bit of “sympathy” rather than confidence.

    Woe is me, look at what I inherited. I’ve tried my best, give me a bit more time. Etc., etc.

    I think Bill Bennett is right.

    Those listening to the speech came away feeling sorry for Obama and want to help. Not exactly inspiring confidence in the man.

    Contrast that with Paul Ryan saying, “Yes, We Can Do This” to “Woe is me”.

    Love it.

  7. Anybody conversant with the catch-phrases and mots-du-jour of the current election cycle would have to admit that he got 3 or 4 good jabs in, even if they were wrapped in a down pillow. Nicely done, Cardinal Dolan. You spoke to more than just the crowd assembled there, and we heard you.

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