You Racist Republicans!

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I know it may come as a shock to many of our readers but Time magazine, that traditional mainstay of dentist waiting rooms throughout the country, is still being published.  It has a piece by an author who aspires to one name status:  Toure.

In his article Toure explains how Republicans, no doubt while chortling evilly, are engaged in using racist code words, while the Democrats are paragons of racial enlightenment:

Another classic code word — that hasn’t cropped up in this election yet — is “crime.” Like welfare, even though more whites commit crimes than blacks, the word is more associated with blacks who have historically been stereotyped as wild, violent, animalistic and immoral. As Michelle Alexander writes in The New Jim Crow, “What it means to be criminal in our collective consciousness has become conflated with what it means to be black, so the term white criminal is confounding, while the term black criminal is nearly redundant.” The classic example is President George H. W. Bush’s famous ad using inmate Willie Horton as a way to portray Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis as soft on crime and thus unable to protect us from wild black criminals.

There’s also the cornucopia of terms and concepts created to de-Americanize Barack Obama, from calling him “Muslim” or “Socialist” to Romney surrogates like John Sununu saying things like, “I wish this President would learn how to be an American.”  There is also a return to birtherism, with Romney recently joking, “Nobody’s ever asked to see my birth certificate.” The subtext of all this is: Obama, like other blacks, is not one of “us.” He is other.

Do Democrats use racial code? No. The Democratic party is a racially diverse coalition. There would be no value to playing this game. In fact, the party has risked alienating white working class voters by fighting for people of color, a tightrope perhaps best symbolized by President Johnson signing the 1964 Voting Rights Act and then famously, and presciently, saying to an aide, “We have lost the South for a generation.”

Go here to read the rest.  Thanks for explaining this to me Toure!  I was under the misapprehension that it was the Republican Party that led the fight against slavery, fought for civil rights for blacks after the Civil War, pushing through the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments, and that it was the Democrat party that fought them every step of the way, Democrat intransigence on the subject of race causing blacks to be treated as third class citizens until just enough Democrats joined with the overwhelming majority of Republicans in Congress to pass civil rights legislation in the fifties and the sixties of the last century.

I also thought that since that time it was the Democrat party that has operated a racial spoils system which judges people according to the shade of their skin rather than the content of their character, with frequent appeals to racial paranoia at election time.

Thanks for clearing all that up for me Toure.

Hmmm, apparently most of the commenters on Toure’s article do not share my thankfulness for the enlightenment he has shed on the subject of race:

Wow. I’d call you and your “analysis” delusional, but you would probably add that to the code word list and call me racist, too. 




I haven’t visited Time in quite a while but does it house this sort of drivel with frequency? I would consider this among the dumbest pieces I’ve ever read from an “established” source. This author is clueless and – for the sake of honesty – should keep his tin foil hat on when taking the picture to accompany his opinion.




Republican’s, the party of slavery,segregation, the Klan, Dred Scott, Jim Crow, Poll Taxes, Literacy Tests, filibustering the civil rights and voting acts…..oh wait.  That was the Democrats.




I have some more ‘code words’ to define: Toure= Race-baiter, TIME=Liberal-Bias, Investment=spending tax dollars, Infrastructure & Education= Union support, Revenue Enhancement= more taxes, Pro-Choice=only in regard to Abortions, Fairness=whatever they want it to mean,,,,,




I think “Fairness” = “do things my way”


Toure is an uneducated clown working for a joke of a news outlet. **************************************************************************************

It’s a crime that this article was even published….oops, I wrote crime. Must mean I’m a raaaaacist.

And, to paraphrase Bill Tripodi in the comments “how is the Black community faring under Democrat policies?” Under the Democrats, Blacks are treated as a voting block, not as people. Under Democrat welfare policies, Blacks find themselves in more and more poverty, beholden to the federal government. Black unemployment is typically high under Democrat policies. Abortion is high. Black families have a big problem with single parent households. Crime (woops, racist) tends to be high in urban Black areas.

Democrats mostly fought against the Civil Rights Act. They’ve held up a KKK member as a big wig in the Senate. They were the ones pushing Jim Crow, and were the Party pushing slavery. Their Party platforms included anti-minority portions. They hold up a racist, bigot, and eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, as an icon. Now, they talk a good game about helping Blacks (and other minorities), but the facts do not meet the rhetoric.


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  1. I have worked all my life from the US Submarine Service 30+ years ago till now in commercial nuclear energy with people of all manner of skin color, national origin and religion. Some have been white, some black, some brown, some yellow, some red. Some have been born in the US and some immigrated from Nigeria, Iraq, India, Germany, Lebanon, etc. Some have been Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Taosits, etc. I have never ever thought of any of them with the “N” word in my head. There has been one and only one man who has elicited that thought within my head, and that is Barack Hussein Obama. I now have to go back to Confession (again). We may not be responsible for unbidden faults, but I am not a racist and I will not allow a Teflon coated, tin hated, narcissistic demagogue of sexual filth and depravity turn me into one.

  2. Toure’s a token who can only get attention by reading this typical race-obsessed stuff, but i will say i’m not a fan of the “Democrats as the party of segregation” argument because of the changing coalitions/ideologies of the two parties. it’s accurate to say that the Democrats used to have a Southern segregationist _wing_ that LBJ started to alienate in 1964, but those people don’t really have much in common with the post-1972 Democratic Party.

    i also don’t like this argument cuz, for example, Goldwater got 87% of the Mississippi vote in 1964, you had future Southern shifts to the GOP in national elections, and it sets up the argument that the GOP only won over these people due to racism, when really they likely had conservative views on a lot of other issues. in any case a vote’s a vote, regardless of any prejudice someone might have, just so long as no one political party’s fanning the flames.

  3. also the “racially diverse” current Democratic coalition as if that makes it Morally Pure and Right — Toure doesn’t get that’s part of the _problem_ with the current Democatic Party, this constant view of white working-class people as rubes, and how it’s really just cobbled together identity politics.

    it might not be an electoral problem for them right now, but it doesn’t make it attractive to me.

  4. “but i will say i’m not a fan of the “Democrats as the party of segregation” argument because of the changing coalitions/ideologies of the two parties.”

    Little has changed JDP other than the Democrats have changed the skin colors they wish to use government power to benefit, or discriminate against. From its foundation the Republican party has held to the belief that the government may not discriminate between Americans on the basis of race, and Democrats have opposed this belief.

    “and it sets up the argument that the GOP only won over these people due to racism,”

    Which of course simply is not true. Republican dominance of the South was a fairly slow process and actually started with Eisenhower. It was helped by the mass industrialization of the South post World War II and a migration of Republicans from the North into areas of the South where the Republican party was almost non-existent. Republican inroads picked up steam with the Culture Wars of the sixties, and the contempt that much of the Democrat Left demonstrated for the military, which enraged patriotic Southerners who have always fought in America’s wars out of all proportion to their percentage of the population.

    The truly rabid racists in the South, George Wallace comes to mind, tended to remain Democrats and that made sense, as most of them, except on the issue of race, tended to be Democrats on economic issues, etc. A good history of the transformation of the South into a solidly Republican region still needs to be written and it would be a fascinating tale. One overlooked feature currently is that more and more blacks in the South are beginning to vote Republican and run as Republicans. Artur Davis, the former black Democrat congressman from Alabama who spoke at the Republican convention, could be the harbinger of things to come.

  5. Robert Wargas explais a great deal: “Since progressivism is largely a status game, in which people compete for social prestige by repeating a set of approved phrases and opinions to other status-seeking mandarins, it’s not surprising that some will go to sado-masochistic lengths to remain part of the alpha group. By now, the increasingly creepy tendency of using the word ‘white’ as a glib insult has become well established in left-wing commentary.”

  6. Oh, it’s Saturday and it’s confession time.

    The following are racist code words (lots of racistt code words) that keep racing through my twisted mind:

    • “Median incomes”: These have fallen 7.3% since Obama took office, which translates into an average of $4,000. Since the so-called recovery started, median incomes continued to fall, dropping $2,544, or 4.8%.
    • “Long-term unemployed”: More than three years into Obama’s recovery, 811,000 more still fall into this category than when the recession ended.
    • “Poverty”: The poverty rate climbed to 15.1% in 2010, up from 14.3% in 2009, and economists think it may have hit 15.7% last year, highest since the 1960s.
    • “Food stamps”: There are 11.8 million more people on food stamps since Obama’s recovery started.
    • “Disability”: More than 1 million workers have been added to Social Security’s disability program in the last three years.
    • “Gas prices”: A gallon of gas cost $1.89 when Obama was sworn in. By June 2009, the price was $2.70. Today, I paid $4.05.
    • “Misery Index”: When Obama took office, the combination of unemployment and inflation stood at 7.83. Today it’s 9.71.
    • “Union membership”: Even unions are worse off under Obama, with membership dropping half a million between 2009 and 2011.
    • “Debt”: Everyone is far worse off if you just look at the national debt. It has climbed more than $5 trillion under Obama, crossing $16 trillion for the first time on Tuesday and driving the U.S. credit rating down.


  7. “as most of them, except on the issue of race, tended to be Democrats on economic issues”

    i am not sure this is true. sure they might not have been Milton Friedman on economic issues but that doesn’t mean they were on the opposite side either.

    and Nixon wanted to get former Wallace votes in the 1972 election. that does not make him a “racist” it just makes him a politician.

    i just don’t buy this idea that Southern Democrats were McGovernites on everything except race. from what i can tell the shift of the South toward the GOP had to do with race (and it’s not as though anything to do with race is automatically an illegitimate issue — think crime rates at the time, forced busing) AND Southerners’ conservatism on other issues that hadn’t been in play as much during the FDR-LBJ coalition.

  8. The shift to the GOP in the South has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the Marxist bent of the Democratic Party. It is that party which in time past supported slavery and racism, and it is that party which today supports the murder of the unborn and the filth of homosexual sodomy. Saying whites in the south went GOP because they hate blacks (wrong!) ignores that fact that the Dems want blacks enslaved to the teat of the public treasury forever and ever. The Democratic Party is evil. It touts diversity so long as it’s diversity of sexual filth. It touts freedom so long as its license to murder your unborn child. It is evil. The GOP isn’t the party of God, but the Democratic Party is the party of Satan and has been so since the 1800s.

  9. “i just don’t buy this idea that Southern Democrats were McGovernites on everything except race.”

    They weren’t McGovernites but staunch New Deal Democrats. Many Democrats were farther to the left than FDR on economic issues. Think Huey Long for example. Issues on which Southerners were conservative, the military and cultural issues, simply were not political issues until the late Sixties and when they became issues the Democrat party by 1972 was on the wrong side. The rise of Jimmy Carter delayed the process, but it was the McGovern takeover of the party that was probably the most significant single factor in the transformation of the South into the Republican base.

  10. well that’s sort of what i was saying. a combination of different things. i doubt Wallace Democrats were avid fans of abortion for example.

    i don’t mean to sound like i’m defending racism but it’s worth pointing out that certain racially-tinged issues of the ’60s — the radical turn of the civil rights movement in the late ’60s, War on Poverty programs that exacerbated problems, the crime rate — didn’t cut in the Democrats’ favor and voters, regardless of what their individual prejudices might’ve been, had every right to vote GOP on those grounds.

    like the Willie Horton thing Toure points out — what, are Republicans only allowed to hit Dems as soft-on-crime if it’s a white murderer we’re talking about? same as the recent welfare stuff. we’re supposed to believe that because some people have a negative association of poor black communities with welfare, the ads are racist, so therefore…Romney’s not allowed to make any welfare-related ads. actual discussion of the policy we’re talking about is totally dismissed.

  11. I can almost guarantee that this white conservative republican, being a white kid in predominately black inner city Detroit Public schools, suffered more racism than probably 90% of blacks in my age group (46). That’s not a statement abpout blascks per se. It’s just stating a fact. Racism is more about character than it is about race. In fact, a lot of the violence we suffered at the hands of blacks was the result of the kind of race baiting that the left wing pseudo civil rights activists like Sharpton/Jackson et al. You can say that this is a bit personal to me.

    Today, the worst bigotry isn’t racial or ethnic, but ideological.

  12. This is the same jerk who publicly accused Mitt Romney of the “[n-word]-ization of Obama” for which he was summarily dismissed. From MSNBC.

  13. i mean — crime rates, forced busing, affirmative action, welfare/crummy War on Poverty progams…i have to think these were all issues at the time.

    and note that they’re all race-related issues where people could reasonably oppose the Democratic positions regardless of whether they had certain prejudices or not.

    anyway i was just citing race as _a_ factor from my knowledge, not the one and only.

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