Biden Presses The Flesh

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  1. Please I just ate! The two biker dudes in that picture don’t look too happy with Biden’s schoozing.

  2. RL That is very funny, but let us pick on Biden’s sexual assault of a female unable to defend herself. The woman’s laugh betrays the uneasiness that accompanies unwanted and indecent male advances. Where is Biden’s wife? If Biden’s wife buys the “I am campaigning,” she ought to send dirty ole’ Joe to dog training school. “Stay, Joe, stay.”

  3. Well VP Joe was just applying some moves taught to him by a former President at the Democrat Convention. It takes time to master anything so don’t expect perfection from him just yet. And as Veep he can exercise droit du seigneur even with biker ladies with their guys watching. Now that’s sang froid! Why didn’t they send him in to get Osama single handed?

  4. What’s a good Dem like Biden doing hanging out with “one percenters” — the ORIGINAL “one percenters,” a term long used in motorcycle enthusiast circles to refer to the “one percent” who belong to the clubs/gangs known for sporting tattoos and patches and for, ahem, questionable lifestyles (e.g. Hell’s Angels)? However, I see the guy on the right has an “ordained minister” patch on his vest, meaning he may be engaged in an Evangelical Christian ministry to such bikers. I can tell he’s not impressed by the Veep.

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