The Biden That Keeps on Giving

Veep and beloved National Clown Joe Biden is continuing to do his best to elect Mitt Romney President.  His immortal phrase about the middle class being buried for the past four years will live in campaign lore as long as we have presidential campaigns.  Like all true comedic geniuses, Joe makes certain that his hilarious routines rest on truth.

I wonder if Joe coordinated his remark with Speaker of the House Joe Boehner who released this on September 24th:

Middle-class Americans are taking it on the chin in the Obama economy – paying more for everything from gas to groceries while incomes are dropping and good-paying jobs are harder to come by.  The president himself said this weekend that “America succeeds when the middle class does well,” but his failed economic policies are making it nearly impossible for them to do so.  Here’s a look at how the president is making a dismal economy even tougher for middle-class Americans:


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