Candy Crowley Grudgingly Admits That Romney Was Right

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  1. Did you or anyone you read thus far, raise a question that Mr Romney raised about himself. When he said no Government or employer should tell women whether or not to take contraceptives. Did he duck the core First Amendment question abut the HHS mandate, or, as some suggest, reversed himself on contraception OR was that ever his view, that it should not be included in insurance. That would be very important to his backers.

  2. “When he said no Government or employer should tell women whether or not to take contraceptives.”

    Romney was refuting the lie of the Democrats that anyone in this election is seeking to ban contraceptives for women. Having employers pay for “free” contraceptive coverage is not popular, so Democrats make up a strawman that not paying for “free” contraceptive coverage equals attempting to ban contraceptives.

  3. This “debate” certainly confirmed my opinion that there would be collusion between the “moderators” and Obama. Lehrer and Raddatz were certainly favoring Obama and Biden in a less “in your face” way but it wasn’t helping them enough. Hence Candy Crowley.

  4. With help like Candy Crowley’s Obama does not need those who are trying to hinder him. Her lifeline to Obama is featured in most debate stories today, as is the fact that she was wrong on substance. In attempting to shield Obama the Mainstream Media often does him little good, as demonstrated by this example.

  5. Crowley kept the story alive by her ignorant intervention. It’s not about winning a point in the limited scope of a TV “debate”; it’s really about forcing the media to cover the story. Again. Though Nobama is their Dear Leader the lame-streamers hate looking to PRAVDA like on big stories.

  6. Just because Obama is a “hard sell” at this point doesn’t mean that the co-opting of the Media is of no value to Dems or leftists (if there is a distinction now). An economy that would leave a Repub President at 40% or less has Obama at 45-47%. A 5% consistent advantage is a big deal and should be countered. I can only hope that the Repubs and conservatives don’t make the mistake of thinking a single election means the problem is gone.

  7. Candy Crowley should be fired…..she showed your liberal bi-ass…..she tried to debate Romney too….Ms. Crowley are a disgrace to fair journalism….find another job! Of course I know CNN won’t do a thing..same old thing. America is truly on the down side thanks to socialist politicians and media….shame…shame on you….

  8. I think everyone is focusing on one possible error of someone who may or may not support Obama in order to avoid the many mistakes made by Romney. The governor repeatedly interrupted Crowley and failed to actually answer many of the questions. He skirted around any inquiries that he either didn’t know the answer to or knew that viewers would not like his answers to.

  9. Actually K.W. Crowley interrupted Romney 29 times and Obama only nine. She also gave Obama 9% more time to speak. Add this to her attempted Libya save of Obama and all she needed were pom poms and a Hope and Change T-Shirt to complete her role of Obama cheer leader in that debate.

  10. What amazes me is Obama has been given more time, more assistance from moderators, and is still being coddled by the press and he still has to lie just to ever break even. Intellect is a funny thing. (especially if it is pseudo). You just can’t fake it. And that is what he has been trying to do for the last four years. Candy Crowley should be reprimanded, if not fired for trying to fix a debate. Don’t even get me started on Martha Radditz. She let bipolar, Biden, (What? What did you think the first two letters stood for?) interrupt Ryan 82 times. How is that being a good moderator. Biden is an idiot as well. Did you hear his most recent speech? He thinks we are at war with Iran.

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