Did Joe Sleep Through the War With Iran?

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In the above video our beloved National Clown lauded our veterans who served in Iraq and Iran.  What do you think?

1.  Bone headed Biden being bone headed Biden.

2.  Give Joe a break, they both begin with I!

3.  Joe let the cat out of bag in regard to the October Surprise!

4.  Sure there was a war with Iran.  That is where “Blood and Guts” Biden got his brain injury!

5.  Biden was unable to plagiarize in his Geography course in college.

6.  He was making a joke and we are all too humor-impaired to get it.

7.  Obama has often told him that some day he is going to ship him to Iran.

8.  Mormon mind tricks!

9.  Poor Joe is still shell-shocked from his debate last week with Ryan.

10. Biden proposed dividing Iraq into three parts, and he assumed that Iran was merely one of the chunks.

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  1. And the hits just keep on coming!!
    What a one hit wonder.
    Confusion is his strong point.
    Wow. Please Joe….give it rest.

  2. Hang on a minute Don.

    What about all those Iraquis who fought in the Iraq/Iran conflict in the 80’s, emigrated to the US of A, joined the military, and went back and fought in Iraq?
    Uh? Uh? Eh..Eh? 😆

  3. You are overlooking the obvious. Since this is Carter’s second term at least, Biden was giving a hat tip to the helicopter crewmembers that made it back

  4. Regular Joe to GI Joe wherever … – support D’s because we can act like we care.
    I think 1. & 2., and suspect that 3. was some confusing campaign aspect.

  5. I’ll say number 8. Mormon mind tricks!

    You can see a very prominent Mormon Senator Harry Reid seated right behind him raising his hand to having known people who have served Iraq or Iran.

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