Obama Won’t Call You In the Morning

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  1. I’ll repeat what I wrote in the previous post:

    This is what the desperate throes of a losing campaign looks like.

    When you have to make such base appeals (pun intended) this late in the game just to get a modicum of the turnout from your true believers that you got 4 years ago, you’re in BIG trouble. His opponent is out there making a play for the middle by talking about the economy and jobs, while Obama has spent the entire campaign talking about sex. (After where Obama has placed his focus throughout his presidency and during this campaign, I don’t EVER again want to hear how conservatives are obsessed with “bedroom issues”.)

  2. I was alerted to this video by Dana Perino of The Five, watched it and shared it, seems almost everyone is picking it up on facebook, especially Catholic and pro-life pages.
    As I mentioned when I shared it, it makes him sound like a male prost – to have him be a women’s (or maybe even fellow’s) first time be with him for the price of a vote. These ads are getting lower and sleeezer as we get closer to election day.

  3. My feelings are split between amusement at the Obama campaign falling apart so abysmally and thoroughly that it sponsors an ad like this, and sadness that a President of the United States’s campaign is sponsoring an ad like this.

  4. Ace’s reaction is particularly on point.

    It underlines the essential triviality of Obama and his Government Client & Upper Upper Class White Voter agenda. There is nothing to his campaign except very small social-progressive appeals to people who are simply not affected by the economy, whether they are too poor to notice a bad economy, immunized from the economy by being a government worker, or so rich they have nothing at all to fear from a bad economy.

  5. Our commentator, the 25ish Lena Dunham, is guilty of farting out the HBO miniseries “Girls” which showed that young college graduates in Manhattan are fully ‘broken in’ and thus can handle anything that comes along. This is accepted as true even if they can’t handle it.

    “Girls” is an alleged comedy that makes a virgin an object of universal ridicule. We also learn that an intercontinental slut is just as likely as anybody to catch a rich Manhattan executive type. There is more, but I’ll stop there — who cares what a 25ish farter farts out into the culture?

    In case you care, NBC’s Brian Williams’ daughter demeans herself in this trash.

  6. The “first time” for many young voters was obviously a mistake. But, we can turn this around. The Lena Dunham apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Her father’s vulgar and disgusting “art” is crude and demeaning to woman. I don’t think Lilly would ever find her self within 100 miles of the Dunhams.

  7. Exhibit “A” why no one under 30 should be allowed to vote.

    I tremble to think that she is the future of America (and the world). God help us.

    The sheer infantility of the ad is astounding. Hopefully, most of her colleagues will grow up.

  8. Degrading! Despicable. Downright dungbama!
    this is
    to be worthy enough
    to air on public airwaves.

  9. Thought the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal degenerated innocent youth, but four years of this administration has obliterated any development of virtue for them.

  10. If you did not realize our country has among its female population a bred of sexoholics so possessed of distain for virtue and motherhood willing to reduce their gender to the mere lusts of fornication when they openly said during the Clinton saga they would be glad to duplicate Monica’s performance anytime for Bill just to thank him for supporting abortion, you surely have to know it now. And this proves Obama and the liberal democrats are trying to increase their numbers.

  11. I am ashamed to be in this woman’s age group. 2008 was also my first presidential election. I voted for Obama in ’08, but after knowing what I know now (I was raised in a non/anti-religious home and only began learning about Catholicism in 2010), I will not be voting for any Democrats any time soon. What was once a great party is now an anti-life, anti-religious freedom, anti-academic freedom party. Honestly, the Democratic party is so radically different from what it used to be, I think it should be renamed to the New Democratic Party or something else to avoid confusing people who have been supporting the Democratic Party for decades. I support Romney/Ryan this election. Although my state, CA, is a “blue state” that always votes either Democrat or celebrity (Reagan, Schwarzenegger), I will be voting Republican this election. Very sad that the most popular “news” source among young Americans is Jon Stewart; a comedian and a very liberal Democrat who distorts facts against the Republican party. His show is full of red herrings, non-sequiturs, and straw man attacks. Critical thinking is lost on many Americans.

  12. Just watched the Putin video – change the women and put it in English and it seems to be the same minus the crystal ball. The video is a good parrallel to the posted saying vote with your body parts. it will be a sad day if he gets back in.

  13. I am not a particular party. I vote for the lessor of 2 evils. Obama is evil.
    First of all he did not bail out the auto industry like he leads the public to believe. Romney did not say let the auto industry fall. In Romneys speeches he keeps explaining how he would have handled it yet Obama keeps lying about it. I work with dealerships across 12 states (General Mgrs, Service Directors, Parts Directors, Owners etc) & alot of dealerships are still closing especially the way GM is handling their GM/Chevrolet Dealerships. They will tell you Obama did nothing to help. Obama has the highest position in the states and he gets up there and lies, and calls Romney names. What type of dad,husband,friend, and president does he look like? A loser someone who is desperate. He has played the race card and has so many with big money supporting and covering up his lies, and mistakes. They will do anything for him to win, because if he gets caught they all go down with him. Ask yourself why would he fight showing his birth certificate among other important documents? What about the Libya coverup? Everything he does wrong he tries to lie & cheat his way out. This is not a hero to look to for our young people. Do not vote him in or you will have guilt in your heart when the country completly falls apart.

  14. Stephanie:

    I also live in CA and as such don’t really have a good impression of how Democrats think in middle America — I generally get the impression that the Democratic rank-and-file are more conservative than the party leadership, although perhaps this has changed since the ’80s. If Obama wins Ohio for instance, will it be because of younger, more liberal voters, or older working-class Democrats who don’t share the national party’s cultural liberalism? if it’s the latter that will be especially unfortunate.

    about the ad, more than the faux-edginess and overall insult to my intelligence, what was most annoying was the reference to “healthcare, ESPECIALLY birth control.” This is where the blog quoted above was especially right: it’s targeted toward affluent Democratic voters who are fine on their healthcare, but see having to budget extra for birth control if they work for a Catholic institution as a Terrible Oppression. it’s simultaneously unsurprising and bizarre that it has become the focus of Obama’s defense of his health plan. I pointed this out while talking to my father, a Democrat, and he found it equally weird.

  15. PM:

    this is a tangent but that is a big reason why i don’t like the mainstream conservative revisionism (not by all mind) that Clinton wasn’t that bad because of the booming economy. Regardless of whether he did anything that helped that along (and I incline toward the view that it was mostly independent, though I realize there were arguments that deficit reduction prevented the government from borrowing as much money that could’ve gone toward private investment,) the man is still a punchline. The whole “everybody does it,” “Europe’s laughing at us” or “privacy!” arguments offered in defense were and will always be idiotic.

  16. one last thing, there was something today about how Reagan made a double entendre of this nature when campaigning for (future Reagan Democrat) votes in a working-class New Jersey bar in ’80, talking about how he used to be a Democrat and voting GOP “hurts at first but then it feels just great.”

    I’m sure there’s been a bunch of Hypocritically Hypocritical online charges from lefties already, but if people can’t tell the difference between a one-off crack and the extended weirdness of this as a part of the overall Obama campaign strategy, I dunno what to tell ’em

  17. ….in agreement with you. The level of decorum has sunk so low since Barry played chief.
    Hope & pray its a one term “stand.”

  18. “if people can’t tell the difference between a one-off crack and the extended weirdness of this as a part of the overall Obama campaign strategy, I dunno what to tell ‘em.”

    I had never heard about the Reagan remark before, or that it was ever an issue. That said, I agree with JDP, there’s a big difference between saying it in a BAR where the audience are, presumably, all mature adults with a certain level of tolerance for bawdy humor vs. placing it in a nationally broadcast political advertisement that can be seen by anyone. Also, the Obama campaign has had a lot of other “extended weirdness” moments, going all the way back to the “Obama Girl” videos in 2008.

  19. i doubt it was ever an issue at the time. It’s mostly that libs are obsessed with pointing out supposed hypocrisy (the worst sin ever clearly,) even if they have to really reach to try and make that connection.

    if I had to guess I’d say they realize the difference, but can’t pass up an attempted cheapshot against supposed Republican puritanism

  20. What’s especially bizarre about this video is that Lena Dunham has made a directorial career of portraying herself as the last person to approach for relationship advice of any kind.

    What’s next, Woody Allen or Roman Polanski informing us about which candidate to rely on when it comes to appropriate child care?

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