Why I Wrote The Catholic Tide Continues To Turn

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Some six years ago my first book; The Tide is Turning Toward Catholicism came out, which detailed the Good news happening in the Catholic Church.  Since then and especially this year, I am often asked is the tide still turning? Rest assured I am not looking at the world and the Catholic Church through rose colored glasses, the book not only gives positive spin on what is going on through stories and anecdotal evidence, but I outline a lot of statistical and demographic data to prove my point.

Honestly writing a book requires a great deal of time and patience, and though I had enough material for about half a book, I was waiting for the right time to finish it. However last summer, I felt God really pushing me to get this out. Providentially many events within the Church and the political realm helped to convince me that now was the time. I am glad I listened and finished the book this spring because recently my wife and I welcomed another baby into our home, and with two small children, writing a book would have been very difficult.

The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn (Aquinas and More publishing) picks up where my previous book left off detailing the Good News occurring in the Church, but also, and this is very important, I address why the Catholic Church and religion in general is coming under attack in our modern world.  Readers of my articles and first book continually asked my why we are facing these attacks? This is nothing new. Ever since the French Revolution in 1793 the Catholic Church and religion in general in the Western world has come under attack from powerful forces that for some demented reason have a problem with God.

In the book, I take a look at timelines in World History and examine revolutions like the American Revolution where religion was embraced compared to those like the French Revolution where it was attacked. This helps us in 2012 figure out why some in government and academia don’t like the Catholic Church and for that matter most religious institutions. The book also looks at the HHS Mandate and the political upheaval that unjust mandate has brought.

There is something for everyone in this book, if you are looking at positive news and growth in vocations, there is a great deal of information on where this is happening within the world and our country and where it is not, and why this is occurring. How popular devotions like the Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration are bringing more to understand the Gospel and how and why the Pro-Life movement is in the majority, even as she faces a relentless backlash from the mainstream media and popular culture. The book takes a look at churches that have embraced the whims of the world and have found themselves in an utter statistical freefall. 

In addition, there is the question as to why some governments attack the Catholic Church, and that is looked at with fine a tooth comb. In addition, popular media is examined; why do some mock our Church and her values and who are those in Hollywood who are defending the Church at a great price to their livelihood. I also look at Catholic sports personalities and have interviews with noted athletes and coaches like, Dick Vitale, Lou Holtz, Gerry Faust etc.  There are certain bits and pieces in the book that I have never read in any other book, such as how the devotion of the Eucharist from the Notre Dame players helped famous coach Knute Rockne become Catholic. Also I talk to some faithful Catholics in Hollywood who tell me how they spread the Gospel in an entertainment culture which often mocks it. The book’s appendix briefly outlines the Church’s teachings and beliefs, which some of you requested I do for this book

Here are some of the fine folks who endorsed The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn; Tito Edwards founder of this great site, the BigPulpit.com and many other fine sites. I was also blessed to have the endorsement of the eminent writer Father George Rutler of EWTN and Fox News fame, Father Tim Finigan’s England’s preeminent blogging priest, actress Karyme Lozano, a major figure in the Spanish speaking world and who had a major role in the recent film For Greater Glory, as well as Catholic writer Leticia Velasquez. Finally a big thank you to David Gray who wrote the first review of my book. Tell one and tell that The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn!

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  1. Your book sounds very interesting, worth reading. It must be mentioned here, especially on all Hallow’s eve, much of what is happening all over the world, was foretold repeatedly by Our Lady. The fruits of ignoring the message of LaSallete are very apparent in the Church today. Remember to keep Holy the Sabbath day. This has been errased from our culture. Because of this, we have allowed ourselves to become slaves. Resting in the Lord, renewal and detachment, are unknown to most souls. When the commandments of God, the 1st three pertaining to Love of God are ignored, the other 7 pertaining to Love of neighbor FALL LIKE DOMINOES! This is what we are seeing. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us, who have recourse to thee.

  2. Please remember: FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY. We all need to ask God for an increase of these virtues for ourselves and the world. Pray the beautiful Memorare often – every day, several times a day. Ask Our Lady to intercede for our Church and our country, and that this election will go well, that the results will be good for our Church and our country. Please God give us new leadership – a new President.

  3. “….the Catholic Church and religion in general is coming under attack in our modern world” is explained in great detail in the book:
    “Animus Delendi-I, Desire to Destroy” by Atila Sinke Guimarâes

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