Michael Moore Does His Best to Aid Romney

Tactical nuclear language and intelligence advisory to the above video from Michael Moore and MoveOn.Org.  Are these people trying to sabotage Obama?  Yeah, the country is going to be swayed by foul mouthed geezers threatening violence in the event of a Romney win.  The video is an excellent demonstration of how exhausted humor on the Left in this country has become.  Michael Moore:  I’ve got a great idea! We’ll have a group of sweet oldsters who are supporting Obama and then we’ll have them use the F-Bomb and threaten mayhem against Romney.  Brilliant!  If I wasn’t shaped like Jabba the Pizza Hut, I’d break my arm slapping my back!  With friends like Moore, Obama really does not need enemies like me.

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  1. He has another friend – found at Instapundit.

    ‘ NEW TONE: Pastor who prayed at Obama’s inauguration says all white people will go to hell.“Lowery’s benediction at Obama’s inauguration emphasized peaceful relations between all Americans.” But since then, we’ve experienced change. ‘
    Posted at 9:21 pm by Glenn Reynolds

  2. Just when you think that they can’t possibly get any lower.
    What a shame.
    Whats next? Lip syncing fetus’
    Better remove this post Donald. Michael Moore might use this idea for their next brainless clip.

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