Die Republicans Die!

Language, violence and common sense warning for the above video.

Remember those calls for civility which emanated from the Left last year when Congresswoman Giffords was shot by a madman, that is when, often times, the same people were not attempting to pin the crime on conservatives?  Well, judging from the above video, some people on the Left do not.  This bloody Republican killing fantasy is the work of a gay rights activist.  Here is a statement he made in a story on The Blaze:


The metaphor of Republicans as zombies is unfortunately very appropriate because their heartless opposition to gay marriage, healthcare, and climate change science is a political infection that if not fought back, will be deadly to the lives of millions of Americans,” explained Luke Montgomery, RepublicanZombieDefense.com’s founder and a prominent gay rights activist.

“It is unbelievable that we live in an age when millions of Americans continue to be denied the right to marry, based on their sexual orientation,” he continued. “Progress is being made to eliminate this archaic way of thinking, but allowing Republicans to take the White House in 2012 will deal a huge setback to marriage equality.”

Of course lunatics like Mr. Montgomery do not speak for all people on the Left or even most.  However, judging from my frequent perusal of Leftist websites, a growing number do think of  Republicans in the same manner as the alien in the clip below thought of Earthlings:


Oh well, I guess I will let the late Bob Hope give my response to all this:

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  1. I think if Obama is re-elected, we’ll see laws enacted to even restrict conservative Christian blogs who talk against homosexual marriage and abortion on demand. And yes, I agree that Obama is a symptom of the underlying problem, but this “Republicans are zombies” theme is growing and growing. There are two very, very smart engineers with whom I work who have drunk deeply of the sea of purple koolaide that is Obamania. No logic will persuade them otherwise that Romney isn’t evil. This infestation of rot has seeped well into the cerebral cortex of most every liberal there is. I do not know why these people are so deceived, but it goes back to the warnings in Sacred Scripture about the devil’s deception and people not being able to perceive the truth.

  2. “I think if Obama is re-elected, we’ll see laws enacted to even restrict conservative Christian blogs who talk against homosexual marriage and abortion on demand.”

    My lawsuit over it Paul would be a wonder to behold.

  3. Would that there were skits etc. from such as Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, even Johnny Carson, Harvey Korman, Carol Burnett, Benny Hill, John Cleese, Phyllis Diller, Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows, the Smothers Brothers and so many other civilized senses of humor that we’ve enjoyed up to just a few years ago.

    These days, reaction to the Clint Eastwood skit and the above (I won’t play it) for the incumbent’s party shows a humorless mentality of dangerous lunacy. Smiles to sneers. They don’t feel well.

    All Souls’ Day includes all, though.

  4. We need to ask ourselves “What do you Catholics believe when you proclaim, I believe in one God the Father almighty…….and in all that is seen and unseen (or visible and invisible as it is now)? These are not and must not be just words to a devout and conscientious follower of Christ and faithful Catholic. Hopefully you are saying we are aware of the forces of Evil constantly surrounding us trying in any way to tug, tease, or tempt us from accomplishing our mission to do God’s will among men. We realize we live in an imperfect world as the result of sin which lives in those Evil forces attempting to steal as much of mankind as possible from the shelter of Christ’s sacrifice of Love within the Fathers house. Understanding this allows us to look beyond what is obvious for the unseen within what men propose as solutions to our problems or methods to improve conditions or in the vain attempts to tamper with the very physical elements of life itself. These are the areas where the powerful forces of Evil can disguise themselves as benevolent benefits or evolving enlightenment for a society too eager to advance to an earthly man made Utopia without pain or consequence and privilege without price.
    Our Lord came seen as a humble but faithful servant of our Father in heaven teaching the ways of the Father of Love but also clearly acknowledging the ever invisible presence of the devious deception of Evil opposed to His Will, promising us that whoever would believe in Him shall be worthy of the unseen Glory of God awaiting redeemed mankind.
    We may consider what we have seen in recent years as our modern western society’s height of human achievement and marvel at our technological accomplishments but at the same time are we not also witnessing the unforeseen but now obvious collapsing of it both morally and economically?
    Far too often in recent history we have witnessed how leaders have avoided the moral challenges in the light of truth and chosen do their work in the cool comfort of demagogy darkness where their deeds are less visible and the sleepy eyed gatekeepers have often been unwilling to sound the alarm for fear of disturbing the peace and complacency. As a result decisions have been made, choices are in place, and worst of all we have changed our language and vocabulary to fit an agenda contrary to our conscience. An unborn child is no longer a human being. Killing it is not a crime it is a right. Pregnancy is a disease or at the very least, as our own president has declared, it is a punishment for poor hygiene practice. Preventing pregnancy is praised and to be rewarded by a benevolent Federal government with free contraception for women and young school aged girls. All the while the same government disallows any mention of God in all its public schools and buildings. Religious liberty is no longer constitutionally protected but subject to the interpretation of bureaucrats in Washington. Free speech is soon to be a thing of the past as power hungry elitists and legislators have assumed the role of judges of vocabulary allowed to determine what can be publicly permissible speech. Every Christian value which helped build the shinning city on the hill is being challenged or cast aside to establish the Utopia of fools and it is time for us to unmask and reveal the Evil presence in the public policies proposed by the blind or misguided individuals perpetuating the corruption of our culture. The most potent weapon of Evil is our unwillingness to recognize its existence among us.

  5. Why weren’t the same videos run against Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry and yes Barack Obama before three months ago? I have another question. What did the Democrats do to make a Million Moms vanish? In year 2000 a Million Moms appeared to march in full cry for gun control. Then Al Gore lost the election.and the million moms disappeared. I demand to know. What did the Democrats do to those million moms?

    I think to answer one is to answer all.

  6. ^i think it was obvious to a lot of people that Obama’s “personal opposition” to same-sex marriage was a political calculation. Why oppose amendments banning it otherwise?

    The thing is that when there is such a concerted effort to write conservatives out of rational discourse, and claim that opposition to same-sex marriage is the same as being for Jim Crow, you get people so convinced of the purity of their cause that they think videos like this are justified. “We will not tolerate intolerance” etc. that’s why this won’t be one by which side successfully out-tolerances the other (a pointless argument anyway, as no one is under any obligation to tolerate something they think is wrong.) really what’s needed is a pushback against the whole idea that “equality” necessitates same-sex marriage and, by extension, obliterating gender distinctions. Look at what’s happening in France — Parent 1 and Parent 2 on forms. Sure it’s just a bureaucratic detail, but I think it gets to the heart of why people don’t like this, pretending two obviously unequal things are the same.

  7. I really shouldn’t say “bureaucratic detail” because I think it’s more than that…my point was that while I don’t think same-sex marriage will transform us into some weird androgynous society, this whole Parent 1 Parent 2 business (not to mention putting same-sex parents on the birth certificate) gets to the whole absurdity of it

  8. There are always people who think these ideas and tactics are justified. My point here is the same as with the Million Moms. Without express approval by the DNC and their captive media, they are marginalized or suppressed. The minute the DNC thought gun control was a loser they made sure that the million moms would march no more. When Clinton did Defense of Marriage the DNC/media made sure that there was no widespread outcry or vicious videos against Clinton. The widespread nature of the “gay rights” advocacy occurring now is a result of deliberate DNC strategy and support. If they were to be trounced electorally because of it, the DNC would most likely suppress it overnight. That doesn’t mean they would think any differently but simply would stop funding overt and outlandish advocacy they are currently encouraging.

  9. JDP

    Some local authorities here in Scotland have begun replacing “Sex male/female” with “Gender male/female/other.” Very Post-Modern.

  10. While I don’t expect something so utterly banal to have a significant level of introspection involved in its creation, I am at a loss as to what the intended message of this is to those who might be predisposed to succumb to its influence. After all, the zombie slayers are all so stereotyped and end up being as mindless in their words and actions as the zombies.

    Do the creators have such deep-seated contempt for their constituency that they portray them so one-dimensionally? Do they presume that those who watch this have such vacuous minds so as to be swayed by its message?

    Of course, given that the creator’s previous marketing slogan is a contradiction in terms, it’s probably shouldn’t be terribly surprising.

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