Hell Freezes Over: Newsday Endorses Romney



Few things shock me in the political realm, but this one did.  Quite a few newspapers that endorsed Obama in 2008 are backing Romney this year, but I never expected Newsday to be among them.  Newsday has always been the publication for those New Yorkers who find the New York Times to be too conservative.  Here is the beginning of the endorsement:

Had Barack Obama done the job of president with the same passion and vision he displayed in seeking it, he would likely deserve another term. He did not.

Against this we must weigh Mitt Romney, an imperfect candidate but one who has a special track record too. From his creation of a vast personal fortune to his successful stewardship of the threatened Salt Lake City Olympics to his governing of Massachusetts, Romney’s life is a tale of success after success, many of them achieved in difficult circumstances.

Romney’s potential to put America back to work earns him our endorsement.

Go here to read the rest.  The reactions of outraged Newsday readers are a hoot.


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  1. Don, I live on Long Island, and believe me, this is BIG news! This paper is such a leftist, anti-catholic rag, and the only thing it’s good for is for fish wrap or when I re-pot my plants. Hopefully, this will make a difference on election day, but unfortunately, New York state has no chance of going to Romney, especially because of NYC. I just wish the states electoral votes could be divided up more evenly so the cities don’t dominate. I’m sure that if we cut off NYC, the rest of the state could turn red. Same, with Pennsylvania, Illinois, Nevada, etc. The democrats are given an unfair advantage right from the start because of the corrupt cities.

  2. The bad harbinger is Rasmussen who would have to be very wrong if Romney is to win comfortably. Also the Senate does not look particularly good. A Romney win with Harry as Majority Leader would be very bad news for the country and for Romney.

  3. I don’t think that Rasmussen has been able to work the kinks out of his polling operations as a result of Sandy, and is being cautious. It will be interesting to see what his poll says tomorrow. All of the national polls seem to be hedging their bets and calling the race a tie.

  4. I believe the pollster from Battleground had a good explanation of the polls.

    They poll everyone, but are guessing who shows up. The toplines look good for Obama, but the internals point to a big Romney win. Basically, Republican turnout will be high, Democratic turnout may or may not be.

    This is why Gallup RV shows Obama leading, but Gallup LV points to a comfortable Romney win.

    His poll had Obama up 49-48, but he predicted a 53-47 Romney win.

  5. Jim says “I believe the pollster from Battleground had a good explanation of the polls.”

    He doesn’t explain Rasmussen who uses Likely Voters. Also a Hurricane Sandy effect only depresses popular vote totals on the Obama side (but not electoral votes). That would seem to indicate Rasmussen would be slightly underpredicting Obama percentages unless he is making some statistical correction guess.

  6. Holy Cow!

    I’ve lived (except military years) on LI since 1960. Newsday is a 100% liberal rag.

    A few years ago, I stopped telling myself, “Now, I’ve seen everything.”

    But, this comes really close.

    Anyhow, O will take NY easily. The liberals here are non compos mentis.

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