Ten Reasons to Vote Against Obama



Regular readers of TAC can probably recite most of the reasons, given in no particular order below, by heart, but I think this recapitulation prior to Tuesday is a useful exercise for casual or new readers of the blog:

1.  Most Pro-abortion President in our Nation’s History-Obama opposes any restriction on the sacred rite  right to abortion.  That alone is enough to make him unacceptable to anyone who cherishes the protection of innocent human life.

2.  Debt-Obama, in four short years, has run up almost a third of our national debt.  He is careening us to national bankruptcy.

3.  Lousy Economy-Obama has given us the worst economic recovery in the post World War history of America, a recovery where 23,000,000 Americans are unable to find work.

4.  Obamacare-The major initiative of the Obama administration, Obama has given us a national healthcare plan which will drive up costs, vastly increase the control of the government over our daily lives and add to the “entitlement” spending which is the main factor in our out of control Federal spending.

5.  HHS Mandate-For the crassest of short-term political gain, Obama decided to give “free” contraception to women, religious liberties of those who oppose it be damned.

6.  Gay Marriage-Once again for the crassest of short-term political gain, Obama has called for the redefinition of the institution that is the basic building block of all human society.

7.  War With the Catholic Church-Obama understands that the Catholic Church, as traditionally understood, is his mortal enemy on many policy questions.  Therefore he has attempted to foster the de facto schism by Catholic liberals in this nation.  This goes back to his being honored by Notre Dame in 2009.

8.  Benghazi-What can be said bad enough about an administration that allows brave Americans in battle to die without moving Heaven and Earth to bring them military aid?  Completely contemptible.

9.  Divisive-Since the beginning of his administration Obama has fostered an us v. them mentality rather than attempting to unify the nation.  His “voting is the best revenge” comment is typical of his divide and rule strategy when it comes to being President,

10. Obama Cult-I am 55 years old and I have never seen anything on the American political scene like the creepy adoration that his more devoted acolytes give to this man.  Obama has actively attempted to foster this cult of personality.

There are many other reasons to vote to make Obama look for new work next January, and please feel free to add to the list in the comboxes.

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  1. I agree Sister! I don’t know how Catholics could vote for a man who believed that babies who survived abortions should be left to die. People were blinded by the glitz and glamour of the Obama campaign in 2008. The media failed to do its job in vetting the man. They ignored his connections to radicals like Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright as well as to Communist Frank Marshall Davis.

    We’ve had four years of his failed presidency. I pray that Americans wake up to reality and vote him out before our country is transformed to something our Founding Fathers would decry.

  2. Another reasons:

    1) Obama promissed to close Guatanamo. He did not close it and now he kills innocents with drones to avoid bring terrorists to Guatanamo.

    2) Obama did not miss an opportunity to glorify Islam;

    3) Fast and furious;

    4) Sandra Bluke;

    5) Defense of Planned Parenthood;

    6) Protection of Iran instead of Israel;

    7) Leading from behind (trust in the UN);

  3. Reasons LIBERALS should vote against Pres Obama (or at least stay home):

    1.) Obamacare: he was ready to drop any health-care from his agenda until forced to by Pelosi et al., leaving them to do the heavy lifting.

    2.) the “most transparent administration in history” has set new records for denied FOIA requests and over-classifying documents.
    We’ll leave aside the Nixonian claim of executive privilege in the Holder case.

    3.) Special interests — lobbyists have easier access to the President than his cabinet, not to mention more influence.

    4.) He has FAR outdone Pres. Bush in shredding the ill of Rights in the name of the War on Terror.

    5.) Illeg — I mean undocumented workers. Deportations have soared under this administration.

    Your first (or 3rd, or 8th) time shouldn’t be with someone who won’t respect you in the morning.

  4. 10. “Adoration is the daughter of ignorance.” Benjamin Franklin

    They proved they aren’t racists in 2008. They’re going to prove they have no functioning gray matter in 2012.

  5. T. Shaw, I hope you and yours are all fine. I don’t know where you are in NY, but the pictures from Staten Island and lower Manhattan are terrible.

  6. Many people who will continue to vote for Obama are those who attached their egos to this guy and are enslaved to their political ideology. Because of their pride, they won’t admit that they were taken it. Believe me, I work with people like this. Over-educated liberals with many degrees after their names who think they are the best and the brightest the world has to offer, and turn their noses down on conservatives who can’t possibly be right.

  7. “Because of their pride, they won’t admit they were taken in.”

    Pride, lust, envy, anger, sloth, greed (for other people’s money) – the Dems have the 7 deadlies just about covered, don’t they?

  8. As to Obama’s war with the Catholic Church, Obama is an Alinsyite par excellence. And the fact that Saul Alinsky’s influence on the Church in the U.S. is significant, albeit little known, makes Obama a much more dangerous enemy than many think.

  9. Donna V., Thank you for your concern. Our friends in the Rockaways and Staten Island, and some other NYC areas are still in the cold and dark and cold.

    Our most excellent host, Mac also, from another comment, yesterday.

    “Thanks for the concern, Mac.

    “By the Grace of God and the constant intercessions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our home was not materially damaged and the electricity was back by Thursday night.

    “Ma and Pa Shaw missed this one.

    “Our US Army son was TDY at Fort Leavenworth, KS for a week (!) from Japan. We needed to see him there, or wait another year-plus. We flew to KC, MO at 0600 hours on Sunday last. Blew back in last night with minimal adventure, except the NYC yellow taxi ride . . .

    “Our youngest son rode out the storm in the dark in the basement. We spoke to him Monday evening. He said it was gruesome.

    “Mama needed to see her boy.”

    We heard 7:30 AM Mass in Our Lady of Victory Church, with no heat or light.

    May the Divine Assistance be always with us.

  10. I’ll say Amen to your prayer for us, T. Shaw. Was relieved that you sort of dodged another bullet. Hope the Thursday NorEaster storm finds people who are able to keep warm and dry with some food and water.

    Reason #~?: In addition to all of the above, the oppressive-ness of living through the four year insidious thing between the media and the administration blurring and twisting facts, figures, and events. Downfall of journalism and civility.

  11. More:
    The Turtle and the Hare version of a cartoon at American Thinker, and some writing on the character of incumbent.

    One way or the other after tomorrow, I’ll visit the bookstore to find something for doing more than edit, copy and paste in comments starting with the below HTML’s.

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