Minnesota Game Changer?

George Will, not a fan of Romney, yesterday predicted a Romney landslide.  Go here to view the video. Will brought up a point in regard to Minnesota that I have failed to consider.  Marriage is on the ballot there.  The attempt to pass an amendment banning same sex marriage, according to the most recent poll,  is ahead by one, 48-47 according to the latest Star Tribune poll.  The amendment needs to reach 50 to pass.  The Star Tribune tends to underestimate conservative and Republican strength, and historically amendments banning same sex marriage do several points better on election day than the polls indicate. This could bring out enough pro-Romney voters to put Minnesota into the Republican column for President for the first time in four decades.  If it does, Romney, assuming he wins Virginia, Florida and Colorado,  only needs New Hampshire, Iowa or Nevada to be the next president.  Interesting.

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  1. Betting is legal here, so I accepted a bet from my physician for me to bet on Romney and separately I bet with PADDY POWERS on Romney – this morning they already paid out on Obama backers which to me is insane. My argument all along is the Holy Spirit factor. If we rolled back ISLAM at Lepanto, and JP 11 cracked the iron Curtain, aided by FATIMA’s rosary and sacrifice appeal, we will win tomorrow. The Coalition of Catholic-Evangelical and others around the First Amendment HHS Mandate, and against the Obama anti-NATURAL LAW record, apart from his economy gambling, I see the landslide that the famous Las Vegas odds-maker predicted, he was right ahead of time in 2010.

  2. Thanks Philip. I have said that ever since the Evangelicals and others joined on the HHS Mandate. Next task, if R-R win is to convert the nation and Congress to a closer match-up with the totally Consistent Ethic of Life for every aspect of the economy and perhaps a PEACE ACADEMY since the military ones are not getting the PEACE of the Natural LAW accomplished since the war to end all wars -WWI ended and we have the world at war ever since.

  3. With God all things are possible.
    Todays local newspaper had a full pg. ad with Rev. Billy Graham. Great touch since this paper is so left.

  4. I clicked on the link, thinking “No way, that’s too good to be true!” And it is indeed. I think you misunderstand the amendment- it defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. Because it’s an amendment it needs at least 50% to vote in favor, so, for example, a 49-47% “win” is no win at all. This poll is claiming that opponents of the amendment are at 52% currently.
    However, I don’t believe anything from PPP, so I have hope for tomorrow.

  5. Off topic but VERY interesting news regarding another important referendum: Ted Kennedy’s widow, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, has spoken out AGAINST legalising doctor-assisted suicide in Massachusetts:


    Although I have been down with a stomach bug of some kind all day long, I’m going to get to the polls tomorrow even if I have to bring a barf bag along. Not so much because of the presidential race — this is, after all, Illinois and we all know who’s going to win it even if by not as much as last time — but because the Democratic candidate for Congress in my new district wrote a letter to the editor some years ago advocating legalization of assisted suicide, and was de-hired (he was supposed to start working there shortly afterward, but never did) from a Catholic hospital medical group as a result. (He’s also, of course, pro-choice on abortion.) Our new district was also specifically gerrymandered to favor Democrats and I can think of no better rebuke to the Democratic powers that be in IL than to elect a Republican congressman in spite of it.

  6. “Although I have been down with a stomach bug of some kind all day long, I’m going to get to the polls tomorrow even if I have to bring a barf bag along”

    That’s the spirit Elaine. I’d vote tomorrow if I had to be carried in on a stretcher!

  7. If Minnesota votes in favor of the marriage amendment, how can it fall short of 50%? Is there another choice on the ballot besides “yes” and “no”, like “maybe” or “none of the above”?

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