Wednesday’s Narratives

By Wednesday morning, we will likely know who the 45th president of the United States is. I say “likely” because it possible that we won’t know due to all kinds of logistical problems associated with tallying elections. Assuming there is a clear winner, though, we will hear different narratives from different camps about the significance of the outcome. Here is what I am thinking we may see.

If Obama wins…

Conservatives will blame Romney, if the margin of defeat is incontestable. His perceived increase in likability will be swept under a tide of commentaries about his remoteness and inability to connect with the average voter. He will join the ranks of GOP losers such as Bob Dole and John McCain and will, hopefully, fade away. If the margin of defeat is extremely narrow, moderate Republicans will probably take the changing demographics narrative to heart while hard conservatives will blame either a) Mitt’s moderation in policy and tactics, which will have proved unable to motivate the base and get out the vote, and/or b) claims of voter fraud and other shenanigans on the part of the Obama camp. In either case, the atmosphere of despair and hopelessness will be thick and heavy, especially in the face of Democratic triumphalism.

Liberals will first breathe a collective sigh of relief, and then proceed to kick, stomp, and grind their heels into their defeated opponent. The progressive narrative, which views history culminating in state-subsidized multi-racial gay weddings, will have seemingly been confirmed. The arrogance and narcissism of the entitlement crowd will grow more bold; more demands for more free stuff will be made. Obama, not having to face another reelection, will be expected to deliver the goods in full this time.

If Romney wins…

Conservatives will rejoice. My concern is that many will not learn the lessons that need to be learned, however. If Romney actually does win, it will be by a narrow margin (most likely – I’d like to be wrong on that). What will have been a popular referendum on the incompetent and overreaching Obama regime should not be automatically construed as a vote of confidence in what the GOP has become. The party still needs major work. Its commitment to fiscal responsibility needs to be reflected in both domestic and foreign policy choices. State’s rights rhetoric needs to become a reality. And while I understand the need to reach out to Latinos, something really and finally needs to be done about the border. I doubt any of that will actually happen, though.

Liberals will have a full-scale meltdown. So many popular narratives will be blown out of the water. No matter what the margin, there will be screaming about vote suppression. That screaming will seem mute next to the shrill, ear-drum bursting howls of “RACISM” we will hear about, even as some blacks riot in anger over a white man being elected president, as they have vowed to do via Twitter. America, hopefully, will never put its trust in a would-be political messiah again. And Chris Matthew’s head will explode into a trillion microscopic fragments of hatred, despair, and perplexity.

I could have voted early, but I like actually going to the polls and chatting with people. I hope you all experience as much excitement as I do watching the returns until the wee hours of the morning.

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  1. A technicality. If there is a 45th President tomorrow it will have to be Romney. If Obama is Chavezed back into office he would remain the 44th .

  2. Yes he could, although he has indicated that win or lose this is his last campaign. I believe him on that. He has been truly the unhappy warrior in this campaign, one of the reasons why I think he will lose.

  3. Good one Rozin.

    Did you see Tebow’s Tweet?

    “I’m predicting Obama will take an early lead tomorrow… Until all the Republicans get off work.”

  4. I am just praying for Romney to win. I really care little about anything else in following election results. I think we’ll have a good idea who will be the winner sometime between 7 and 9 pm. Please, dear Lord Jesus!

  5. If Romney loses, the Republicans will have to change or die. This should be a Romney landslide, but the Republicans have a major demographic problem in that they are not winning minorities and the gender gap is persistent.

    “The demographics race we’re losing badly,” said Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.). “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”

  6. Fortunately, Pelosi and Obama created enough angry white guys, and women, and lots of “demographics” this go around.

    Where do you get this stuff?


  7. JB “If Romney loses, the Republicans will have to change or die. ”

    You didn’t say what they are supposed to change into. They should be doing better with Latinos and even slightly better with African Americans but they refuse to go after them on conservative principles. They will never out pander the Dems although DC Repubs are convinced otherwise. If you just mean get more minority office holders they already started doing that under Bush43. Perhaps Rubio would have been a better choice for Veep but his appeal to non Cubans is untested. Of course the Dems are afraid of that and try to irradiate such people. But if the Repubs don’t fight the ideology of Leftism head on they will never make much progress I’m afraid.

  8. I presume we are all on here as Christians who defend and believe in the Ethic of Life from womb to tomb. Our concern is not as partisans of any Party as the Jesus agenda trumps all of that. regardless of who wins the POTUS role, or of the composition of Congress, we face the challenge, and privilege of converting the electorate, and the elected to that Natural Law. For now on sexual morality values, we have a tough time with the Dems. For the GOP and the Dems we have a tough time with the role of government, and the package of social issues that are helped or hindered by how taxes are raised and spent.

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