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So the day has arrived at last.  Our political adversaries are not orcs, but I must say I have been waiting for this day through four long years, and I am as eager to vote against Obama and his party as the Rohirrim were eager to smash the army of Sauron at Minas Tirith.  This is our live blog for this election day and night.  All contributors to TAC are welcome to post on it.  Passions no doubt will be running rather high today, and I will be attempting to keep these words of Abraham Lincoln in mind:

I thank you, in common with all others, who have thought fit, by their votes, to indorse the Republican cause. I rejoice with you in the success which has, so far, attended that cause. Yet in all our rejoicing let us neither express, nor cherish, any harsh feeling towards any citizen who, by his vote, has differed with us. Let us at all times remember that all American citizens are brothers of a common country, and should dwell together in the bonds of fraternal feeling.

1.  5:30 AM CST-Rasmussen and Gallup both have the race 49 Romney-48 Obama.  Rasmussen has party id R 5.8 which is unprecedented.  Republicans normally win with a D-2 advantage.  If the Republicans have an R 5.8 advantage a Romney landslide is in the offing.  Such an advantage would explain why prognosticators are indicating in House races the Republicans are likely to add to their majority.  We will find out soon enough.

2. 5:30 AM CST-Yesterday in a conference call Stephanie Cutler, Obama’s deputy campaign manager warned that supporters should not panic if the exit polls initially go against them because so many of their voters have voted early.  I found this intriguing since exit polls usually favor Democrats.

3.  5:30 AM CST-Polls in traditional bellweather counties in Ohio and New Hampshire point to a Romney win in those states.

4.  5:50 AM CST  As we vote today let’s keep in mind who, after God, we have to thank for the right to vote:

5.  6:05 AM CST  TAC’s David Hartline has a post on National Review Online about what to look for in Ohio voting tonight.  Go here to read it.

6.  7:06 AM CST-I just voted in my town.  Dwight is a Republican stronghold and I would describe the voting I observed as very brisk, heavier at this time than I recall in 2008.

7.  7:30 AM CST-

I am shocked, shocked to hear that Democrats are illegally tossing court appointed Republican poll watchers out of Philadelphia wards so that they can go about stuffing the ballot box for Obama in peace!  Go here to read all about it.

8.  1:00 PM CST-Republicans have won early voting in Colorado.  The Democrats took it by a 2% lead in 2008.  That bodes very well for Romney taking what could be a very crucial state tonight.

9.  4:25 PM CST-Dan Rather, yes that Dan Rather, predicts a Romney victory:

“RATHER: You can lay out a plan that Romney wins this election. And I’ll be honest with you, as I always try to be. Something in my gut tells me that it’s going to be a good day for Romney. But as a reporter, you don’t report your gut. The polls all indicate, yes, Obama, he has several paths to victory, Romney has only one. But I’m reminded of that old saying, “Don’t taunt the alligator until after you cross the creek.”

10. 5:06 PM CST-Fox talking about exit polls, and emphasizing how close they are.  Considering how exit polls tend to lean toward Democrats, that could be good news for Romney.  The Economy is the top issue and by 5 points the respondents give Romney the advantage on that issue.

11.  6:00 PM CST-Kentucky and Indiana called for Romney.  Vermont called for Obama.

12.  6:30 PM CST-West Virginia called for Romney.

13.  6:40 PM CST-South Carolina called for Romney.

14. 6:52 PM CST-Georgia called for Romney.

15.  7:05 PM CST-Lots of calls.  For Obama:  Illinois, DC, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts and 3 of Maine’s 4 electoral votes.  For Romney:  Alabama , Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

16.  7:30 PM CST-Arkansas called for Romney.

17.  8:00 PM CST-More calls:  Michigan is called for Obama and that forecloses one of Romney’s paths to victory.  For Romney:  Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska.

18.  8:15 PM CST-Pennsylvania is called for Obama and that forecloses another path to victory for Romney.

19.  8:21 PM CST-Fox is projecting that the Republicans will retain control of the House, which is welcome although no surprise.

20. 8:26 PM CST-A real heartbreaker: Wisconsin is called for Obama.

21. 8:35 PM CST-Donnelly is projected to beat Mourdock in the Indiana Senate race.  This night is not looking pretty in either the Presidential race or the Senate.

22. 8:45 PM CST-Tammy Baldwin defeats Tommy Thompson, former governor of Wisconsin, and the Senate will have its first openly Lesbian member.

23. 9:08 PM CST-Minnesota called for Obama.  It all comes down to Ohio now, assuming that Romney can scrape a victories in Virginia and Florida.

24.  9:10 PM CST-Todd Akin loses his bid for the Senate in Missouri.

23.  8:50 PM CST-CBS calls New Hampshire for Obama.

24.  8:55 PM CST-Warren defeats Brown for the Massachusetts Senate seat.

25.  9:00 PM CST-While taking a beating in the Senate and with the Presidential race not looking good, the GOP may actually add tonight to its huge House margin.  What an odd election.

26.  9:00 PM CST-Romney takes Utah, of course, and Montana.

27.  9:20 PM CST-Obama takes New Mexico and the remaining electoral vote of Maine.

28. 9:45 PM CST-Romney’s final path to victory is to take Ohio, Virginia, Colorado and Florida.  The first three actually don’t look too bad, but Florida looks shaky.  Cue the flashbacks to 2000!

29. 9:45 PM CST-Romney takes Arizona.

30. 10:07 PM CST-Missouri falls to Romney.

31.  10:10 PM CST-Deb Fisher defeats John Kerry to take the Nebraska Senate seat.

32.  10:12 PM CST-It looks like Colorado is going to fall to Obama.

33.  10:15 PM CST-Ohio goes to Obama and he has won re-election.

A stunning and depressing election.  The country has re-elected the worst president in our nation’s history and I fear the consequences to the nation will be grave.  In a democracy a majority of the people ultimately get what they want, and a majority of the people want, incredibly to me, more of what the country has suffered through in the last four years.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan ran an able race and gave the country a chance to turn away from the path the voters chose in 2008.  That chance has been thrown away and now we will all have to pay the consequences.  More analysis tomorrow and in the days to come.  For now I am turning in and hoping that my dreams are much sweeter than the present grim reality.

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  1. From the 1928 BCP:

    ALMIGHTY God, who hast given us this good land for our heritage; We humbly beseech thee that we may always prove ourselves a people mindful of thy favour and glad to do thy will. Bless our land with honourable industry, sound learning, and pure manners. Save us from violence, discord, and confusion; from pride and arrogancy, and from every evil way. Defend our liberties, and fashion into one united people the multitudes brought hither out of many kindreds and tongues. Endue with the spirit of wisdom those to whom in thy Name we entrust the authority of government, that there may be justice and peace at home, and that, through obedience to thy law, we may show forth thy praise among the nations of the earth. In the time of prosperity, fill our hearts with thankfulness, and in the day of trouble, suffer not our trust in thee to fail; all which we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  2. In keeping with President Lincolns suggestion I
    walk with purpose to the poll. An envelope filled with voter guides. May brotherly love still my heart which so longs for an Obama defeat. If you want, I will give you an update from the parking lot of the polling center.
    Just a comparison of 08′ temperament vs. today.

  3. I was at my precinct as it opened today at 6:30. There were nearly 100 people lined up. I live in Delaware County, Ohio, just north of Columbus, which is a GOP stronghold. Here’s hoping we election day voters are enough to swamp the Democrats early balloting electioneering.

  4. An American’s Prayer for Forgiveness
    Heavenly Father, we as Americans have lost our way, we have forsaken your love and gone our own way into self indulgence through our desire for personal gratification in every aspect of our lives.
    We have lost our grip on your eternal truth. We have chosen comfort over compassion; want over worship, pleasure over perseverance, personal satisfaction over eternal salvation, and now entitlements over personal efforts or sacrifice. Many now depend on the words, power, and promises of “Caesar” more than your eternal word.
    We want to come home to you as prodigal sons and daughters seeking your mercy upon us and our nation that we may be forgiven for our many offenses marked by our willingness to permit evil intent and false doctrines espoused by our own leaders to creep into our lives and society.
    We have not been vigilant, we have hidden our lamps under the bushel, and we have often remained silent as your tenants were judged unworthy by our authorities. As your word and laws were being removed from public buildings and our schools within the sight of our children we mumbled to ourselves rather than witness our faith to those who deny you. We’ve allowed evil to infiltrate our culture one “benefit” or “right” at a time.
    We seek through your mercy and forgiveness that within our nation your truth may at last be saved from corruption by those evil forces that care not for your law or love.
    We ask through this prayerful petition that for the sake of all the faithful here and in heaven that you might come to us as did the prodigal’s father and lead us back into your graces and grant that our beloved America may yet be returned to the one nation under God it once was and our founders intended it to be.

  5. Hamilton County, Indiana: In line at 5:30 for 6:00 open. The polls opened promptly at 6, at which time the voting machines equally promptly refused to accept the initialization cards of the poll volunteers. For 10 minutes there was panic and stress, until somebody theorized they might be Microsoft products. So they rebooted, and viola, a-voting we did go. This is evidently a county-wide issue, so hopefully the light shone through everywhere else, although I’ve heard tell already of hour-long delays.

    Overwhelmingly Republican area, and easily 150 people in line at 6AM.

  6. Rasmussen has party id R 5.8 which is unprecedented.

    I think that is an indication that Rasmussen’s polling should be regarded with reserve. The Roper Center has some historical statistics available on the self-identification of exit poll respondents. Democratic respondents have generally exceeded in number Republican respondents, by a median of 11.5%. As for non-aligned voters, the median figure is 26% of the electorate. One’s single best guess concerning the composition of the electorate would be 39% Democratic, 35% Republican, and 26% non-aligned. The implication of the polls we have seen, which have the number of Democratic respondents exceeding Republican respondents by 20%, 30%, or (in one case) 80% imply a durable shift in the composition of the presidential electorate, which is interesting considering that the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives is almost as large as it ever has been in the last 80-odd years. Usually, a candidate’s support among non-aligned voters does not run more than about 16% ahead or behind his support in the general electorate. I just saw a poll reported in the New York Post which had Romney’s support among non-aligned voters exceeded that in the general electorate by 49%. That is very peculiar and certainly unprecedented in the set of nine elections Roper has polled.

    Something very peculiar is happening with this election. Either the relationship among these variables has undergone a phase shift or the samples are junk.

  7. “Something very peculiar is happening with this election. Either the relationship among these variables has undergone a phase shift or the samples are junk.”

    Rasmussen couldn’t believe his own data Art, and today he predicted a D-2 election which, if correct, is bad for Obama. At this point I am sceptical of all the Presidential polls. I think technology has largely passed telephone polls by, with the number of people that can wall themselves off from unwanted calls, and the breakdown of stable party allegiances among various groups.

  8. OK, here’s the report from SE Michigan, Oakland County, Small Town. From the moment I got in line until I cast my ballot to fire the Marxist by electing the 45th President of the US: about 20 minutes. I was ballot #188. Mood was light, and there were no ruffians at the gate. Which is typical for my town.

    Looking forward to watching the results this evening – with adult beverages and unhealthy snacks on hand…

  9. “Mood was light, and there were no ruffians at the gate. Which is typical for my town.”

    I was hoping Larry for a tale of how you had to battle your way through a cordon of Obama Youth in order to cast your ballot! 🙂

  10. I was hoping Larry for a tale of how you had to battle your way through a cordon of Obama Youth in order to cast your ballot!

    Sorry to disappoint, Don. There wasn’t even broken glass to crawl over!

  11. Went to the polling place and voted. Same mood as the Wisconsin recall election. Long lines and everyone in a hurry. Seemed like most people were are on mission.

  12. and the breakdown of stable party allegiances among various groups.

    Actually, it looks to me as if party allegiances are set in marble (in comparison with election cycles prior to 2000). The thing is, phase shifts in party allegiance have occurred in the past. You can see that in the Roper data for 1976, 1980, and 1984. Most self-identified Democrats given to cross-over voting decamped elsewhere and about 40% of the non-aligned voters chose a side (with Republicans garnering the bulk). This particular phase shift was unsurprising and part of a social process that was ongoing and visible for three decades prior. If we are looking at a phase shift now, it certainly was not manifest in any measure six or seven years ago.

  13. Update from NW Michigan-

    In two hours very positive response from public vs. last year this time. Guides were happily received.

  14. “Actually, it looks to me as if party allegiances are set in marble ”

    I don’t think so Art. The suburbs for example. For a very long time they were Republican bastions. Then they began to lean Democrat. Now, who knows?

    Another example is Catholics. For ages a solid Democrat group. This began to change with McGovern in 1972. Now, who knows?

    I think it is much harder to make accurate demographic and geographic assumptions than it was previously for pollsters.

  15. Voting place was packed. Stood in line 45 minhutes. Never seen it like than on an election year, even in an “on year”. Some people definately on a mission, a few jokes here and there. Others afraid.

  16. I went to vote in the northeastern part of Charlotte, NC at about 0920 hours. Turnout was light. There were the usual Democratic supporters – almost all black – right outside the voting place. People inside were nice and cordial regardless of the accident of skin color. One of the record-keeping ladies wanted to assist me when she saw my cane and leg brace for my quadraceps – patella injury. I told her I was OK and then proceeded to where I could cast my vote. I used a cheat sheet from the Mecklenburg GOP. One of the overseers – a black gentleman whose duty it was to activate each electronic voting console prior to each vote – apparently saw it but said nothing. When I was done, he was very kind to give me directions on which exit to use, and I thanked him. It was different than the entrance, and I consdered nothing of it, thinking that perhaps the gentleman wanted to keep ingress and egress traffic separated. But the exit led directly to the large trash bins outside the facility and no one else used the exit after my departure. I was truly most amused. This is indeed quite laughable. That is the best that the Democratic opposition can do – to direct me to the trash. Ha! Ha! I wish that that black man knew that the person whom he apparently favors (a) supports the legal infanticide of the unborn which disproportionately impacts percentage-wise more of those of his own race, and (b) those policies and programs which keep such people – in fact, any people regardless of the accident of skin color – enslaved to the teat of the public treasury. Sad. Very sad. I hope for the best for that man and everyone else: the defeat of Barack Hussein Obama.

  17. (Don’s wife Cathy here): I voted @ approx. 8:30AM local time (roughly 1 1/2 hrs. after Don did). The polling place for all 4 precincts in our town is the parish hall at our local Catholic church. Fairly busy parking lot, but not packed (I’ve seen it much more crowded for a Lenten fish fry, f.ex.); cars entering & leaving throughout. Short line to check in at my precinct’s table, but no line to wait for a voting booth. Livingston County overall is a heavily Republican area, with typically no Democrats bothering to run for local races or the state legislature (as was the case today). Our oldest son voted down at his college town (couldn’t find his voter registration card from when he registered up here, so registered down there).

  18. I trust that the Lord God remains in control, that the world proceeds according to the will of Divine Providence, and that UPS will deliver the extra 10,000 rounds of .223 that I ordered before the polls close this evening…

  19. I also voted at about 8:30 a.m local time, in a downtown Springfield polling place. There was no line and no waiting and I was in and out in less than 5 minutes. However, when I tried to vote early last Friday (at the Sangamon County Courthouse) there was a long line of people (I’d say at least 30 people) waiting to get in so I gave up and decided to go on Election Day. I suspect that a lot of people, at least in this area, voted early which reduced Election Day turnout.

  20. Headed out to vote soon in the People’s Republic of Montgomery County, and will be spending most of the rest of the day at my polling location handing out literature and manning a table. I just drove by to put up signs, and the Democrats have an entire team in place, naturally. Not too busy right now, though it sounded as though it were fairly crowded this morning. As I mentioned in a tweet, I drove by a polling place in central DC at 10 and there was a line down the block. So this is looking like a high turnout election on both sides, and it will come down to who turns out the most.

  21. For what’s its worth. Newsmax reporting that Michigan is tied thus far in early morning vote tabulation. Could be a great sign of things to come.

  22. If, God forbid, Obama gets four more years, he can blame himself for the mess he inherits.


    When the unsustainable inevitably collapses of its own evil you can use the ammo for barter.

    I too am stocking up: Scotch Whisky (purely for medicinal purposes). I’m looking at building a home distillery, too.

  23. Prince George’s County, Maryland – About one and a half hours. Roughly the same wait as in 2008. The ballot initiative that’s gotten the most attention is casino expansion, but there’s also gay marraige and the DREAM Act on the ballot.

  24. Pinky – there was a ballot question about casinos? Do tell. 😉

    For those outside the Maryland area, we probably were inundated with as many ads on the casino as those in swing states were with presidential ads. The capper was Lavarr Arrington, the former Redskin, showing up in advertisements to shill for the casinos to urge folks to vote for question 7.

    I did get a robocall from Mike Huckabee to vote against question 6 (in other words to vote against gay marriage).

  25. Report from the western suburbs of Denver, Colorado, ImportantSwingState.

    Arrived at my polling place shortly before the 7 am MST opening, and was 13th in line. Was able to vote against every incumbent, and election judge even correctly pronounced my last name correctly when she announced my ballot cast. Went to my children’s elementary school, which is also a polling place and they had a line out the door, for the 45 minutes I was there for “donuts with dad” Our neighborhood is in the competitive 7th CD, but with a long history of Democrats in the statehouse.

    “O beautiful for heroes proved
    In liberating strife.
    Who more than self their country loved
    And mercy more than life!
    America! America!
    May God thy gold refine
    Till all success be nobleness
    And every gain divine!”

  26. The “No on 7” ads were funded from OUT OF STATE! They don’t have Maryland’s best interests at heart! The “Yes” ads, I’m sure were funded by well-meaning plain folk who don’t think about things like money. I’ve always wondered, with all the ad time taken up by campaigns, does the movie industry see a drop in revenue for movies released during late-October / early-November? There hasn’t been a spare 10 seconds on DC television that didn’t have a Question 7 ad.

  27. Paul D – I’m not worried about the security of electronic voting. I’m more concerned about a paper ballot being read and lost/damaged/disputed if the election official doesn’t like my choices.

  28. I’m a paper guy. I was in and out in 20 minutes this morning…just spoke to a co-worker who votes electonically-it took her 3 hours to vote. Some of that can obviously be disparite populations, but some of it is systems needing to be rebooted and user confusion.

    Plus at my election site, the person who gives me a ballot gets confirmation from a second judge that my ballot is cast to insure that no ballots disappear. I’d assume it’s easy enough to check, then, that the number of votes cast are close to the number of ballots received…

  29. We’ve always used paper in our area. Not sure when we will get electronic voting, since I think they only recently ungraded (within last ten years) our machines to be the “scantron” ballot type as opposed to “hanging chad” ballot type.

    Waiting in line was the longest part. Once I actually got my ballot, I was out in less than 10.

  30. The capper was Lavarr Arrington, the former Redskin, showing up in advertisements to shill for the casinos to urge folks to vote for question 7.

    Why can’t they leave it on the bloody Indian reservations?

  31. As an aside, I’m off work today because Election Day is a holiday for Illinois state employees in even-numbered years (presidential years plus the gubernatorial/statewide office years). Apparently this is a holdover from the bad old days when most state employment was political patronage related (Democrat in Chicago but Republican in many downstate communities) and vast numbers of state employees, aware of which side their bread was buttered on, eagerly volunteered to participate in GOTV drives or serve as election judges, poll watchers, etc.

    However, now that most state employment is covered by the Supreme Court Rutan decision barring political patronage for positions that are not directly involved in policy making, and especially now that Illinois has early voting, I don’t see why the Election Day holiday is really necessary.

  32. Voted in Virginia in the pre-afternoon rush. About a 35 minute wait, which the poll attendants said was the shortest all day. (I presume it will pick up in the late hours.)

    I wish everyone peace no matter how this turns out.

  33. Art says Why can’t they leave [casinos] on the bloody Indian reservations?

    Perhaps you haven’t noticed but Leftists love to regressively tax and gouge their low end (and info) voters. (Rich people pay less income tax in socialist and bankrupt Europe than they do here.) They relieve them of income tax but hit them with far more other kinds of taxes fees and desperation come-ons.

  34. As for paper ballots, they have electronic readers for them too in VA and I assume other states. VA offers a choice between regular voting machine and a paper ballot which may also be optically read by a small test scoring machine.

  35. I voted around 2:15pm. Took me the better part of 45 minutes to get to vote. I have never voted in this precinct before, so I don’t know what it signifies. At least part of the wait is the excessively long ballot for Michigan, with a ridiculous number of ridiculous constitutional proposals.

  36. “Another example is Catholics. For ages a solid Democrat group. This began to change with McGovern in 1972. Now, who knows?”

    Is there really any such thing as the “Catholic vote” anymore? Catholic pundits like George Weigel would say no. I would be inclined to agree with him.

    Donald, voting against Obama in Illinois, is really nothing more than a statement. I am in the same postion here in CA. But it’s a statement worth making.

  37. Seldom a line where my family votes, and no waiting at all today. LOTS of good cheer around the volunteers’ table, happy folks coming in, many smiles in this tiny patch of red rural NY. Maybe our votes don’t count for much up here, but hopefully our prayers are heard. Our Lady of All Graces, pray for us!

  38. By the way what ever happened to the much awaited October or November surprise?? Was the Gloria Allred fiasco supposed to be the gambit? Or maybe Hurricane Sandy (smile)?? With this bunch I was certain they would pull something. What gives??

  39. Suz,

    “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

    I’m about to pack it in at work and toddle over to the LIRR to go home and vote.

    If nothing else, we have done our duty as we saw it.


    “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”

  40. Grr just watched two videos at FOX news with both of the campaigns’ managers or publicists or something like that. Romney’s talked about how turnout was great and they were very optimistic and Obama’s spent half her time saying how she wishes the people will call Romney’s bluff and his last failed attempt to win voters and so on… I guess since there’s nothing good to say about Obama this wast the best way to user her time

  41. (Don’s wife Cathy here): Anything computerized in Battlestar Galactica was assumed to be vulnerable to infiltration/hacking by the Cylons, which is why (in the remake series, at least) they not only used paper ballots for elections, but wired telephones for internal ship communications.
    Kind of like the suspicions raised over electronic voting machines showing a vote for Obama after Romney was selected . . . ;(

  42. LOTS of good cheer around the volunteers’ table, happy folks coming in, many smiles in this tiny patch of red rural NY.

    Where you be? I will be voting in New York for the last time this year.

  43. Just got back from taking communion to oldies in a couple of rest homes. Off in an hour to Holy Hour for Marian Movement for Priests, then off to my mate Chas Kiriham’s place to watch the results of your election. It’ s currently 11.40 am. here (on Wednesday). We’ll have a coffee first, then about 3.30 pm. I’m sure a goodly bottle of Nelson’s Blood will emerge, with the appropriate mixer, and we’ll relax to watch Romney bury Obama. (That’s the plan, anyway) 🙂

  44. T. Shaw: exactly. A duty, and a pleasure, if only because of the bigger picture.
    Art Deco: a four-corners between Syracuse and Rochester; okay it’s the middle of nowhere. Green fields & red voters. Sigh. I wish you happiness wherever you happen to vote next time around.

  45. “voting against Obama in Illinois, is really nothing more than a statement.”

    Maybe so, but I think it’s a pretty significant statement. If Obama loses downstate (likely) AND the Chicago suburbs (possible) to Romney, and wins Illinois only or primarily on the strength of Cook County it will be a very strong indicator of how badly he has alienated the voters who got him into office in the first place. And maybe it will put the fear of God, so to speak, into the Democratic Party, just a little.

  46. “Maybe so, but I think it’s a pretty significant statement. If Obama loses downstate (likely) AND the Chicago suburbs (possible) to Romney, and wins Illinois only or primarily on the strength of Cook County it will be a very strong indicator of how badly he has alienated the voters who got him into office in the first place. And maybe it will put the fear of God, so to speak, into the Democratic Party, just a little.”

    Agreed Elaine!

  47. DJ: “A facebook friend sent this link on why no October surprises. Basic premise–Romney is uber boring, Obama is one “surprise” after another, and we are all tired.”

    Sorry, that is not convincing. The only thing I can see that would remotely make sense is that the Obama campaign thought they had the race won by a mile. Or that they were silly enough to think Allred was going to do magic for them. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think they are worried if we are tired. The Leftists are never tired about winning.

  48. I’m not american, so would someone care to explain why Obama appears as the winner in Vermont even though both candidates have a 0% ?

  49. It’s a combination of exit polls and just common sense. Vermont is a very liberal state, and there is no expectation that Romney can win there. The opposite is true in states like Kentucky and Indiana, where Romney is certain to win.

  50. (Don’s wife Cathy here): Laura, the issue of states being called for one or the other candidate VERY early was even worse in past years, f.ex. the one fellow who congratulated “President” Kerry in 2004 based on exit polls, the networks calling Florida for Gore and then having to retract that call in 2000, and the famous 1948 “Dewey Defeats Truman!” newspaper headline, proudly brandished by President Truman after he won reelection.

  51. There were parking places at the precinct, as always, but steady with cars entering and exiting the horseshoe of my old elementary school.
    The ‘in’ table of four said they’ve never been so busy, although there was no line for 2 pg. paper ballot to put into electronic reader.
    I had occasion to drive by three times today, finding the scene the same. What was amazing to me was that there were only two people holding a sign for someone running for the Massachusetts House. Usually the street is lined for local elections.
    51% Romney – 47% O just ran by on the NECN reporting at the bottom of the screen.
    54% Warren – 46% Scott Brown w/0% reporting.
    … and electoral count is Romney 88 and O 64.
    Changed to 51 R – 48 O just now with no amount in percent reporting.
    Comment made that R will lose this state.

  52. Donald, this should be no surprise. There are too many liberals in this country. Academia / public school has been propagandizing students for 40+ years in liberal leftism. Obama may very well win. More paths to a Romney victory are being closed. But I am a pessimist by nature.

  53. Did my voting in NY. ’bout ready to hit the sack. Four AM is my rise and shine time. I am going off to bed with Romney slightly in the lead but my guess is the fairy tale will be over upon my rising and we will have four more years of the big O.

    Sorry Don, I hope my pessimism is unfounded.

  54. Barone’s most recent article nails it. The country is splitting in two. Unfortunately for us the other side is not content to run their half. They want to expunge our half too. The media is giving the Dems at least a 5 point spot in elections I would estimate. That’s simply too much to give away and win consistently. The Repubs acting like Dem lites has been a big issue and not knocking down Leftist tripe is also a big problem. Even those few times they do that in a halfhearted fashion it still knocks the Left back on their heels. How Scott Brown and Connie Mack can lose with Obamacare every bit the issue today it was in 2010 is unsettling. Maybe close observers of those campaigns can explain what happened and why they couldn’t put weak or loony Dems on defense better

  55. MA:
    Barney Frank House Dist. #4 is replaced by Joe Kennedy of the MA family, it seems.
    29% of precincts show Scott Brown 48% to Warren 52%.
    Comment that the strength for EW is the D tie to O.
    Also, she had college age foot soldiers with clip boards around the neighborhoods for the past few weekends. I noticed several while voting this a.m. when young people are not usually sighted.

  56. Looking at the map from an immigration perspective, it seems clear that the unconstitutional slight of hand called Defered Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) had the desired effect.

    I take back something I wrote last night. Demographics matter and pretending to grant amnesty derived big benefits to the Obama campaign.

    It isn’t right to use government agencies as extensions of political parties but the GOp decided not to fight the Administration over unconstitutional Executive Orders. This is part of the explanation for this electoral map.

  57. Suppose Obama wins and then all hell breaks loose over Benghazi… could we be looking at the second coming of Nixon’s 2nd term?

  58. Obama holds a slim lead in Florida, with two heavily democratic districts yet to count the majority of their votes cast. The rest of the state has pretty much been counted.

    If there is a miracle, tonight, Romney needs it.

    It doesn’t look good, but if Obama wins Florida, which is pointing that way even in best case scenarios for Romney, the election is over.


    Game over.

  59. Looking like pretty much the only remaining good scenario for Romney is sweeping OH, VA, FL and CO. Some of those are looking difficult, though.

    Edging more towards depressing than a nail biter.

  60. G Veg

    You are right but there is nothing that speaks for optimism in these results. A majority of Americans are unhappy with the direction of the country and know we are headed for fiscal calamity. They see religious and personal freedom on the decline. However they voted just like Greeks and French to not only continue the unsustainable gravy train but increase it. Yes the Repubs are feckless and Romney has never been a good politician. But most of the voters saw Romney and Ryan had a plan to fix things but they didn’t care. They saw Obama and Biden were angry and petulant and in Biden’s case loony and they didn’t care. The voters have shown themselves to be more feckless than the Repubs, no mean feat.

  61. What’s happening is what I feared – the “fix was in” – this is being stolen. This explains why the media came up with all those polls to give cover for the fraud taking place. This is what Putin and Chavez did in their nations. God help this poor country!

  62. “Suppose Obama wins and then all hell breaks loose over Benghazi… could we be looking at the second coming of Nixon’s 2nd term?”

    The Dems controlled the House and the Senate and had the media behind them in 1973. The Admin will stonewall and the media will celebrate and move on to making Catholic hospitals perform abortions. Bye bye Supreme Court. We are looking at Jimmy Carter’s third term and Hugo Chavez’s first (here).

  63. You can’t escape liberals in Texas. Or anywhere. The infestation is a disease like cancer that keeps growing and growing. I think Siobhan is right. Indeed, perhaps this country needs to be punished with another 4 years of Obama, persecution of the Church, and military defeats. Sodomy marriage and vivisection of the unborn! What a depraved society we are!

  64. So where are all these “values” voters among the non-whites, those who care about the separation between Church and State, original intentions of the Founding Fathers and so on? I include Asians among them. it is demonstrably true that only whites care to a large extent for such things, all other groups put for their class and tribal interests first and foremost. Demographics count. And next time don’t be too quick to jump on people like Ron Paul merely to appease phantom voters.

  65. Siobham says What’s happening is what I feared – the “fix was in” – this is being stolen. ”

    It was already stolen years ago. PWP is right. You can’t have an entire generation grow up with lies and false history and expect them to wake up at election time and see through the cant. Take a look at the UK. Take a look at our inner cities. People who are ignorant or despairing will ride the death spiral all the way down. And Mr Zummo PWP is also right about Texas. Once the SCOTUS gears up they, in combination with the Fed alphabet soup, will deconstruct every state that voted Repub. Obamacare, EPA, DOE etc etc. If you were a senior citizen with ten years to go you might see it through in TX. Otherwise the only remedy will be to get rich. This is a corrupt govt and society so money will buy you protection.

  66. It’s looking a little better in Florida.

    IF we lose the popular vote, but the margin is less thatn 1/2%, there’s an automatic recount.

    That means all those dead people’s votes and multiple voters will be discounted and Romney may just win it!

  67. If Obama wins, there is one way it could be a blessing in disguise: the “fiscal cliff” and all the economic and military crises of the next 4 years, not to mention the full impact of Obamacare taxes, will take place on his watch instead of Romney’s, and he and the Democratic Party will have to wear the jacket for them. Come to think of it, wasn’t Obamacare passed back when Obama claimed he didn’t mind being only a one-term president?

  68. This is getting really ugly. Obama seems to have solid leads in CO and OH, have pulled ahead in WI and be closing on a near tie in VA and FL. It’s not 2008 by any stretch, but it’s not good.

  69. I’ve been primarily online: RCP and the Google election center (which is really good — allows you to click in and see by county). Up until a few minutes ago Romney was ahead in counted votes in WI, but I think that was mostly a function of which counties had reported.

  70. They preferred Barabbas over Christ.
    They would rather have the murderer than the healer.
    If this goes O we very well are living in a chastisement of our own doing. Forty years of dishonor to Life.
    We won’t stop working for justice in the name of the unborn.
    Our fight continues.

    Earlier today I made some poor assumptions, and was eager to see a righteous outcome.
    Please forgive me.
    The foot of the Cross is going to be our home for many years. The good news is that Easter Sunday follows the Good Friday. If a miracle is needed for R to pull this out, then Father Almighty grant one for the sake of the womb dwellers.

  71. What Philip said – did anyone notice that today being Tuesday is the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary?

    Barabbas: Bar-Abbas. Son of the father in Aramaic. The crowd preferred the son of their father the devil over the son of God. Lesson for our times. Democracy in action: Crucifige Eum! Crucifige Eum! I am now going to bed and leaving this mess in God’s hands where it belongs.

  72. “If Obama wins, there is one way it could be a blessing in disguise: the “fiscal cliff” and all the economic and military crises of the next 4 years, not to mention the full impact of Obamacare taxes, will take place on his watch instead of Romney’s, and he and the Democratic Party will have to wear the jacket for them.”

    True Elaine. I expect the 2014 mid-terms to be good for the GOP and 2016, when I suspect Rubio might be the standard bearer, might well cause us to forget tonight. However the next four years will not be amusing as we see how bad an Obama second term, after a disastrous first term, is.

  73. “catacombs as Madrid is saying?”

    Only if our adversaries end up in the catacombs Tito! Tonight we have lost a battle but not the war. All of this will look clearer with a bit of sleep and time for thought.

  74. Time to let go of the lie that America is basically center-right. If squishy Romney can’t even win against the incompetent in the WH, who can? Somewhere along the way America took a left turn, and it’s hiding behind the self-reported “I’m a moderate” BS.

  75. Our great consolation is that we trust in God, not in man.

    Good night everyone, tomorrow’s another day. Let the culture of death celebrate their victory, we will celebrate eternity!

  76. Time to let go of the lie that America is basically center-right.

    OTOH, GOP retains House majority, with possible pickups. So this ain’t exactly a center-left country.

  77. Romney and Ryan looked so confident and everyone associated with them were so sure of victory. The country with the rise of the Tea Party and after the 2010 elections did take a right turn and that momentum should have carried Romney to victory. I just feel that something is very, very wrong here with this election. I’m sure Michael Barone is sitting down right now wondering how he got it so wrong and how the hard numbers and this vote just don’t add up. Another thing, here’s a recent statement from Valerie Jarret that should alarm us about what is coming:

    “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.” Pray for yourselves and all you love. It’s gonna get very bad.

  78. “If squishy Romney can’t even win against the incompetent in the WH, who can?”

    Well, if even a “squishy” GOP candidate came thisclose to beating Obama, and the GOP has expanded its gains in the House despite self-destructing in several critical Senate races, imagine what could a truly top-rate GOP ticket could have done. Maybe now that the GOP has gotten Romney out of its system the next tier of candidates (Rubio, Martinez, Jindal, Ryan again perhaps, maybe even Rand Paul) could stand a better chance in 2016.

  79. I can’t sleep. I tried but I just don’t understand. How can so many good people, people whom I love and respect, be so startlingly wrong?

    America is dying. That is the reality and, like the folks who lived through the dying of other civilizations, all we can do is impotently rage. So it was as the Roman Republic died, swept quickly away by hedonism and sloth. So it was as the British Empire breathed her last.

    There will be an “America” for my grandchildren in the sense that there will be territorial integrity and a government to represent it but it will have no more meaning that Canada or Mexico. The 21st Century belongs to the East, not the West.

    I didn’t want to believe this truth. I believed that there was an America to fight for but she is dead. We took her pulse tonight and it is time to accept what is clearly true.

    What the do we do?

    We cannot breathe life into this corpse. All we can do is go on.

    How my friends? How do we live without her?

    God, there is bile in my throat.

  80. Last I looked, Romney was still ahead by 23,000 votes in the overall national popular vote. He could still win Virginia and Florida and could also still “win” the popular vote. I know that doesn’t change the outcome, but it does provide some consolation. For one thing, it means the ENTIRE country hasn’t gone barking mad! It might also mean that a lot of those popular votes came from people like me, Don and Paul — red people living in blue states, whose votes weren’t enough to change the outcome but did make the margin of victory a bit narrower than it would otherwise have been. I suppose if we really want our votes to count we should all move to Ohio or Florida before the next election!

  81. “True Elaine. I expect the 2014 mid-terms to be good for the GOP and 2016, when I suspect Rubio might be the standard bearer, might well cause us to forget tonight. However the next four years will not be amusing as we see how bad an Obama second term, after a disastrous first term, is.”

    Actually, I think either JIndal, Kasich (who happens to be a personal friend of my brother-in-law, they sat on the board of directors at Invacare), or Walker stand a better chance of being the standard bearer in 2016 than Rubio. All three are solid governors (especially Jindal and Walker) and proven leaders whereas Rubio hasn’t proven himself as a leader…yet.

  82. Oh, by the way, I think we can safely say Michael Barone was wrong about his predicting a Romney elctoral college landslide.

  83. I shouldn’t have said that about misguided Catholics I’m sorry. God can cut through any obstacle as he is great indeed

  84. For all of this mess…I do not blame Mitt Romney. Romney was not my first choice for the GOP candidate, but I do not fault him or Paul Ryan for the loss. I don’t think anyone could have beaten Obumbler. Not Ron Paul, not Rick Santorum, not Newt Gingrich.

    Eighty years ago, Franklin Roosevelt won the Presidency and the electorate blamed the GOP for the Great Depression even though FDR made it worse..and left the country badly unprepared for World War II. FDR was carried out of office feet first. FDR was the first US dictator.

    Look at my pitiful Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Once again, the city of Philadelphia, its suburbs, and Allegheny County carry the Commonwealth for the Democrat Party…and this with a GOP governor, a GOP senator, and a GOP controlled state legislature. Ohio did the same thing as Pennsylvania.

    I wonder if the South will rise up against the coming onslaught of awful politics that will emanate from Washington.

    I blame the country itself. The USA has gone soft, at least a majority of the voting public has done so. Young people get their news from Comedy Central. Single women care about abortion and free birth control. Latinos seem to despise the GOP. Abortion was made the law of the land nearly 40 years ago and finally, this year, the Catholic bishops speak up against government policy. Well, gentlemen, it was too little, too late. The president can party down with entertainers and that makes him cool. Who cares about Bengazi, the $6 trillion increase in the national debt, the death panels, the coming financial cliff…..

    I fear this country will destroy itself. I am considering moving to Australia, Chile or Poland. Obumbler and company will NOT ruin my sons’ lives.

  85. Don’t apologize for speaking the truth. Our fellow Catholics have segmented their lives, reserving for God what costs them nothing and accepting Man’s precepts for all else.

    They vote for a man who believes late-term abortions are a Right, religious liberty a concession from the State, and government control of resources the only way to structure an economy. So long as his tyranny is “soft” they will go like lambs led to slaughter.

  86. Initially, after the coffee and the semblance of Romney in the lead, Chas and I after our first couple of rum and cokes, started to watch the rise of Obama’s numbers – the last R & C was a commiseration.
    We feel for you folks in the USA, and we feel for the world – the leading world power and economy will remain a socialist state, spending all the money they don’t have, and join PIIGS – unless thers is a major U turn in policy.
    The saving grace for O’Bumbler could be the coming on stream of the recently discovered oil and gas reserves. If O’Bumbler changes his policy to allow “Drill baby,Drill”, then the Dem dynasty could reap an undeserved benefit.
    Don’t despair – “spera in Deo.” There will be life after Obama.

  87. Look on the bright side. They retain their hope of worldly happiness. If it went the other way, your tolerant, progressive friends and relatives (who have no concern for the reward of eternal life) would be suicidal.

    I have been in crisis mode for four-plus years. This means apocalyptic investing, and plan possible relocation to a red state or Canada/Chile.

    You can manage risk. Uncertainty is a much tougher problem. If Mitt had won, I would have become highly uncertain as to my courses of action.

    Upcoming: the fiscal cliff; Obamacare wrecking health care and killing employment; four more years of consistent, “unexpected” bad economic news; and, four years of telling your tolerant, progressive friends and relatives, “I told you so.”

    Of course, the Lord, in His Infinite Wisdom, doesn’t answer all our prayers. I have been inundated with unmerited blessings and graces. Praise the Lord.

  88. Maybe it’s a separation of wheat from chaff, and forebearance from the opposite temptations. Somewhere, yesterday, I read ‘lights kept under bushels’.

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