Pictures of Defeat and Victory

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Hattip to Ann Althouse.

Obama is the one who won, right?  Considering what the next four years are going to be like, I suspect that most of the country will eventually bitterly regret that Romney lost.  Romney on the other hand may eventually decide that all things being equal, giving Obama an opportunity to reap what he sowed in his first term might not be the worst thing in the world.  The funny thing about politics is that there are no final defeats or final victories.  Sometimes a defeat is a prelude to a great victory next time around, and sometimes a victory is merely a bump in a downward path.  We will see.

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Yep, all equal as slaves of the State.

No Comment Needed

Hattip to commenter Nate Winchester.

July 18, 1969: Entering the Gravity of the Moon

Fifty years ago Apollo 11 entered the gravity well of the Moon from the gravity well of the Earth.  Three-quarters of the



    The true American spirit will always live – I know why.
    Liberty and religious freedom are ever our cry.
    Don’t let a day pass without honor for the God we trust.
    To aspire for salvation must always be our main thrust.

    The hour of visitation must never be forgotten.
    Without trust in God, our nation could not be begotten.
    We must ensure that Christianity again prevails.
    Without the God of Abraham our basic nature fails.

    The liberty bell is silent – freedom we still ensure.
    In the hearts of Americans it will always endure.
    I will fly Old Glory when our nation is again free.
    Socialism leads a nation into ignominy.

    Now, the nation my military career defended,
    has by traitorous American votes been upended.
    A grave sin was committed against unborn human life.
    God’s justice surely demands vengeance and eternal strife.

    When spirit seems at its very worst, patriots heed the call.
    They know what made liberty and freedom refuse to fall.
    The American dream, now in default, we must revive.
    Only with revived trust in God can our nation survive.

    Bob Rowland

  2. The photograph appears edited. Nevertheless, while the Obamanation’s victory is a curse for the nation, it may be a blessing for Mitt Romney. May God bless Mitt Romney and may God bring Barack Hussein Obama to repentance as He brought King Manasseh before him.

  3. Don, Obama growing old????? Ooooh no!!!!! If he sees this picture, he will tellyou are dead wrong. He will remain in his blooming mid-forties for the next 70 years. And that he believes, that is why he delights in murdering the unborn and the elderly who, according to him, are just a burden to the energetic Eternal, 30s-40s. I wonder how he has managed to make Time Stop for him

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