A Lazier America

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I think that the re-election of Obama will come to be viewed by most Americans as an umitigated disaster in the years to come.  He has been a curse upon this country in so many ways, but perhaps especially in regard to the American character.


The London-based Think Tank Legatum Institute recently offered empirical evidence of what many Americans have been thinking lately. Our national well-being is slipping.

Over the past four years, prosperity has increased around the globe, while it has remained stagnant in the United States, the Legatum Institute reports. As a result, the Institute ranked the United States 12th out of 142 countries on its 2012 Prosperity Index, putting the country outside the top ten for the first time.

Go here to read the rest.  The summary of the report in regard to the US makes for depressing reading:

The US has seen a decline in rankings in most sub-indices. The Economy and Entrepreneurship & Opportunity sub-indices have declined the most with the US falling seven places and six places respectively in each in the last year alone. This is due to a decline in citizens’ perception that working hard gets you ahead, a decline in high-tech and telecommunication exports, and an increase in levels of unemployment. Furthermore, US citizens’ overall satisfaction with living standards has declined since last year. Although the US ranks second overall in the Health sub-index, the country’s infant mortality rate is higher than that of Europe (6.5% compared to a European average of 3%).


The Obama administration has spent a great deal of time and endless amounts of borrowed money to convince more and more Americans that they can live off of the State without working.  This is a lie, but too many people have bought into it.  Countries can overcome most economic difficulties if they are blessed with a population willing to work hard.  Most Americans until Obama have always been willing to work hard to support themselves and their families.  I do not believe we can say that now, and that will be  one of many pernicious legacies that this administration is loading upon the backs of our posterity.


The Government is my shepherd,

Therefore I need not work.

It alloweth me to lie down on a good job.

It leadeth me beside still factories;

It destroyeth my initiative.

It leadeth me in the path of a parasite for politic’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of laziness and deficit-spending,

I will fear no evil, for the Government is with me.

It prepareth an economic Utopia for me, by appropriating the earnings of my grandchildren.

It filleth my head with false security;

My inefficiency runneth over.

Surely the Government should care for me for all the days of my life!

And I shall dwell in a fool’s paradise for ever.


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  1. From John Hinderaker: “For the first time in history, the average Canadian is wealthier than the average American. Canada has a conservative government, and they have passed us like we are standing still. Which we are, at best. . . . Do Barack Obama and his minions want America to be one of the world’s ten most prosperous countries? If you believe, as I do, that actions speak louder than words, the answer is No.”

    Point of Information: The economc/financial crisis ended in 2009. Why, for the past three yrears, are “they” still running up catastrophic, $1.4 trillion annual deficits (fiscal policy); and Fred (monetary policy) is keeping interest rates at zero (negative with inflation), and printing hyper-inflationary, $1 trillion of green confetti a year?

    Even money says we are hurtling toward an economic apocalypse.

    Since 2008, it has been “government of the banks, for the banks and by the banks.”

    Note to self: Sixth Avenue (Canadian Consulate) emigrate to Canada.

  2. We are not becoming lazier, we are becoming more godless and a great deal more immoral. The Declaration of Independence is in shambles. The Republic is dead in the water, and those who value freedom better wake up from their lethargy and recover belief in the God our nation once trusted. That is the only answer to all our current problems

  3. The economic Utopia this government prepareth for us is a pretty far cry from St. Thomas More’s Utopia. In his, everyone worked or else was shamed by being locked up in solid gold chains. In Obama’s, everyone is offered gold chains or else shamed by being made to work.

  4. Thank you, Donald McClarey for this post. It is refreshing to hear clarity: 30% interest is usury. Taxes may not go above 30% before becoming confiscatory, extortion and cruel and unusual punishment according to the Ninth Amendment, cruel and unusual punishment for “colonialism” as Dinesh D’Souza says. Distributism is the virtue of Charity imposed by the state. Charity, all virtues, must be voluntary acts of the person’s soul. Either that or it is stolen property being distributed. Even voluntarily donated charity becomes stolen property if the recipient is capable, but refuses out of vice to provide for himself. That recipient becomes the recipient of stolen property extorted or cheated of honest people. Extorted virtues are not conducive to peace and tranquility. Subsidiarity, authentic authority given over to the states, will permit the people to determine how much and what may be done for charity. The Virtue of Charity is the realm of the transcendent and the domain of the human being’s immortal soul, the responsibility of the Church.

  5. “cruel and unusual punishment according to the Ninth Amendment” the Ninth Amendment protects rights not inscribed in our founding principles, like subsidiarity. The Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment like confiscatory fines, penalties and taxes, the penalty must fit the crime. The HHS Mandate defies the Eighth Amendment. Rapacious fines are prohibited in the 8th Amendment. 100% taxes are also prohibited. Being an American citizen protected under the Eighth Amendment prevents deliterious fines and taxes.
    Thanks for listening

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