Could Husband of the Year be Next?

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Former president Bill Clinton can add Father of the Year to the many awards he’s garnered in his decades of public service.

The National Father’s Day Council, which has been giving out such an honor for 72 years, has named Clinton one of its recipients for 2013.

“With the profound generosity, leadership and tireless dedication to both his public office and many philanthropic organizations, President Clinton exemplifies the attributes that we celebrate through the Father of the Year award,” said Dan Orwig, chairman of the National Father’s Day Committee.

Hmmm, back when morality was not the unknown term it appears to be today, one of the attributes of a good father was being faithful to the mother of one’s child.  I guess it makes sense however.  If John Edwards, who cheated on his wife as she was stricken with cancer, could be father of the year in 2007, there is hope for every reprobate with an xy chromosome combination.

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  1. Funny thing – Mrs. Clinton has been talking about her plans after stepping down from the State Department. Watching TV, travelling, spending time with friends…. She’s got to be the only politician in the world who doesn’t say “spending time with the spouse”. And no one calls her on it; no one even notices it. They’re so far beyond sham marriage that they’re essentially divorced.

  2. I’ve got this article running through my head like a song I hate.

    A father teaches his children about love and relationships by how he treats the mother. A girl knows that she has worth by seeing her father be faithful. A son learns how to respect women the same way. They say that strip clubs are filled with young women with daddy issues. I hope that Chelsea got through her childhood without much damage, but her father didn’t do her any favors.

    If the Father’s Day Council is promoting a Hallmark holiday, then they were right to choose someone with a high favorability rating. But if they’re promoting fatherhood, then they should have chosen a man.

  3. : ) then they should have chosen a man.

    and as my mother in law used to say “help us and save us!”

    “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”
    Father Hesburgh.

  4. I am feeling sick to my stomach. This man has sex in the Oval Office of the Whitehouse, publicly humiliates his wife and daughter and spits on his marital vows and some organization has the audacity to proclaim him as Father of the Year.

  5. Yes, re: Chelsea. You know the headline has got to irritate her, although at this point I’m not sure anyone takes this faux award seriously. Or the faux organization that makes these pronouncements.

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