Wait! Sin Has Consequences?



One of the more popular illusions of the past half century is that sin can be redefined and that we can engage in conduct formerly regarded as sinful free of consequence.  Alas, inconvenient reality keeps creeping back into the picture:



Workers at a Canadian clinic have discovered that almost 7 percent of their patients with gonorrhea had a strain of the bacteria against which all oral antibiotics are useless. This alarming report suggests gonorrhea may become an untreatable disease, warn public health experts.

Antibiotic-resistant strains of gonorrhea have been reported in outbreaks throughout Europe and Japan, according to US News, but the Canadian study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, marks the first time the strain has been seen in a large North American population.

“We’ve been very concerned about the threat of potentially untreatable gonorrhea,” Dr. Gail Bolan of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told Fox News. “We feel it’s only a matter of time until resistance will occur in the United States.

Go here to read the rest.  Divorce sex from love and marriage and havoc results.  Who could have predicted that?  Other than anyone who bothered to read the Bible or a bit of history of course.

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  1. Noooo…it’s just you religious right types who think that sin has consequences. A direct quote from what you just said: “The Bible says that everyone who has sex outside of marriage will get STDs as a punishment from God.” You said it right in that paragraph there….

    Just thought I would save the trolls some time. 🙂


  2. The duel relationship, man / nation, is paramount when discerning the Holy Scriptures as most all of you know.
    The sickness, sinfulness of man and the sickness, sinfulness of a nation go hand in hand.

    Our remedy is penance, prayers, sackcloth and Ashes…..starting with de-funding P.P.
    dismantle HHS mandate and establishing a respect for our Constitution starting from DC then out to the schools. Yes, Public school prayer to Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit to be encouraged! This is a nation under God, the one True God that suffered died and rose from the dead to save us from the gonorrhea that is false mercy being promoted from the Left.

  3. Just a failure of technology– or it is technology’s fault.

    The STD– oops, I mean “socially transmitted disease,” always use the full term to avoid confusion– is resistant to treatment. That means that the treatment is at fault. Possibly someone way back when is at fault for not using the treatment properly at a prior point, only mostly killing off the disease.

  4. The bad news is that this becomes a public health threat to people who don’t fornicate indiscriminately. Transfer of genes can occur across bacterial species. So the meth head gets MRSA and the genes are transferred to his STD bacteria. Or some person who “hooks up” frequently, gets the STD and the genes are transferred to naturally occuring streptococcus bacteria in the vagina. This becomes the predominant strain of streptococcus in the woman’s body over time, and the gene gets transferred to a virulent strain of strep that causes strep throat. Suddenly, strep throat becomes incurable. Oh, but it’s everyone’s right to hook up, and it’s harmless.


    I see the results of antibiotic resistant bacteria in my line of work, and it drives up medical costs considerably. A guy goes in for a surgery, and his hardware gets infected. Suddenly, you are looking at a hospitalization and surgeries to debride necrotic tissue that runs to a quarter million dollars. That’s five years of earnings at the average U.S. wage of 44,000. Five years of a person’s production eaten up for the medical sequelae of sin.

  5. If God wanted to deter immoral behavior with physical suffering, would we as a people respond in a rational manner? If not, can we still be considered rational creatures? If so, how will our creator judge those of us that act irrationally with full will?

    We are but a breath away from particular judgment.

  6. If God wanted to deter immoral behavior with physical suffering, would we as a people respond in a rational manner?

    Don’t even need to involve God in this.

    People do stuff that they know they’re likely to end up with really bad results.
    Because they value the almost-assured thing they’ll get more than the possible but much worse side-effect.

  7. How long before someone from the “reality based” community informs us that this strain of gonorrhea was synthesized by the same military scientists who developed the AIDS viris and faked 911?

    (This next sentence should be skipped by those who are in any way squeamish:) According to a New Yorker article these newer strains, due to recent shifts in sexual behavior, incubate in the human pharynx.

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