Vive la France!

A million Frenchmen marched on the capital of France, Paris, in defense of Marriage this past weekend.  Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Homosexuals, Heterosexuals, Men and Women all marched to protest François Hollande’s attempt at completing the destruction of the Family and the Church which began in the French Revolution and continued with the May 68ers, has been stalled at the moment.

What a glorious and joyous occasion!  The First Daughter of the Church, France, has awoken from her slumber and has spoken.  No longer will I dim my French (Norman-Carolingian) roots, I’m coming out of the closet so to speak.  My inner francophile has surfaced and I join the cause of all French Catholics to restore dignity and reason to the French state.

Viva la France!

Partant pour la Syrie is the old French national anthem.  Although a Bonapartist anthem, it isn’t the Marseille (unless of course French Catholics embrace La Marseillaise, then I would embrace it as well!)

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  1. It is worth noting that the attempt, in the celebrated Bègles case, to get SSM introduced by the courts on equality grounds was an utter failure. It was rejected by the TGI (court of first instance), by the Court of Appeal in Bordeaux, by the Court of Cassation and by the Constitutional Council.

    The constitutional Council found, “Considering, on the other hand, that Article 6 of the Declaration of 1789 provides that the law “must be the same for all, whether it protects or punishes”; that the principle of equality does not prevent the legislator from settling different situations in different ways, or from derogating from equality for the general interest, provided that in either case the difference in treatment that results is in direct relationship with the subject of the law established thereby; that by maintaining the principle according to which marriage is the union of a man and a woman, the legislator has, in exercising its competence under Article 34 of the Constitution [power to legislate], deemed that the difference of situation between couples of the same sex and those composed of a man and a woman can justify a difference in treatment with regard to the rules regarding the right to a family; that it is not for the Constitutional Council to substitute its judgment for that of the legislator regarding the consideration of this difference of situation…” [Décision n° 2010-92 QPC du 28 janvier 2011],

    Every court dealing with the case found “This was differential legal treatment because their situation was not analogous.”

  2. Jon,

    That’s a nice tune.

    When the French government is changed to a Catholic state again, that would be a nice alternative. Though the words for La Marseillaise could be changed to more accurately represent the French.

  3. Tito,

    Have to admit I can’t agree. There’s that old saw about a silk purse and a sow’s ear.

    The Germans in Don’s Casablanca clip are singing Die Wacht am Rhine. It actually wasn’t a Nazi song. The Germans in the scene are singing it to antagonize the French as it originated in the Franco-Prussian War in 1870, after the German victory. It became very popular in Germany during WWI, and the French certainly had reason to hate it.

    Even so, word change or not, La Marseillaise isn’t a hymn of freedom. It’s drenched in blood – primarily Catholic blood. It was used as the revolutionary anthem right alongside The Internationale, which can be pretty snappy itself, in 1917 Russia.

    Lazlo and Ilse can belt it all they want. Afraid I would’ve sat behind Sam and hummed The Star-Spangled Banner.

  4. “I’m afraid Bonapartism equals Jacobinism.”

    Actually it was more of Bonapartism equals Sun King. Louis XIV and Napoleon had a great deal in common, from their wars of conquest, their desire to control Spain, their centralization of government and their treatment of the Church.

    “L’Etat, c’est moi” could have equally applied to both men.

  5. Napoleon : King is ok… But emperor’s better.

    Louis XIV : No, king’s better. See, here’s the Emperor… And here’s the King!

    Napoleon : No way! You must be joking… Emperor’s here and king is around here.

    Louis XIV : Not a chance!

    Louis XIV : Hey you, what are you? A prince? A king?

    Man : No at all. I’m the guy who cut down the price of the Golf by €4,500.

    It’s historical.

    €4,500 saving on the Golf BlueMotion.

  6. What’s truly amazing, to me, about the pro-marriage movement in France is that there are actually well-known entertainers, artists, gays and even gay atheists leading the charge…. with the slogan “The right OF children (to have both a mother and a father) trumps the right (of adults) TO children”. Gays and lesbians already have plenty of individual legal rights in France — they’ve had civil unions for almost 20 years — but even some of them draw the line at letting gay couples claim to be married or to raise children. In the US or the UK, public figures who spoke out this strongly would be branded as bigots and, if they were in the entertainment business, their careers would be ruined.

  7. Elaine Krewer

    You are right that civil unions [Le pacte civil de solidarité (PACS)], introduced in 2000, have proved very popular in France. In 2010, there were approximately 250,000 weddings and 200,000 PACSs in Metropolitan France, as against 300,000 weddings in the year before their introduction. About 93% of PACSs are between opposite-sex couples, so they have definitely not been seen as “marriage-lite for gays.”

    Thus, marriage is seen as child-centred, for the principle difference between marriage on the one hand and PACSs and unregulated cohabitation on the other is Art 312 of the Code Civil, “The child conceived or born in marriage has the husband for father.” By the same token, joint adoption is limited to married couples, assisted fertility is available only to treat a pathological conditions and so is not available to same-sex couples and surrogate gestation is disallowed under Art 1128 of the Code Civil, “Only things in commerce can be the subject of an agreement.” A child cannot be the subject-matter of a contract.

    In 2006, both the National Assembly and large sections of the secular press welcomed Archbishop of Paris André Vingt-Trois’s statement, “Even though it has not taken the modern form familiar in our civil legislation, there has always been a means of handing things down from generation to generation, which is the very basis of continuity and stability in a society. This transmission between generations is primarily effected by the family. It is the legal framework of family life that structures the transmission of life and shapes the future of society.”

  8. Elaine Krewer, Michael Paterson-Seymour: The rationale used by the French courts: NO. It is not the same. It is not the same. Gay- unions cannot be equal because they are not the same.

  9. “Homer nods.” You are correct Dale! I will use Dr. Johnson’s explanation:

    “Pastern: The knee of a horse. (This is wrong. When Johnson was once asked how he came to make such a mistake, Boswell tells us he replied, “Ignorance, Madam, pure ignorance.”)”

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