CatholicTV Interviews Dave Hartline of The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn

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Our very own Dave Hartline talks to CatholicTV on their ClearVoice™ program concerning his new book, The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn.

CatholicTV is the oldest Catholic TV network in the United States having been launched on January 1, 1955 by the Archdiocese of Boston.  58 years later they are still in operation, available on cable and via the Internet; in HDTV as well!  They are called America’s Catholic Television Network with their studios and offices located in Watertown, Massachusetts.

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  1. Thank you for the refreshing point of view Tito and Dave.
    It is true that its easy to focus on whats wrong and who’s at fault, govt. abuses, split church ect.
    Stepping back with Dave’s perspective is a good idea. Looking forward to this read.

  2. “It is true that its easy to focus on what’s wrong”

    With that in mind, I wonder if anyone has done stories on bishops or dioceses who are handling sex abuse cases the RIGHT way — e.g. NOT like Mahony, Law, et. al.? Surely out of the 200-plus ordinary and auxiliary bishops in the U.S. there has got to be at least one who is the best, or has made the fewest mistakes, in this regard.

  3. Good question Elaine.
    I wonder if Dave H. touched on this topic in Tide continue to turn?

    I pray that the cleansing of our seminaries and the removal of false teachers have taken place in the wake of poor judgment.

  4. First of all, thanks for posting this Tito. Yes Elaine, there were bishops who did the right thing. Oddly enough in today’s New York TImes (Yes, the Lord truly works in very Mysterious Ways) there is a story about the death of Bishop D’Arcy and his stand.

    Philip, I touch a great deal on this in the book. The book not only tells about the Good happening in the Church, but how we got into the mess that we did, and why we will always face attacks from those who hate the light. As I have said before here; Society is at the precipice, but the Church has pulled it back from edge before and it will do it again.

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