Atheist Defends Pope

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Hattip to Matt Archbold at Creative Minority Report.    I have always had a sneaking liking for magician and atheist Penn Jillette.  I disagree with most of what he says, but he always honestly says what he thinks, never simply to be part of the herd of independent thinkers, and he obviously attempts to think through his beliefs on the various topics he comments upon.  Go to New Advent here to see him defend the Pope Emeritus against “Catholic” Piers Morgan.  (I am afraid that I took delight in finding out that the wretched Piers Morgan, ratings plummeting, is a liberal “Catholic”.)

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  Hatttip to commenter Nate Winchester. I guess this was inevitable, Shea is tangling with Father Z: Mark Shea is sad because

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IN the isle of Jersey and on the coast of Normandy the name of this servant of God has been in singular

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  1. Is Piers Morgan still on the air? The last time I checked, his ratings were so low it would take Mt. Everest-like climb just to reach the toilet…which makes him a perfect fit for MSNBC.

  2. Penn J struck me as a contrarian. In his career, if most people line up on one side he has taken the other.
    The world loves Mother Teresa, he ridicules and demeans her. His finger is in the wind.
    Back when he was on Larry King He broke his own “outrageous left” icon of himself defending the tea party, and he liked that. Now when he is on Piers Morgan, the world is against the pope, Penn defends him.
    I think he’s very very intelligent, and all of his trips ’round the mulberry bush, arguing different sides of different arguments, will probably be his salvation. His making it public may in fact mean advancement in wisdom and holiness for other people too.

  3. Penn Jillette is not so much a contrarian as immune to the zeitgeist. He doesn’t care if you disagree with him. He is not captive to his feelings. It’s obvious he reads up on lots of things so that he can articulate his reasoning for what the Catholic Church actually teaches, rather than the strawman church that most of the MM attack.

  4. Kudos to Penn. Sigh…how/why is Piers a Catholic?

    As bad as the Church in America has been, the Church in Britain has been a progressive playground. He is, sad to report, emblematic of its problems.

  5. Here’s a
    video of Mr. Jillette talking about an encounter he had with a Christian fan.
    The man strikes me as intellectually honest, and–who knows?– that might
    lead him Home. Certainly it will encourage some of his more honest fellow
    atheists to re-examine their assumptions and what they think they
    know about the Church.

    As for the execrable Piers Morgan, the less said, the better.

  6. I apologize, my link above is faulty. Sigh.

    The video is posted on Brietbart TV, 20 Dec. 2008, “Atheist Magician Penn
    Jillette Describes Remarkable Encounter with Christian Fan”.

  7. What do I dislike about Obama? Obama displaces citizens, constituents, and denies their sovereign personhood, their rational, immortal soul, and makes of us his beasts of burden to the state. There can be no religion test to represent people of the Constitution. Obama denies his own sovereign personhood begotten in his immortal soul wherein his constituents take and acknowledge their citizenship and their unalienable rights endowed by our Creator. While proceeding as a man of body and soul, Obama uses his soul to deny others, his constituents, their immortal soul, their personhood and their conscience. Respect, Obama has no respect for his constituents. My conscience did not let me vote for a hypocrite.

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