Margaret Colin: Profile in Courage

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Hattip to Matt Achbold at Creative Minority Report Margaret Colin is the honorary chairwoman of Feminists for Life.  An accomplished actress, she has also been outspokenly pro-life.  I can think of no occupation, other than abortionist, where the pro-aborts are more dominant that in the entertainment industry.  It takes considerable courage to buck that trend, and I salute Ms. Colin.  She is the daughter of a New York City cop, so perhaps courage runs in the family.

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  1. I like the message i the video because it is simple and direct. Often we make our messages overly complicated and I think people tune out.

  2. Ironically, Hollywood is one of the places where there is something of a ray of hope. Several Hollywood conservatives have come out of the shadows in recent years.

  3. I remember when she became famous working on As the World Turns soap opera- I thought that she was simply fabulous then adn this only raises her in my estimation!

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