A Public Service Announcement From The American Catholic

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Attention, attention!  All IRS employees who gave “special” attention to conservative groups at the behest of your politicial masters.  You are being thrown under the bus!  I repeat, you are being thrown under the bus!

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday he had ordered the FBI to open a criminal probe in a growing scandal over the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative political groups for extra tax scrutiny.

Holder’s announcement came about four hours before an inspector general’s report on the IRS portrayed the tax agency as plagued by disarray and “insufficient oversight” during its struggles to review the cases of hundreds of advocacy groups that claimed they should be tax exempt.

The audit, which drew some backlash from IRS officials, also underscored what the agency had acknowledged last Friday: that the IRS had used “inappropriate criteria” for evaluating tax-exempt groups, in part by singling out scores of conservative Tea Party and “Patriot” organizations for increased scrutiny

Time to start lawyering up, cutting deals, and spilling your guts before you get to watch the end of the Obama administration from your prison TV, after bankrupting yourself in attorney’s fees.  We now return to our regularly scheduled blog entries.

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  1. What did a bunch of low level employees have to gain by harassing conservative groups on their own? Were they so devoted to Dear Leader that they risked getting caught and doing time by themselves without him knowing what they were doing? I hope and pray these and other questions pertaining to this scandal will be answered very soon.

  2. Remembering those luxury buses the administration acquired, probably with money from taxpayers, even employees of the same IRS, deposited by them to the US Treasury, that we saw for the presidential election campaigning. Thinking that song would be ever so much longer given the features built into those buses. And the big wheels turning around the US – just like the wasteful, oath-forsaking vip’s that run the government.

  3. What did a bunch of low level employees have to gain by harassing conservative groups on their own?

    The people who insult you in comboxes and buy books by the likes of Valerie Plame, Joseph Wilson, and Al Franken have jobs, some of them in the federal civil service.

  4. As it turns out, this ‘low level employee’ story is just that … a story, a fake, another cover up in the ‘Benghazi was a protest caused by a youtube’ style. This bully administration can’t bring itself to be honest because all of their nefarious activities are dishonest. This IRS tyranny was authored behind closed doors by the Democrat party top echelon. The proud will fall.

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