Various and Sundry, 8/14/13

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Ashton Kutcher Offers Excellent Advice. No. Really.

Ashton Kutcher + Teen Choice Awards = Disaster, right? No, actually Ashton Kutcher delivered one of the most heartfelt, awe-inspiring speeches an actor has ever delivered.

Here’s what he said:

I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work.  When I was 13 I had my first job with my dad carrying shingles up to the roof.  And then I got a job washing dishes at a restaurant.  And then I got a job in a grocery store deli.  And then I got a job in a factory sweeping cheerio dust off the ground.  And I’ve never had a job in my life that I was better than.  I was always just lucky to have a job.  And every job I had was a steppingstone to my next job, and I never quit my job until I had my next job.  And so opportunities look a lot like work.

He later added.

The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart and being thoughtful, and being generous.  Everything else is crap, I promise you.  It’s just crap that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less.  So don’t buy it.  Be smart, be thoughtful, and be generous.

Rush Limbaugh basically spent most of his show today talking about this speech. This is the first time many of these kids are hearing this message. Kudos to Ashton. I mean Chris.

Bring Back Lese-Majeste.

If you haven’t heard, a rodeo clown in Missouri was barred from all future state fairs basically for the high crime of offending our President. Michael Auslin at National Review says it’s high time we bring back lese-majeste.

By now all America has heard of the national tragedy that occurred in Missouri. A rogue rodeo clown insulted the dignity of our princeps civitatis, I mean, President of the United States, at the Missouri State Fair. According to Tribune of the People, I mean U.S. Representative, William Lacy Clay, the offending clown threatened the safety of our Nation by showing “hatred, intolerance and disrespect.” This was echoed by provincial deputy governor, I mean state lieutenant governor, Peter Kinder, who “condemned the actions disrespectful” to our President.

What’s that about a war on women?

At this point we need to start keeping track of the women that San Diego Bob Filner (D) hasn’t sexually harassed. Of course since he has a D next to his name it’s totally cool to sweep this under the rug and ignore it. That’s exactly what the Democratic party did because winning elections is more important than protecting women.

An American Bishop Switches Political Parties.

Clearly just another liberal prelate done in by the siren song of the Calvinist American heresy.

Wake me up when September ends.

Okay, here’s how this defund Obamacare thing is going to play out. We’re going to have six weeks of nonstop jabbering. On one hand, we’ll have the chorus of folks who claim that anything short of an absolute government shut down is a complete RINO sellout that signifies the death of our republic. On the other, we’ll hear the chorus of the perpetually concerned who will argue that the Republican party will be doomed for all eternity if we even sniff a government shutdown. Each side will hurl their anathema sits, and this will be the topic of approximately 95% of all political discourse in those six weeks. We’ll come close to the point of no return, then we’ll get a deal, and then we will be back to where we started. There will be no political repercussions, good or bad, for either side. And we’ll basically forget about this until the next political crisis.

There, I just saved you six weeks of news reading. Can we get back to other things now?

12 movie cliches we never need to see again

Yeah, number three is especially annoying.


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  1. I don’t think it is prudent any cleric, especially a bishop should publicly state his political allegiance. But know that Bp Tobin let the cat out of the bag, can’t but ask what took him so long to divest himself od the Democrat Party?

  2. This may seem like hair-splitting but the “high crime” of the rodeo clown was not offending the President himself — he wasn’t there to see it, and to my knowledge has not spoken publicly about it. It was offending at least some members of the audience, as well as the sponsors of the show and fair organizers.

    Yes, issuing a public lifetime ban against him does seem like a gross overreaction given the way that liberal entertainers, commentators and artists continually get away with far more insulting attacks on conservatives (e.g. Sarah Palin and family).

    That said, the stunt was IMO in highly questionable taste and those who hired or booked the rodeo are within their rights to choose not to hire this particular performer again.

  3. What he did was part of a long-standing tradition that goes back through every administration in recent history. That this outrage only erupts during the Obama administration signifies that this is selective outrage.

  4. IOWAHAWK: Key issues of the American left:

    2007: War, Deficits, Civil Liberties

    2013: Impertinent Rodeo Clowns, Gang Bangers’ Civil Liberties to Bang. Tweeted

    Also, re: banning-for-life the Obama rodeo clown: “Above all else, the Devil cannot stand to be mocked.” – C.S. Lewis

  5. Re: “selective outrage”:

    When it addresses conservatives, in general, and Sarah Palin, in particular, the MSM degenerates into calumnies, clichés, detractions, distortions, exaggerations, fabrications, fantasies, fictions, inventions, misrepresentations, omissions, and outright lies. The left engages in data mining and cherry-picking data, events or facts that coincidently support the agenda which seem totally credible, but often are completely false

    But, “Above all else, the Devil cannot stand to be mocked.” – C.S. Lewis

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