Various & Sundry, 8/26/13

Bradley Manning Is Not a Woman

Kevin Williamson says what is obvious to most, but is sadly considered controversial considering the number of comments.

Judicial Activism – That Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

Justice Ginsburg – evidently with a straight face, claims that the Roberts court is the most activist in history. Frankly I think the term is misused, but any way you slice it – No.

Miley Cyrus Needs Help

It’s been kind of a fun day on social media seeing both the outrage and the  non-outrage over Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance. I think I saw more tweets and facebook posts from people saying that they’re not going to comment than from people actually commenting. As I said last night on twitter, I’ve basically become my father when it comes to VMAs. That said, it’s led to some hysterical (not in the ha ha sense) tweets. See the RS McCain link, but also check this out.

Lord (do not necessarily) Hear Our Prayer

As always, the USCCB really has its pulse on the issues that really merit out prayers and attention.

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  1. The Onion has proven once again that it is not only the most reliable source of current news on the internet, as evidenced by this probably spot-on explanation of why CNN made Miley Cyrus its lead story (language warning):,33632/

    but the most reliable source of FUTURE news — predicting in 2008, at the height of the Hannah Montana craze, that “Miley Cyrus would be drained of entertainment value by 2013” at then-current usage levels:

  2. Since before Miley Cyrus was born my advice to parents has been to throw away the TV. I still stand by that advice. For parents of girls I now add, “And throw away her cell phone.”

    Q. How are conceiving children by IVF and raising children with TV alike?
    A. Neither have been proven safe by a scientific double-blind study.

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