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  1. “We have had more Doctors tell us No than tell us Yes.”

    Great story.
    What isn’t amazing is the number of doubting Thomas’s that exist. The age of “disposable life” has taken root, like a nasty weed. To hear a story like this one beings to mind the Wonders and Testimonials of a Living God among us.
    A God that loves to be trusted. How many orher great gifts have been unopened because of fear?

    “Be not afraid.” Good reason to trust in God.

  2. I like the reporter’s dig of ‘It takes a village’.
    See Republicans?
    When the chips are down you need a village too!
    You owe your baby’s life to gubmint care – admit it!

    These libs cannot help themselves.

  3. it does NOT take a village….it takes lots of love from the family,friends and maybe even complete strangers…but it certainly does NOT take a village…

  4. “….often easy to become cynical about all politicians.”

    Enter Hillary RodHAM Clinton.
    She uses “It takes a village..”, as the title of her book, yet doesn’t consider her clout regarding the hundreds of thousands of aborted children she and other pro-aborts have participated in, indirectly yes, but none the less significant. Cynical about politicians?!
    Thanks to the likes of former Sec. Of State….you betcha.

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